Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

As the clock showed seven a.m in the next morning, Alexandra's alarm clock went on and woke her up. She felt as if she had just fallen asleep, waking up only a minute later. So still tired as ever, she made her way over the bathroom inside her dim-lighted room.

But as she entered the bathroom, she saw a towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, which weren't there the previous night when she had used the toilet.

After taking a quick shower and changing into her clothes, Alexandra opened the door to her room and headed downstairs.

What was weird for her, was that she had no memories of taking a shower ever, but yet, she knew exactly how to work everything out.

Alexandra had no idea where she was going. How on earth was she supposed to find the dining-room? But as she was walking alongside the dusty walls of Henderson's house, she heard voices; movements of someone.

Feeling curious, she followed the sound, and at last, ended up in a kitchen.

The fat lady of the previous night -Makayla Hess- was busy cleaning the kitchen, slowly humming a tune to herself.

"Um... Mrs. Hess?" Said Alexandra, walking in.

Mrs. Hess's head snapped around. "Ah! You again. Alexandra Um." She smiled brightly before turning around again, continuing the cleaning.

"Uh... I was just wondering where the dining-room is."

"You're ten minutes early for breakfast. Why don't you help me with cleaning these dishes and then we can go there together? How's that?"

"Sure." Alexandra nodded and took a napkin from Mrs. Hess, taking the slight dust off the mugs.

"So who are you, anyway? I mean, are you Peter's girlfriend?"

"No, I'm..." Alexandra hesitated at first, but told Mrs. Hess everything at last. "To tell you the truth, Mr. Henderson saved me from a accident of some sort- or at least, this is what he said."

"Paul? Saved you?" Mrs. Hess took aback. "Are we talking about the same Paul here?"

"Why would you say that?"

"It's just that- oh, never you mind! Com'n. Gotta take these mugs to the dining-room. Blimey! Dontchu just stand there! Help me, will you?"

Alexandra, frowning her brows scantly, nodded and went by to help Mrs. Hess with carrying the mugs, her mind still busy with her words.

What did she mean by that? She thought to herself as she followed the black fat lady out of the kitchen. Was Paul really lying, or has he truly saved me, although not for the reason he has claimed?

Alexandra had become confused; everything seemed more complicated up-close.

After strolling a few dusty corridors and crossing the parlor, the two women came by a large door. Mrs. Hess made a move to approach the door, and with one elbow, she drew the handle down and opened the door, seeing as her hands were busy carrying a tray with teapot, coffee, and two mugs on it.

The dining-room was enormous and a marvelous chandelier was hung above the large table in the middle of the room.

"Place the two mugs in front of those chairs." Said Mrs. Hess, pointing at two certain chairs, after placing the tray down on the table.

Mrs. Hess left Alexandra alone in the dining-room and left to the kitchen to bring the breakfast. One minute had barely passed after she had left, that the door of the room jolted open, and Paul Henderson walked in, his hands laced together behind his back.

He was wearing a formal black suit, as if he were on his way to a royal and fancy meeting. His entire feature was tidy and neat, yet it was obvious he could do nothing about his messy dark hair.

"Good morning, Sir." Said Alexandra politely, yet she merely received a nod from Paul.

Afterwards, he made his way over the chair placed on top of the table, withdrew it, and sat down in a quiet manner. He took a pocket-watch out of his suit's pocket, watching it warily, and waiting for Mrs. Hess, who entered the kitchen moments later with a tray full of delicious looking food.

"You're a minute late." Paul announced dryly, watching Mrs. Hess with dull eyes.

"Good gracious! Am I, really!? Whatever shall I do now!?" Mrs. Hess answered him, sarcasm slipping off her tongue as she spoke every word.

Paul rolled his eyes, still looking at his watch, and not touching the coffee Mrs. Hess had poured for him in the mug before him.

Mrs. Hess stood in the distance, pointing at Alexandra with her eyes as she was about to take a toast, trying to tell her to stop and not to touch anything.

It seemed like forever as they waited for Peter to show up for Alexandra, seeing as her stomach was growling and moaning in hunger.

At last, the doors opened for the last time, and seconds later, Peter Henderson came into sight, a smile shining on his lips just as bride as his green twinkling eyes. Unlike Paul's stone-like and icily blue eyes, Peter's melted passionately in kindness.

"Hello!" Peter said loudly, still smiling at the three. Makayla Hess and Alexandra said hello back, but Paul snapped.

"Four years I've been away, yet you haven't grown up a bit. Don't you thing that it's time to learn how to use a watch? Are you ever going to learn how to respect the times of everything in this house?"

"Oh, please, brother," said Peter with annoyance, withdrawing the seat before Alexandra and sitting down. "Give it a rest, will you? First father, and now you? I think I've had enough for twenty-seven years. I truly need a rest of your time-schedules."

"Perhaps father was right. You truly have no respect left."

"Girls, girls! Enough with the babbling!" Said Mrs. Hess, jumping between their rather harsh argument. "At least until I buy more aspirins. We're out of them for the time being. My old head can't handle your voice like before no more."

She then walked over the table and gave Peter some tea after he dug into the toasts, grabbing one. He was rather spoiling himself with the delicious breakfast Mrs. Hess had made, but Paul on the other hand, touched nothing but his own personal mug which was now filled with hot coffee.

"What do you prefer, dear?" Mrs. Hess asked, turning to Alexandra with a smile. "Tea or coffee?"

"Coffee, please." Said Alexandra, without a single moment of hesitation.

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