The Watcher

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Kaliah and Brody are in love, but their lives take a dramatic turn. Kidnappings, threatening phone calls, murders, secrets of the past. Will any of these problems be resolved or will it all end in disaster? Who is behind it all? Why them? All will be revealed in this dramatic novel, "The Watcher."

Mystery / Romance
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The Graveyard

Racing across the field, sweat dripping. Cleats cutting swiftly through each blade of grass. She sprung towards the ball, slid. Dribbling, faster now, shooting!

“It’s a goal! Kaliah Stetzer scores again!” said the announcer.

After the game Kaliah walks up to her mother, Mrs. Stetzer gives her a tight hug.

“You did great!” She said

“Thanks mom,” said Kaliah, “I love playing for you.”

They got into their car and the odor of soccer cleats diffused throughout.

Kaliah began to get her phone from her bag, “Mom can I go to Brody’s house tomorrow?” said Kaliah.

“You know that I don’t like him Kaliah. He’s older and he doesn’t seem like a good influence.”

“Come on mom, he’s not that bad, and we are just friends.”

“No Kaliah,” her mom said firmly.

“Please mom.” Kaliah said hoping her mom would change her mind, “What if Amyh comes with us?”

“Maybe, but only for a couple hours.” said her mom still thinking if it would be a good idea.

Kaliah’s mom was paranoid and very over protective.

Kaliah thought about her Mom’s Paranoia, “She’s only worried that I’ll end up like my father. My father had died in a tragic car crash. I was the only lucky one out of the three cars that survived. I still do not have a car even though I’m seventeen. I can’t blame her though because I understand that she doesn’t want to feel heartbreak ever again, I mean who would?”

They pulled into the driveway and as the car stopped she opened the door. Kaliah stumbled out of the car while she was on her phone texting Brody. She sent him a message reading, “Let’s go to the graveyard tonight at 1:00 am. My mom will be sleeping.”

She walked inside and went straight to the kitchen. She got some peanut butter and jelly and spread it over bread with a knife, dull and ragged. She grabbed a bag of chips and walked down to her room. Bing, her phone buzzed. It was Brody. “Oh hey Kaliah. Definitely i’ll be there. See you soon.” Kaliah smiled at the thought of how lucky she was to have him in her life, especially when her father had passed.

Kaliah texted back, “Okay, see you soon.”

Later, at 12:50am, Kaliah lined up pillows under her covers to make it look like she was sleeping. She grabbed her backpack and headed to the basement window. She slowly opened it and climbed out. Her body was slim so it was easy for her to get through the window. She left it cracked open so when she came back she could slip back in. She walked down the wet roads, slowly as she wrapped her arms around her body trying to stay warm. It had rained the last two days and her neighborhood became somewhat creepy because no one ever roamed the streets.. She walked around until she came to a halt at the corner of the street. She saw a tall dark figure racing towards her. She ran the other way but, she fell to the ground as she got tackled.

The strong man picked her up. She shined her phone light on the person’s face.

“Brody? Oh my god, Brody you scared me!” yelled Kaliah. She shoved his chest but Brody barely moved. He was so strong and secure. He pulled her in for a hug. She pushed him again, but this time a little softer.

“I’m sorry said Brody, I didn’t mean to scare you that bad.” he smiled as he looked at her frustrated face. She gave him a hug and they both laughed. They walked to the graveyard talking about tomorrow.

“We can go to the mall and see a movie,” said Brody.

“Don’t forget shopping!” Kaliah said smirking at Brody.

Brody rolled his eyes, “Fine.” he agreed.

“There is only one set back,” Kaliah said pulling and fidgeting with the rings on her fingers, “My mom won’t let me go unless we bring Amyh too.”

“Well maybe she doesn’t have to come, you can tell your mom that she is but she really won’t be,” said Brody.

“Ya that would totally work, except for the fact that my mom is driving Amyh and I to your house,” said Kaliah sarcastically.

They arrived at the gates of the old graveyard. Brody pushed them open. They stepped into the graveyard. Their feet sank into the rainy wet mud. Their shoes slugged through the mud as they passed graves with sadly barely alive flowers waiting to see the sun one more time. Kaliah looked over to a small tombstone. Kaliah began to feel somber as the tombstone reminded her of her dad. Brody noticed her eyes. He wrapped her into a tight hug and he kissed her on top of her head.

Brody stood in front of Kaliah when he heard footsteps.The steps were slow.

Kaliah looked in his eyes and saw fear, “W-what is it,” asked Kaliah.

“Shhh, we aren’t alone,” said Brody in a whisper.

Brody squinted his eyes. He pointed out the person to Kaliah. A really tall awkward person was walking towards them. The tall mass drove his feet through the mud getting closer and closer to them.

“Are you lost?” said Kaliah.

“Don’t talk to him,” said Brody.

“Brody, can we go?” Brody turned with a jerk grabbing Kaliah’s hand and yanking her towards the gate. Kaliah could see the man getting swallowed up by the darkness. She pulled her wrist out of his grip and she followed beside him. They arrived to the gates and Brody started to walk her home. They walked in silence. Finally they turned the corner where Brody had scared her half to death. She didn’t know why he was biting his tongue so she decided to break the silence.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow.” she said.

“Ya it should be a pretty fun,” said Brody.

They arrived at Kaliah’s window.

“I wonder what was in the graveyard with us.” whispered Kaliah.

“Don’t worry about it,” he grabbed her face kissed her cheek softly. Kaliah smiled and said goodnight. She watched as he walked away.

She pulled open her window and slipped through it. She took her backpack off and dropped it on the floor then removed her pillows and got under her covers. She plugged in her phone and tried her best to fall asleep. She tossed and turned thinking only of the person that was with them in the graveyard.

The same questions went around in her head, “Why was he there, did he need help, was he lost, had he been visiting a lost family member at these hours, was he following us, or was he planning to do something?” Kaliah drowned in her thoughts and fell asleep.

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