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Here are where I post all my book ideas I am too unskilled to write. If anyone is interested and is capable of following my guidelines, I am happy to give it to you. Contact me and we'll talk!

Mystery / Action
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Hey! This isn't a official book. More like book ideas I have but, can't write. So if you see any you are interested in writing, please contact me and you will be the owner. I have some rules if you do, get the book.

1. You must mention my name. Inkitt name.
2. Please post it in Inkitt first then any other platform you want.
a3. To apply for the book, you must give me a sneak peek, prologue, first chapter, summary. Whatever of those, so I can get excited.
4. Use your creativity!
^That's All^
P.S. Some book ideas are mentioned in Author. As stories she wrote.
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