Our Rainy Days

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"STOP LYING!" James bellowed.

"You want proof?" Paul then stood up immediately and started walking, and everyone followed him down to his laboratory.

Alexandra –or better say Andrea Brooke– couldn't get herself to breath and she waited for Paul Henderson to take out a file.

He took a few pictures out of it and throw them on the table of his laboratory.

The pictures were of a person who's body had been burnt completely and you couldn't even diagnose the face.

"Andrea Brooke did something that separated me and Holy until she rutted in prison!" Paul said, gritting his teeth against each other. "When I realized what that girlfriend of yours did, I couldn't think anymore. I wanted her dead. But the thing is that I didn't care about living anymore."

"You're a psycho!" Mrs. Hess shrieked, but Paul ignored her. He just continued;

"So I just waited for her to arrive. In the middle of the road. And when she arrived, I knew what I had to do. I walked in the middle of the road, and waited for my end to come. But it never did. She drove her car down the cliff and it exploded. Andrea Brooke was lucky that she had been thrown out of the car before it happened. When I went down to see what had happened to her, I figured that she was still alive. But her face was burnt completely."

Alexandra or Andrea or whatever the hell her name was, started crying out of her own control.

But Paul didn't stop talking even then.

"At the time, I had gotten the knowledge of a forbidden thing for any human or scientist. I had achieved the knowledge of using an experimental procedure cloning. A clone is an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical."

"Speak English!" Peter snapped.

"Cloning means to rebuild one's face identical to another's." Paul said. "And I succeeded in discovering its theory. But when I saw Andrea Brooke's burnt face, I thought, what revenge could be as bad as living with a face you fought so bad to ruin? So I did it."

"You're a MONSTER!" Andrea shrieked and whipped and cried her eyes out.

"No, love. I'm a psychopath."

"You murdered her, didn't you!" James finally hissed in disgust.

"Who?" Paul turned his face to look at James.

"You were the one who killed Jenna! Jacob told me that someone had strangled her and then threw her in the bath! It was you!" James cried out. "She figured out what you had done and you killed her!"


Everyone turned around to see Peter's reaction, but they saw that Peter wasn't in the room anymore. Neither was Jacob.

But one thing that they didn't know, was that Peter was upstairs, calling the police.

"H-how could you!" Andrea cried and shed tears.

But before Paul could even open his mouth, James had paced toward him and punched him across the face. Holy bent down to see if he was alright and Mrs. Hess was too shocked to even blink.

By then, before Andrea Brooke could even react, James had taken her wrist firmly and leaded her out of the laboratory and out of the mansion.


That night, it was raining again; just like always. Right at that desperate moment, Alexandra, or better say Andrea Brooke, stood at the edge of the cliff, losing her eyes down to the rough waters of the river.

Her racked nerves right then was in a state that no pleasures excite them agreeably.

But nevertheless, she waited in the darkness of the night as she watched her breath evaporate into mist in the frosty air.

"Hey." someone called and so she decided to look over her shoulders, stealing a glance at him; at the man she had found love with longer than she even knew. "The boat is ready." The black-headed boy announced. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course I'm sure." She finally got herself to turn around, facing James.

They had decided to return home.

Turning on her heels, Andrea walked slowly toward the boy and cupped his cheeks with her trembling hands. She leaned forward, and kissed his warm lips gently.

"I love you." She muttered, losing her eyes into his. "But... I don't remember anything... No memories... I don't have them..."

"It doesn't matter. I'll explain everything when we go back home. From the day we met to all our smiles and fights and tears and kisses."

Andrea frowned and didn't answer.

"What's wrong?" James asked.

"I'm not the same person you once loved anymore."

"That wouldn't effect how I feel about you." He looked down at her with a smile.

James then bent down and hugged her.

"Do you know what I'm going to tell our kids when they were playing in the dirts on a rainy day?" He said, pulling away.

"Our kids?" Andrea giggled.

"Yeah." James shrugged with a grin.

"What are you going to tell them?"

"I'll tell them to gather around. I will say: 'kids, me and your mother want to tell you a story.' And they would answer with a groan: 'what story this time?'"

"And what would you tell them then?"

"I would smile and I would say: 'the story of our rainy days.'"

Andrea smiled.

"Be careful, Mr. Anderson. You're promising me forever."

"Yeah... I think I am. Because I mean it. I will love you forever, Rea."


James smiled and caressed her teary rosy cheek with his thumb.


~The End~

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