The Governments Experiment (Government Series Book 1)

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Madison Louis starts to see weird things happening, things that normally don't happen. Her friends and family repeating things twice, the school flag disappearing, Her computer loading pages about the American government She sets out to find out what's going on.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Madison wakes up and gets ready for school, she gets the shower, puts on some clothes and heads down to the kitchen. As per-normal both parents are out working. She is the only one home again.

She opens the fridge, she sees breadfruits, yogurt, butter and many other things.

“Pay Day Today. Time to get more food” She says grabbing some bread, the butter, tomato, and lettuce.

She makes her sandwich and puts it in her lunch box; She fills up her lunch box and places it in her bag, she grabs her laptop and her charger and also places that in her bag.

She grabs her phone and sits down on the couch, 8:10 am, she has plenty of time before school starts. She presses into contacts and starts to text her best friend Daisy.

Daisy: Hey girl, you awake yet? | Read 8:11 am

Madison Yeah, Why wouldn’t I be? | Read 8:12 am

Daisy: Because you don’t like school and you love me | Read 8:12 am

Madison: You know me so well and also my parents are never around. So you are practically my sister | Read 8:14 am

Daisy: I love you to the girl, see you at school | Seen 8:16 am

Madison: See you at school girl😘 | Seen 8:20 am

Madison puts her phone in her pocket and picks up her bag, she opens the front door and steps outside. She shits the door and starts to walk. It isn’t long before her male friend Nathan catches up to her.

“Oh Hey Nathan, how’s your morning been?” She asks looking at the boy with glasses.

“Oh, um, ah, Fine, thank you, how about yours?” He asks looking down at the ground with embarrassment.

“It’s been fine and Nathan,” She says putting her hand under his chin. Making him look at her.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you look cute how you are?” She says with a calm warming smile.

“You mean it?” He asks pushing his glasses up with his finger.

“I mean it,” She says fixing his glasses.

“Thank you Madison, I mean it,” He says standing up straight

“Now let’s get to school before we’re late,” Says Nathan as they quickly walk to school.

When both of them get to school, Daisy and her boyfriend Adam greet them.

“The pair of you are two minutes late, Mr Frankston is going to flip!” Says Adam as the group runs into the classroom.

“Ah, finally joining us you four?” He asks as they all sit in their seats.

“Sorry Sir, it’s my fault…. Again” Says Madison softly laughing;

“Hmm, I guessed that now sit down and pull up your textbook and flip to page 156,” He said turning to the whiteboard. A textbook in his left hand and marker in his right.

“And the four who were two minutes late, you all have two-minute lunchtime detention,”

He said as Madison sat back in her seat, Nathan covering his face because of embarrassment, Daisy looking over at Adam, the both of them laughing.

After class finishes, Madison picks up her things and runs out of the room;

“Madison! Wait up!” calls Daisy as all three of them run over her. She stops at her locker and takes in a deep breath, not long after she stops, the others have caught up.

She stands up straight and turns to her friends, to her shock, there not taking in deep breaths of air like the one they normally do after and run, they have a blank expression on their face.

“How…. Are…. You…. Not Affected” She asks in between breaths.

“Huh? Oh, I don’t know, I guess we’ve just become used to running,” Says Daisy opening up her locker.

Putting her bag and books inside it, the only thing she doesn’t throw in her locker is her phone;

“Hey everyone, I have an idea. Let’s not go to our two-minute lunchtime Detention,” She said putting her arm around Adam’s shoulders.

“O-Oh I don’t know guys. That’s too risky, You know how mad Mr Frankston will be” Said Nathan stuttering.

“Nathan does have a poin-“

“Oh so what, we’ll skip the next detention if he gives us another one,” Said Adam putting his arm around Daisy’s waist.

Madison looks at Nathan and then looks back at the couple, she knows this isn’t like Daisy and Adam to act;

“Come on, only once. If it makes the both of you feel better we will go to the next detention Mr Frankston gives to us,” Says Daisy playfully pushing Madison’s shoulder.

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