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This is just for that one person that wants to read this story even thought i don't think it;s good.

Mystery / Romance
Liliana Samaniego
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Josh didn’t pick up the phone after calling him several times now. He agreed to bring some chinese food to eat this evening. But yet it was already six pm and he wasn’t back from his football practice which always ended at five. And the chinese place was only a few minutes away from school.

Minutes past and josh came in with bridgette. I crossed my arms and watched my best friend. If they were together that would be gross.

“Are you two together” i asked. Josh started coughing and fidgeted with his fingers.

“No. I like someone else” josh said going into his room. These past days he’s been acting weird and sleeping in.

“He didn’t get chinese food because he lost his wallet. But his friend… Tessa bought it for him” she said with a sad look. She placed the bag on top of the counter and waved me goodbye.

The next morning i quickly got ready and ran to the neighbors house to ask the old lady if i can borrow her son’s bike. Her son didn’t use it anymore since he became depressed when his sister disappeared three years ago just like my boyfriend Nick who disappeared two years ago. We were together since sixth grade.

I was sure police stopped searching for him after a year but they assured me they were still looking. But his disappearance was weird. Because the day before he disappeared he had brought me flowers and looked happy. He did leave early that day because his grandma needed his help. I miss him.

I rode the bike quickly to school and got there on time. After school i got on time to pick up bridgette from cheerleading, she only joined to impress my brother, Josh. But cheerleading looks good on her because if i ever joined cheerleading i would look like a potato next to a bunch of french fries. I wasn’t fat but wasn’t fit either. I was thin.

Me and bridgette walked home and invited Josh and his friend over to eat. I was surprised because Josh came home with a quiet looking girl who looked nervous.

“Josh. Finally” bridgette said walking up to him but stopped when she saw the girl, she backed away.

“Oh yea. This is Tessa”

Tessa waved . she was pretty. But mysterious. She had black long hair. And her pale skin but the most amazing thing was her bright blue eyes.

She looked like my neighbor.

I don’t remember how my neighbor’s sister looked like. But she had blond hair and green eyes. The two girls looked similar. Same eye shape and nose.

Bridgette scrunched her nose but smiled. I could tell she was jealous. Josh sat down at the table and began to eat.

“ Tessa are you not hungry. My mothers mash potatoes are good” Bridgette forced a smile and handed Tessa a plastic plate.

“No. I don’t eat food like black people do”

I spit my water out and looked at Bridget who was squeezing her spoon and breathing in. Tessa sounds like a racist.

“i think it’s time for me to take you home” Josh said grabbing Tessa by the shoulders and taking her out. Josh gave us a apologetic smile. And then headed out.

Minutes later We heard a knock at the door and bridgette looked at me. “He might have forgotten something” bridgette said and walked to the living room and i heard a click.

I waited for her and she walked in the kitchen and hand her hands up in the air. “What are you doing”.

A man with a gun was pointing at her back. In fact it wasn’t a man it was a teen. He looked angry.

“Wheres Josh”

I looked to the side and saw the home phone. “ he just left”

I kept still and bridgette was terrified. Another boy came in quietly and hit the boy with a bat.

“For your safety come with me”

Bridgette ran next to the boy and grabbed his shirt.

“That’s fine with me.”

“But he is a stranger. And what do you mean for my safety”

The other men came inside my home and threw me something. My vision blurred.

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