Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 8

The wind danced with the branches of the trees gracefully as Alexandra Evans watched them warily, hugging her legs against her chest next to the large windows.

Even though the house was warm, the foggy weather behind the window gave Alexandra a cold drizzling feeling, and the sight made her wish that she could freeze the picture of the view and have it for eternity.

After breakfast, Paul Henderson had left the others and gone to his laboratory, deciding to shut himself in there for the rest of the day and perhaps into the night.

As for Peter and Makayla Hess; Peter had gone out with some of his friends, and Mrs. Hess was busy cleaning the enormous and dirty house.

This left Alexandra alone with her thoughts, her sadness, and the clouds on the other side of the opened-window which were turning to a shade of grey as the clock ticked.

She was admiring the sound of bitter silence, but that was when something broke into her thoughts. A few drops of rain started falling from the sky, hitting the ground gently.

Alexandra's lips scantly fell apart from each other as she gave a look at the grey sky and then back at the now-soaked ground.

It was as if she were in some sort of a trance, because without her even noticing, her legs had made her to walk toward the entrance door of the house and exit it.

As her feet felt the wet ground underneath them, Alexandra bent down and briefly touched the moist grass.

By the time she had stood up again, her hair was humid because of the desperate raindrops.

That was when she finally closed her eyes, threw her head back, and felt the rain.

With the wind laced beneath her damp hair, Alexandra opened her eyes again, and started walking.

It was a good point that she had her shoes on; because if she hadn't, she would've walked this path with bare foot, anyway, not thinking twice about it.

Drunk with the scent of autumn and rain, Alexandra had completely forgotten every other thing on her mind.

Such as her promise to Paul Henderson, that she wouldn't wander anywhere when he was at work; specially not out of the mansion.

She just walked carelessly, the fresh smell of the soaked grasses filling her nostrils.

A small lake could've been sighted in distance, the picture of the angry clouds being reflected on. Far away from the large ground covered in mere green grasses, a mass of trees had made a community altogether, elegance dropping from every single brach and leaf of it.

When Alexandra had walked a good distance from the house, she finally turned around, facing the mansion; and that was when her jaw dropped in awe.

The fog was surrounding the mansion, but that didn't hide the enormous windows and the old bricks of the walls and the fact that they gave the three-floored house a priceless delicacy.

By the way that her each footstep made an eco throughout the halls and the deserted corridors, Alexandra could already guess that the house was pretty big. But what she saw at that moment, was completely out of her mind; the ancient mansion was bigger than what she could possibly imagine.

As the raindrops continued dropping, Alexandra took a path and started walking, her distance growing from the house by every step she took.

She finally came to a spot where she could sight a tremendous black gate throughout the fog; it was possibly the entrance of the Henderson's mansion.

The curiosity overwhelming and taking the best of her, she decided to walk toward it, and opened it with difficulty.

She didn't know for how long she was walking through the rain and the leaves that danced with the wind; and to tell the truth, she didn't even care.

She just walked and kept walking, until a thunder jolted the sky above her, snapping her out of her trance.

When Alexandra finally came to herself, she felt the cold overwhelming her and she started regretting leaving the house, for she had absolutely no idea how to return.

Alexandra turned around quickly, trying to remember which way she had came from. But nothing crossed her mind. So she decided to just take a way randomly, in hopes of returning to where she had came from. But the more she walked, the colder it got.

Just as she was about to give up, she saw something in distance; it was a shelter, whatever it was. So Alexandra, finding hope in the middle of the pouring rain, ran toward it and entered what seemed to be an old pub.

As Alexandra opened the door, a bell rang and broke the dull silent that ruled the place. A few heads turned around toward her wet feature, making her go terribly uncomfortable.

The tables weren't many, perhaps two or three, and they were all filled by day-drinker strangers. The only empty seats were next to the bartender's counter.

Feeling ashamed, yet having enough courage and confidence, Alexandra walked hesitantly toward the counter. As she walked, even the sound of her shoes created an awfully awkward noise throughout the almost-empty pub.

Shorty after she had sat down, a corpulent and bald man in casual clothing walked toward her. "What can I get yah?" He said with an awful accent.

"Uh– I was wondering if I could stay here until the rain ends. I don't have any money with myself to actually buy anything."

"Well, you're wet enough as it is. I bet a bit of more rain wouldn't do yah any harm. So I would appreciate it if yah left–"

"–Now, that's not a good way to treat a lady." A male voice with an American accent interposed the bartender's rudeness. Alexandra quickly turned her head and looked over her shoulder, glancing at the American guy. "I'll buy her a drink."

Alexandra couldn't properly see the guy's visage, seeing as he was wearing a hoodie, hiding his face underneath it. Curiosity managed to take Alexandra over again, so she didn't complain or argue any further, in hopes of being finally able to get a sight of the guy.

"So what are yah ordering?" The fat bartender asked, annoyance being clearly sighted on his face.

The American boy sat down next to Alexandra and took off his hoodie, revealing his jet-black messy hair, before saying,

"Two cups of coffee, please."

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