The locksmith

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Sarah has continued her grandfathers work as the locksmith of the world after his death when she was only 13 but even during that time she was able to break into p

Mystery / Romance
Raven Simpson
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Hope Diamond

I walked through the museum looking at the priceless items Incase’s in glass then I saw it the “Hope diamond” $250 million

“Bragging much “

Like seriously a golden lock that literally does nothing

“Can’t be this easy “ I got out my white powder poured some in my hand and then started to blow it and just as I thought red lines appealed

“Well I do love a challenge “ I smirked

I slipped through the red sectors with ease it was nothing fácil (easy) once I made it to the box I got out my hairpin and picked the lock in 2 motions the lock fell with a bang it sent echos through the museum I put my hairpin back in and then got out my laser and my spray-can I cut a circle out with the laser and grabbed the necklace and put it around my neck then sprayed “the locksmith l with spray paint.What every artist has to mark their work right I tripped the wire and alarms went off immediately I got my grappling hook and once it broke the glass and hooked onto something I shot up in the air , past the glass without a scratch. I ran on top of building after bulinding until I reached I guess whta you could call my home it was basically a abounded house I found one in every county I visited , I took of my necklace and added it to my backpack which had everything I stole and everything I needed but it also had my prized possession the picture of me and my grandfather / the old locksmith my hero I called him grandpa nick but he called me many names but his most common name for me was his little lock .Im getting to personal I walked to a wall and laid there trying to fall asleep and I eventually did.

In the morning I caught a train back home in Maryland .

Once I made it to Maryland I went to my cabin in the middle of nowhere like literally all that lives here is animals but anyway I walked into my cabin dropped everything closed the door and went to the living room to lay on my couch . I sat on my couch grabbed the remote and turned on my tv it seems impossible to get cable when you live in the middle of nowhere but that doesn’t mean I don’t get free cable , once the tv turned on I immediately heard of my crime .

It seems as if the notorious locksmith has struck again and stole one of the famous Hope diamonds he or she has not been caught but we hope to catch them one day as the police say .Back to you Tom “

I juts smiled and walked to my kitchen the tv’s noise lowered until it was at a whisper

“what can I do today “

I thought about it and realized I hadn’t been visiting jail in actually a really long time

“I guess I can visit jail again “

I had all the stuff I needed hutch wasn’t much because they just take it anyway so it’s all in my hair or down my throat .I turned off my Tv and started to head to the door and left I walked for about a mile until I reached the city I walked to the nearest jail cause I didn’t feel like walking that far because I’m lazy so I walked up to the jail and just looked at it


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