My Neighbor 2 Lanes Over

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Jacob Gauld lives a normal life, with normal friends, going to a normal High School, with a normal girl he’s been crushing on since the first grade. Until she doesn’t go to school one day, quickly followed by another, and another. And then three days later, the police come to Field Water High, and tell the whole school that Olivia Romero has committed suicide. Except Jacob knows that this isn’t right. Olivia was always the most cheerful person on campus, and she was always saying how much she loved being alive, and wanted to improve the world later on in life. But then, why would the police lie about Olivia’s true condition, with a coverup like a suicide? And why would anyone want Olivia dead?

Mystery / Romance
Elle Salvan
4.7 3 reviews
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Olivia Romero had been my crush since the 1rst grade. My parents had found out one day, when I had snuck a love letter in my backpack, planning to give it to her at recess. They had told me 2 things.

1. that I shouldn’t give her a love letter considering my age. And 2. That I would outgrow my crush on her, just like I’d outgrow my favorite blue cow sweater. And they were right, I did outgrow my sweater. But they were so completely wrong about Olivia, that whenever I relive that day in my mind, I laugh out loud. We hadn’t gone to the same Middle School together, because Olivia moved for a short time due to her dad’s job as a tour guide, but now a Junior in High School I still like Olivia.

As in whenever our hands brush in the hallway, I forget everything else in the world, for a split second. But it’s enough to forget every answer to my history test, that’s worth half of my grade, which my friends sell to me. (In other words I cheat. I’ve tried dating other girls, hoping that I’ll get rid of my stupid crush on Olivia. But it doesn’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. But let me just get to the story already. It all started on a Monday, the worst day of the week.

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