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A wolf's lost life

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This is a story about a girl who has been through A LOT. Now she is fighting for her life will she get her happily ever after???

Anna Reid
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1# escape

Anna's view

(dad, Mark) why the fuck haven't the dishes been done?!

(mum, Kathryn) sorry I forgot

(dad, Mark) well sorry isn't gonna get the dishes done

(mum, Kathryn) (whisper) for fuck sake

(dad, Mark) what was that?!

(mum, Kathryn) nothing Mark

(dad, Mark) see this is what I mean, you can't say anything to my face, why say it at all?

(mum, Kathryn)..........

(dad, Mark) that's it I'm so done!!

(Anna) (whisper) please stop fighting, please please, stop fighting!


Sorry where are my manners, my name is Anna and I am a 16 year old girl (my birthday was yesterday) who has been through a lot. I've lost my brother, I've lost my grandfather, I've lost my school, my friends, and my parents have some fuckin stupid fights and right now my parents are in one of the worst fights. OK back to the story


Then all of a sudden... You hear things smashing and mum screaming!

You feel really scared, sad, angry and start crying. You go and find your favourite jumper (with a wolf and moon) and then you put it on and you have been thinking about how to get out of here (this isn't your first time wanting to get out) so you go to the windows and you find one unlocked so you very and I mean slowly open the window you climb out the window. It's beautiful and very peaceful outside there are stars out and a new moon, but you have no time to admire the night sky. So you run and run, when you're in the safety of the forest you feel like there's something's not right. So with that you run and run again until you see your favourite spot. A small opening with a beautiful waterfall and a small lake, which thank God that no one else knows about. You feel very strange. Then while you are going through what happen, then you hear a howl!! But you thing nothing about it and fall in a little ball near the lake and cry yourself to sleep...

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