Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 5

Paul Henderson exited the laboratory with full rage, but as soon as he slammed the door shut behind him, his tensed feature turned into coldness, and he walked with his hands laced together behind his back as he thought to himself.

"Paul!" Someone called him, but he decided to ignore him. "Hey!" He called again this time louder. But ignorance was Paul's response. "Are you deaf!?" The man finally reached up to him and stopped Paul from walking any further by grabbing his arm.

"Oh, no, brother. I am not deaf, I assure you."

"Then what's with your ignorance?"

"I just feel like ignoring you at the moment."

The guy shook his head in disgust. "You haven't changed a bit. And here I was, thinking that you had moved to London for good, trying to change your way of living. What happened to your promise? Hmm? And who the hell was that girl? I know you pretty well, Paul. I know you never do something without a reason. So why did you save that girl's life? It couldn't be just for your experiments. There has to be a reason behind it. What are you hiding, Paul? What happened in London that brought you back here after four years?"

"Just like I said, brother," said Paul, walking closer to the guy and whispering, "Ignorance is my suit of the day." and by that, he turned on his heels and walked away, leaving Peter alone.

Peter Henderson –the guy with kind green eyes who was the first person that Alexandra saw, and Paul's younger brother with the distance of nine years– disliked his brother with every bone in his body. If he had the chance, he would've gladly tore Paul's throat out for good measure.

But he controlled himself each time, reminding himself that he wouldn't want to spend the remaining days of his life in jail because of his worthless monster of a brother.

Peter was gone for the summer to visit his girlfriend in south England, but they ended broken up, so he returned to his own home, where he felt most relaxed; but he was faced with none other than his least favorite person in the world; Paul Henderson.

There was no point in denying the hate that Peter felt toward his brother, but that didn't change the fact that Peter was pretty familiar with Paul's technics.

He knew that Paul had a reason for everything he did. If one day he had no reason to wake up, then he wouldn't get out of bed at all –which was a rare thing to happen for a man like Paul Henderson.

Which is why it made Peter thinking, that why had his brother return to his childhood home after four years of separation and distance.

And he was more than glad to figure out its reason.


After taking off the white robe she was wearing and throwing on the clothes she had received from Paul, Alexandra Evans walked toward the laboratory's door with her weak legs.

Even though her feet were still bare and she was wearing no shoes, she was practically dragging her feet on the floor, despite the mustiness of it.

She opened the door and climbed from the now-familiar staircase and entered the hall. Right then, she was more calmed than the first time she had walked that place, so she stared at her surroundings more carefully, observing the sights and memorizing them.

It was a huge house, possibly a mansion, and probably old. It looked as if it had been months since a living person had walked through its halls, seeing as the place was drowned in dust.

The furnitures were all covered by white sheets, and a great and ancient grandfather clock was standing in the distance, ticktocking in a candace like a ballad, destroying the dull silence of the house.

The clock showed twenty past three, and considering the dark sky behind the house's huge windows, probably all the people out there were all sound asleep.

Somehow, her legs carried Alexandra toward the countless windows that were as large as the doors, the floor throwing back the echo of her each footstep.

Behind the windows, she could see that the dark clouds had been carried away from the sky and the starts shined just as bright as the glim on a broken glass, but the moon was nowhere to be seen. It was probably hidden behind the mass of trees covering the grounds behind the window.

"You're two minutes late." Said a voice from behind her, interposing Alexandra's thoughts, and making her to turn around abruptly.

Paul stared at her intensely, studying her entire feeble feature from head to toe with his tense, forget-me-not blue eyes. But as if he had realized in a brief moment that he was doing something wrong, he frowned and quickly shook his head.

"Follow me." He demanded, turning on his heels and walking away with no further words.

Alexandra was left speechless. And to tell the truth, there was no time left to say a single word. So she, seeing as Paul was the only person she knew to actually come to trust, decided to follow him.

Paul led her in the direction of the same dark corridor Alexandra had once come across with, where a mirror was placed right beside. After crossing it, they also had to pass a hall to reach another staircase, heading to the second floor.

On the second floor, things weren't cleaner, if not dustier. Even the enormous chandeliers that hung from the roof, had spider-webs surrounding them.

"This way," said Paul, turning right and pointing at a door. When Alexandra reached up to him, he opened the door and stood by the side, waiting for her to enter it first. "Get in."

Hesitantly, Alexandra walked through the door, examining the dark room with every step she took. A small lamp was the only thing that lightened the room other than the moonlight, but yet its beam was too doleful that was enough to ignore it.

"From now on, you're staying here. This would be your room."

Alexandra wanted to retort and ask him about her own home and her own family. But she didn't dare to interpose him, so she let him continue.

"I expect you to act up to every single rule that this place has. You're to be up exactly at seven o'clock, and be down at eight for breakfast after a quick shower. The curfew is at ten o'clock. So no lurking in the mansion after that. I am not to be disturbed while I'm working. So you're going to sit tight and enjoy your day, without having the impression of exiting this place. Am I making myself clear?"


"Am. I. Clear!?"


"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Good," said Paul, nodding his head. "I think that would be all for now. I'll see you tomorrow at eight, then." So by that, he made his way over the door, exiting it, and closing it shut behind him.

Alexandra sighed in exhaustion as soon as she became alone, and placed her palm against her forehead, closing her eyes.

Every inch of her body was aching, as if a thousand needles were attacking her all at once. Not to mention the dizziness inside her head, which was growing with every second that passed.

Feeling the air tightening around her, she made her way over the small window in the room, and tried to open it. But it seemed to be locked.

"Damn it." She muttered under her breath and walked toward the bed, dropping herself into a sitting position on it.

Alexandra felt her eyelashes growing weight and found the need to close them and to sleep, despite everything going on in her busy mind.

So she lazily laid on her back and shut her eyes close. As easily as one can breath, Alexandra fell asleep, as if she had been awake for days.


Have you ever had that sort of abnormally, weird dream that nothing makes sense in it?

Well, that was Alexandra's state at that moment.

She was dreaming about tap-dancing spiders on the chandeliers and the grandfather clock that was watching them warily. The sky behind the now-larger windows had both sun and moon inside it, and this abnormal state was the case for the rest of her weird dream.

But suddenly, everything started charging.

Alexandra felt an overwhelming ache in her head while she was still sleeping, and that was when everything disappeared.

She started seeing something else...

She was driving. Very fast. Very deadly. Driving through the end of the dark night. The rain was pouring mercilessly and the storm shook the sky. She felt her heart beating like it never did before. Her entire body was trembling with fear. As if she were waiting for something terrible to happen. As if she were certain that it would happen.

Any moment now... She thought with horror.

But then she saw something from the distance, in the middle of the road, under the stormy sky.

She screamed and the thunder roared.

And then it all happened at once.

The world trembled around her and she lost control of everything and the car crashed and flew off the cliff; and at last, it all went black.

And just like that, Alexandra jolted awake and woke up with a start.

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