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Nothing is what it seems to be (English version)

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Lieutenant Victor Monroe is fighting hard to catch the New York scary killer. Together with his partner, Carl Winfrey, they discover that Patrick Ross was not killed by revenge. Andres Rodriguez is wanted all over town by Victor and his partner, but Andres knows something the two will never find out. Two different perspectives, but similar stories. In this story nothing is what it seems to be.

Mystery / Thriller
Annie Skywalker
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Chapter one; Parteners in crimes

- How did the victim die? The lieutenant asked, looking at the crime scene.

"He was stabbed in the abdomen twenty-eight times," said one officer.

- Wonderful! the lieutenant replied. Other details?

- The victim's name is Patrick Ross, a former bank administrator. He was thirty-eight years old, living alone and had no wife, children or animals.

- The killer?

- Andres Rodriguez. A former employee of Patrick.

The lieutenant walked around the room for a few minutes, then returned to the officer.

- Do you think Andres had anything personal with Patrick?

- Most likely because of Patrick's decision to close the bank and lay off most of his staff.

- Mhm.

The lieutenant wiped his forehead and walked out of the slaughter room. He didn't understand why people take revenge on other people. Patrick Ross had no family, but that didn't mean there wasn't someone missing him. Now he was more determined to never catch the killer and he would succeed because otherwise he had vowed to give up his job.

When Victor Monroe took up this job in the police, he did not think he would be so badly affected by a crime. He was about thirty-one when he was employed and by thirty-five he had already become a lieutenant. Now, at forty-five, he only wanted to stay near Amanda, his wife and their twins, Yannis and Krista.

- Victor, how did he get to the crime scene?

He extinguished his cigarette and threw it in a trash can. He turned his eyes and observed his former investigation partner, Carl Winfrey.

- One man was killed by twenty-eight knife blows. How do you think it was?

- That sounds terrible! he replied. I heard you were promoted to lieutenant.

- Hm. Is it so difficult to circulate the news?

- I just wanted to congratulate you. I remembered the times when we were partners. How about we go out for a beer? See a match?

Victor sat there for a moment, then smiled.

- Either. But I have to tell Amanda I'm late.


The silence had long been over the city. There was no trace of man in New York after six evenings when a criminal was announced to be walking free. Victor had woken up at four in the morning with a call from the department and had come to see a massacre. Maybe he was lucky to see Carl on his way and get him out of this state.

A few minutes later, they both arrived at Jimmy's Bar, a popular venue on match nights because they were gathering many sports lovers. Jimmy Summers, the bar owner welcomed anyone with open arms. The lieutenant knew that Jimmy had a criminal record and that is why he had opened his own bar, but he had nothing to do with it as long as it did no harm to anyone.

- Get full Jim! Carl cried.

Victor sat next to him at the bar and looked at the TV. The opposing team already had the advantage of two points.

- How's your life, Carl? You got married?

- You know me, Victor. I'm not the kind to be linked to a single woman.

Carl was twenty-two when he worked with Victor, but he hadn't changed at all. Ten years had passed him, but he was brighter and more lively than ever. Since leaving the police to become a private detective, Carl has been traveling America far and wide, visiting bars and venues of all kinds. About two years ago, he was caught with a prostitute in Buenos Aires and arrested, but he told police that he was there just for an investigation.

"You haven't changed at all," Victor replied.

- But you ... you got old.

Victor dropped his beer mug and looked at Carl.

- Stay calm, it will happen to you.

The two have been telling each other during the commercials about what they had done in the last ten years. Victor told him about Yanis and Kista, and Carl told him about Buenos Aires.

- It's time to leave Carl, but before that ...

- What are you thinking about?

- I was thinking of being my partner, at least for this case. For the sake of the past.

Carl grinned slightly, but then he smiled broadly at Victor.

"I'm kind of expensive to know," he said in the play.

- I'll pay you whatever you want if you catch the killer, Carl. So, what do you say?

- Either!

Victor and Carl shook hands and their partnership began again.

- Partner! They both said in unison, then headed for their cars to go home.


When he arrived, Victor was looking for his house keys in his pockets because his wife was locking the door at a certain time, while behind him, on the path, was snoozing, Sumo, Saint Bernard of the family.

When Victor opened the door, the lights were extinguished throughout the house, but he knew Amanda would come down to meet him.

- Amanda? Where is this woman? He wondered as he removed his shoe and jacket. He walked up the stairs and rubbed his eyes. One could notice from a post that he was tired.

- Dad?

Victor looked down at the voice that awakened him from the dream with his eyes open.

- Yannis, what are you doing at this time?

"Krista won't let me sleep," the boy replied, raising his hands up.

Victor smiled and immediately took him in his arms.

- Mommy sleep? Victor asked the kid.

- Yes. Are you reading me a story?

Victor brushed the boy's hair and nodded.

- Of course. Come on, run to bed until I change, okay?

- Good.

At the age of four, Yannis was a very smart boy. He knew how to play the piano and the violin and was a chess champion. His twin sister, Krista, was the opposite. But Amanda and Victor both loved each other equally.

Victor's wife, Amanda, was twenty-six when he met him and five years later they were married. The children had them after three years of marriage, due to Victor's busy schedule. Amanda works on her own as a psychologist. This is probably why he understands the strange behavior of his husband when he comes to work.

—And they lived happily ever after. The end!

Victor kissed Yannis on the forehead, wrapped him and carefully placed Mr. Wiskas, the stuffed rabbit, next to the boy. After you left the children's room, you went to his room and his wife's.

- Victor, are you? Amanda whispered sleepily.

- Yes, baby. I did not want to wake you up.

- I was worried. I wanted to wait for you, but I fell asleep.

Victor kissed her on the lips and sat down next to her.

- Yannis was awake and I read him a story to sleep. Now I'm here.

- How was the reunion with Carl?

- I proposed to help with the new case. I'm telling you this morning.

- I know how well you understood in the past. I'm glad you can work together again.

Victor smiled and stroked his hair until they both fell asleep.


The following morning, Victor received a report on the homicide. It seems that Andres was not the only case involved and had to deal with several similar homicides. He immediately called Carl and asked him to meet somewhere to discuss.

"Victor," Carl said, stepping down, "what the hell's so important to call me at six in the morning?"

Victor put the case with the new case. Emanuel Evans and Jasmine Webb were found breathless in the bathroom of a popular club in Brooklyn. Carl looked over the photographs and the description of the victims.

- What kind of club is this? Carl asks curiously.

- You'll see when we get there. I guess you'll like it.

Carl was following his friend, who was in a hurry to leave the Police Department, but turned over Captain Sawyer, Victor's boss. He glances at Carl disappointedly.

- What are you doing here, Winfrey?

Carl smiled. When Sawyer was also his boss, he liked teasing and turning his words around because he knew he was easily annoyed.

- I'm back, boss. I'm helping Monroe catch criminals.

- Mh! I thought you smarter Victor, but it seems I was wrong.

The captain's words made Victor smile. He knew Sawyer was not hurting Carl, but he was still in the best position to help him. He was good at handling a gun and could run miles without getting tired, but he was also a good detective and interrogator.

- Sir, Victor began, Carl is a very good detective.

- Okay, like you say. Get to work!


The two headed to the club where the murder took place, but to their disappointment, it was closed during the day. The windows of the building were dark in color, but it had bright panels that appealed to you because they were shaped like ... women. In addition to the colorful panels, there were also posters advertising the club.

Carl came closer and looked at the blonde girl with her bare breasts and the name of the club, as well as his schedule.

- A strip club? Carl asked ironically.

A broad smile appeared on Carl's face when he saw what kind of club it was.

- Shut up, Winfrey! We are here to investigate, not to watch a dance at the bar.

- As far as I can see, we must return tonight. It's closed.


The two went to interrogate Andres, who had been caught by police in the meantime. In the interrogation room were only Victor and Andres Rodriguez. The other police officers, as well as Carl, looked through the one-way mirror glass at the two.

Victor, however, had begun to lose his patience. Andres didn't even make a sound. He was just staring blankly and shaking slightly as the lieutenant raised his tone to him. He handed her the file with the crime scene pictures and the murder weapon.

"Twenty-eight knives," Victor said while Andres was just looking at him. You didn't want to give him a chance, did you?

But Andres didn't say anything. The lieutenant exited the interrogation room and looked at him from the outside as he said to Carl:

- We're not gonna get anything out of this guy.

- Do you mind if I try?

Victor motioned for his chance to play, and Carl entered the room and sat on the chair in front of Andres.

- If you don't get revenge on the interrogation, we'll have to shut you down. Or worse, you'll be sentenced to life.

- No, don't let him do that!

- We have no choice. We need a confession. Why did you kill your former boss? Patrick Ross.

- No ... It wasn't me!

- Don't try to lie to me, I've heard some stupid stuff before!

Carl put his palms on the table and was close enough to Andres now that the pressure was even higher.

- That's a simple question, Rodriguez! Answer and it will be easier for you.

- Patrick was dependent on a strange substance received from someone because he kept it a secret. That guy killed Patrick because he was angry he closed the bank. I swear to you!

- Your fingerprints were on the knife, Andres.

- I ... That's right. I touched the knife, but I didn't kill it.

On the other side, Victor was watching the show.

- Aberrate, he said as if to himself.

- When the agents found him, he was full of blood from Patrick Ross, a homeless man. It doesn't have to be someone else.

After the interrogation was over, Rodriguez was taken to a cell until the sentence was decided. Victor and Carl returned to the club for investigation.

- What is the FBI doing here?

- Ah, Lieutenant Monroe! Said a tall man with four needles. I thought I wouldn't see you here. The FBI took over the case.

"He can take my ass," Victor replied. The case was given to me upon receipt and I will resolve it. Who the hell are you?

- FBI Agent Perkins.

- Come on, Carl. Let's not waste time talking to the feds. We have work to do.

The two entered the club and Carl looked first at two girls dancing at the bar. Victor punched him in the shoulder.

- Carl! What the hell do you do?

- Sorry, Victor!

The lieutenant sighed in disappointment and headed for the crime scene. It seems that this club had other services ...

In the murder room, there were other police officers, as well as the FBI, who were taking blood clues and evidence.

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