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It's 2016 and bodies have been appearing all throughout London. Ten murders in eight weeks and no one has a clue who the killer is. Just like 5 years ago. But this time it's different. There's a lead that the police don't know about. But one person does. And he's determined to find the monster who made him become a victim of his wrath. His name is Angel Grey and he is a cold pathologist who once, had a happy life, until the killer struck someone closest to him. With the help of an optimistic doctor and a sarcastic psychiatrist, will they be able to overcome their personal struggles and catch the serial killer before he strikes again?

Mystery / Romance
J.D. Hawkins
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The silence in the warehouse was deafening. It felt as if someone had put the room in a bubble and the bubble was thrown into the universe to float for eternity. It seemed as if space and time was no longer a limitation in this three dimensional world. It was almost serene... but reality soon set in as the two gentlemen continued in their stare off. The two men appeared to be injured, one who had blood running down the side of his forehead and his arm, seeping through his crisp white shirt. The pain of the wound displayed on the man’s face as he clutched his arm, trying to stop the bleeding but to no avail. The other man, although injured, looked nothing like the other. He was calm, collected, and focus on the man in front of him. His face was expressionless as he continued to stare at his counterpart. His clenched fists dripped blood rhythmically onto the floor. The two gentlemen stared at each other with such a fire in their eyes that can only be described in one word: hate. And it was strong. Stronger than any emotion and any pain the men felt at that moment. Before the two men could lunge at each other, a loud BANG resonated within the walls of the warehouse and the sound of metal clicking on the walls occurred. Behind the two men, was a woman. With her green cat-like eyes, she stared boldly and intensely at her target, cocking her pistol once more to prepare for another shot. The bullet had narrowly missed the first man, two centimeters away from diving into his nostril and the through the back of his skull. His ear, on the other hand, was not safe from the bullet. The man grabbed his left ear and began to scream in agony. The woman, taking this opportunity, grabbed the second man by his coat and pulled him forward.

“We have to go. Now!” She growled as she continued to pull the man forward, resistant he was at first, but eventually relented and followed the woman, out of the warehouse and out into the night. As the two stepped into the night, the air swiftly blanketed them with cool and comfort. The man didn’t realize how hot he was in the warehouse. Or the amount of pain that was setting in through the stab wound in his hand. The man looked at his hand. The blade that cut the man had went clean through his hand, and there was nothing more now than a hole the size of the man’s pants pocket. The man abducted and adducted his fingers, watching the hole flex like the mouth of a goldfish. The woman noticed was he was doing and cringed.

“That’s nasty as hell. Doesn’t it hurt?” She said, her face contorted into to pain and disgust.

“No. Well not as much as I thought it would. Then again I was expecting more blood.” The man said, still flexing his wound, in amazement.

“Angel,” the woman said, stopping and turning around to the face the man, “Peter is worried sick about you. You just took off like a mongrel and he had no idea where you were. We were lucky to put that tracking device on your phone or else we would have never found you. But now I see why you took off.” She said, staring off to the warehouse. “Why didn’t you tell us? We would have come to help you.”

Angel stared at her, the intensity in his stare always unnerved her, and she looked away uncomfortably.

“I didn’t want your help. Peter was of no use to me at the moment. I had him where I wanted him and I almost got what I wanted from him.” Angel said, growling at her as he recalled the memories of her interruption and proceed to walk back past her, bumping her shoulder.

“And what exactly were you trying to get out of him?” The woman scoffed at him, and started to walk behind him, trying to keep up with his pace. Suddenly, Angel stopped and swung around to face her, the woman almost stumbling over him from the unexpected movement. The two locked eyes together, his intense crystal gray eyes burned into her, and for instant, she felt like he was looking through her soul.

“Answers,” he sneered, and continue to walk off into the direction of the car, with the woman following behind.

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