The hidden life

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Sara had everything in her life, but she feels something was missing. She didn't know what it was. She had a good family who taking care of her very well and good friends. But what is she missing in her life. Is she can find what it was?. Sometimes she didn't know who she was. Is she able to find who's she was??......

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The fear


Sara open the door and walk into the house slowly. Her heart is beating so fast. she know that she was feared about something but she don’t know what it was. when she slowly step into the room she was so frightened at what she saw.

There was a pool of blood in the room and at the corner of the room there was a man and a women who was in their late 40s lie in the room without breathing.Tears was slowly slide down her cheek. She don’t know why but her heart is in pain at the sight.

And there was another room in the house. she slowly step into that room and there was a young boy who looks like in his 17 or 18 lie in the bed motionlessly. Sara slowly walked to that boy to see his face while tears was slowly slide down her cheek continuously.

tuk tuk....

Suddenly she hear some foot steps near her and she was frightened to death. Before she turn and saw who it was, there was a man behind her with a knife in her throat.

The man was slowly whispered into her ear ″Today was going to be your death day girl”. After he said that he laughed like a maniac. Sara feel that her body was trembling when she heard what the man said.

And that man was push her into the table that was near the bed. Her head was hit at the table edge and her head was bleeding. Sara was tried to see that man face but her head feels dizzy and her vision getting started to blurry.

Then that man was stabbing her stomach with a knife. Sara was flinched in pain and she know that she was going to die. She asked the God why she had to go through this and what she did was wrong.

Sara asked herself, is everything over, what she can do now she had so much to do and she has so much to tell about what she feel.

Before she slowly tried to close her eyes because of the pain, again that man was stabbing her with a knife. Sara screamed in pain.


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