Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Alexandra's heart was hammering inside her chest and beating just as hard as in her dream. But there was a slight problem;

It didn't feel like a dream.

It felt real. As if it were a memory. She had felt it all; the fear, the horror, the feeling that she was being chased, and the shock of the accident which happened.

But there came another problem...

Alexandra had a feeling that it wasn't an accident.

She placed her hand on her forehead, feeling the cold sweat running against her pallid skin.

She knew that she was now awake. But the feeling she had was so real and it still felt so fresh, that she felt the need to run away as fast as she could, as if that thing was still chasing her.

So she jumped off the bed abruptly and ran toward the door, opening it with one quick hand-move.

She didn't care how big the mansion was or if she were going to get lost in it; she just ran.

But where would she run to? She had no memories, which meant that she knew nowhere on earth to go to. Literally. But that didn't stop her.

Alexandra took the stairs down and found the long corridor, passing it. It took her another minute to find the main door, but she finally sighted it and ran toward it.

But as she neared it, the door's handle shook and it cracked open. It all happened too quick that Alexandra lost control of her speed and balance, and crashed into the person behind the now-open door, making them both fall down.

Alexandra quickly stood up and looked down at the person she had crashed into, who was still laying on the ground, cursing.

It was rather an old lady with dark skin and bristly, black, short hair, and wore round thick glasses on her eyes, which had now fallen off her face.

"Fucking, lunatic, kids! They think they are being cool, crashing into elder people! Oh, but you wait until I stand up! I'll shove your coolness down your arse-" but the lady stopped in mid-sentence as soon as she wore her glasses again and stared up at Alexandra. "Who the hell are you?"

"Alexandra." She replied hesitantly, backing away from the lady.

"Alexandra what?"

"Alexandra... Um..." she thought, but nothing came to her mind. What was her surname, again?

"I don't think I have gotten that old to be hallucinating someone who doesn't know her own name... Well, don't you just stand there, Alexandra Um. Help me up! Help me up!"

So Alexandra did as she was told, holding her hand for the fat lady to stand up, and still trying to remember her own surname.

And that was when the lights of the hall lightened.

They turned around and saw Peter Henderson, walking toward them with sleepy eyes, in his sleeping robes.

"Mrs. Hess?" His eyes finally lightened up as soon as he sighted the fat, dark-skinned lady.

"Aw! Look at you! All grown up!" The lady -Mrs. Hess- squealed.

"Mrs. Hess, it's been only six months."

"Oh, shut up and come give your old nanny a hug!" Said the woman, opening her arms widely.

Peter simpered and walked toward her, hugging her. But as it seemed, the lady was hugging him way too hard.

"What's with all the noise!?"

A voice shrieked, making the three to turn around quickly; and moments later, Paul Henderson showed up as well.

He was wearing a fancy sleeping robe and his hair was messier than ever- if even possible.

"Paul?" said Mrs. Hess, looking rather taken aback by seeing him.

"Ah, Makayla. It's been awhile." Paul said flatly.

"What are you doing here, Paul?"

"This is my house, Makayla. In case you have forgotten."

"Oh, no, I haven't; that's one thing for sure. And I also haven't forgotten the countless times I have told you not to call me by my name!"

Said the lady harshly, but the next moment after she turned to face Peter, her face calmed down just as quickly as it had tensed up. And so, she continued, gently;

"Peter, dear, would you do me a favor and carry my bags in? That's ma boy!" She smiled wildly, pinching Peter's cheek, and walking inside. "I'm dying from exhaustion!"

Peter took the old-looking suitcases from outside and followed the fat short lady upstairs, leaving Alexandra and Paul alone.

Paul glanced over at Peter who just disappeared from sight, and then turned around to look at Alexandra.

She stood there awkwardly, remembering now that Paul had clearly warned her about not exiting her room after the curfew he had set.

"Would you care to explain why you are here?" He asked, acting as if he was amused for the answer.

Alexandra pursed her lips, trying to find a good respond. "I was– um... I–um..."

"Yes?" Paul raised a brow, waiting for her to continue.

"I was... Sleep-walking?"

"Sleep-walking?" Paul repeated, looking thoughtful. "Then perhaps I shall lock your door from now on. Who knows what would happen if you wandered in your sleep again. Maybe next time you would succeed to run away. In your sleep, of course."

And by that, lacing his hands together behind his back, Paul Henderson made his way upstairs and into his room.

Alexandra exhaled, only just remembering the dream she had; or vision, or memory, or whatever the hell it was. Was she going to tell Paul about it? After all, he was her doctor.

But no. She couldn't. Just thinking about his ice-cold blue eyes made her want to stay away from that man as much as she could.

Alexandra shook her head from the slight thought and went back to her room and buried herself under the covers, trying not to fall asleep for the rest of the night.

But unconditionally, her eyes fell tired and carried her to a dreamless sleep.

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