Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 4

Alexandra stared up at Paul Henderson, who started recording his voice in the recorder he owned, again.

She closed her eyes, trying to soothe down her nerves, but that was proved as a hopeless exercise as soon as she felt Paul grab her right forearm.

She jumped out of her skin at the sudden touch of his cold fingertips, and snapped her eyes open.

"What are you doing!?" She asked with her voice trembling, panic rushing through her pulse.

"I need your blood for a test. Now, I would very much appreciate it if you didn't move." and by that, he drew the needle in Alexandra's elbow-pit, dragging her blood out.

She bit down on her lower lip, trying to avoid the urge of letting a moan escape her throat.

At last, to her relief, the moment was over and Paul Henderson took out the needle. She stared up at him while she laid on the laboratory's bed, as he wrote down a few things on a paper lying on one of the desks.

Then, he threw in a key into a drawer's key-hole and opened it, putting the papers inside one of the files in there. After reading them for quiet awhile, at last he placed the files back in the drawer, closed it, and locked it again.

"What's going to happen to me?" Alexandra grabbed all the courage she had in herself and dared to ask out loud.

"He, who asks the questions, cannot avoid the answers," said Paul, not even moving his head for a slight moment as he examined the blood. "A quote by Cameroon Proverb."

Alexandra had no idea what he meant by that quote, so instead of replying to his strained and cold voice, she decided to keep quiet, waiting –even though impatiently– for Paul's attention.

As she laid there, she repeated all she had figured out about herself in her head. The informations weren't much, but they were enough to at least keep her going and busy her clear mind.

She was from London, which could clearly explain her British accent. Although, her accent was deemed very slight compared to Paul Henderson.

But if she was from London, what was she doing in Worcestershire? Did she live there? What about her family; did they live there? Or was she just on a trip in Worcestershire that she had the accident? Was she visiting a relative there? Or she was just on a vacation?

And most importantly, how and why did that accident happen in the first place? Was there a reason behind it, or had she been drunk?

All those questions, all those empty spaces in her memories, were driving her mind mad and her nerves wild.

"Well," Paul finally spoke after long minutes, snapping her out of her thoughts. "I think that would be enough for now."

"How do you know this much about me if you've never known me before? And why did you save me?" Alexandra asked and sat up straight on the bed, but yet again, she wasn't answered to, which made her lose the slight patience she had left. "LOOK AT ME!"

But this time, it was Paul's turn to lose his patience. Despite his cold feature and behavior and stern expression, he showed Alexandra right then, that he could, in fact, embrace his dark and dangerous part perfectly.

In a matter of seconds after she yelled that, Paul turned around abruptly with frowned brows and two blue eyes floating with rage. He quickly paced toward where Alexandra was sitting and harshly took her forearm firmly in his grasp.

"Now, listen to me carefully, Alexandra, or whoever the hell you are, because I hate repeating myself. I'm not your typical doctor. I'm a scientist, and you're my patient. I saved your dumb life, so you owe it to me; and in order to repay me, you're going to cooperate with me, whether you like it or not. Otherwise, I would make things happen that you would never be able to repay. Understood!?"

Alexandra nodded.

"UNDERSTOOD!?" Paul shouted, as if he wanted her to agree with him out loud. So she said "Yes," in a weak and trembling voice.

"Yes, Sir." He corrected her.

"Yes, Sir." She repeated herself, this time correctly to the standards of Paul.

By that, he finally pulled away and bent down, pulling out a bag from under the bed. He opened it and took a blouse and a pair of black jeans out, tossing them at Alexandra.

"Wear them and be upstairs in five minutes. I'll be waiting for you in the parlor." He then made his way over the laboratory's door. "And don't touch anything if you know what's good for you." Paul opened the door, slamming it harshly behind him after he exited it.

Alexandra frowned to herself in confusion and sadness.

What kind of a hell had she gotten into?

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