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Chapter 2

I woke in a room. A cozy one. With pillows all around me.

“You look terrible. Get up because i’m freaking out”

Bridgette was pacing the room and placing her ear near the door.

“Someone’s coming. Quick grab something” she said terrified. We were kidnapped.

Bridgette grabbed the lamp and i took a book.

A boy came in. He turned on the lights and bridgette tried to strike him on the head. But he pushed her to the bed and i ran to him with the book high above my head.

He knocked the book out of my hands i stood there shocked.

“Hey! Calm down” the boy said. He look quite handsome with his outfit. Like a soldier or something. I took bridgette’s arm and pulled her close.

“Stay away. We will jump you”

Two other boys came in with guns. Shoot! We are out numbered. Bridgette gripped tightly on my shirt.

“We aren’t here to hurt only to protect you”

Protect. Yet they kidnapped us.

“From what exactly”

“Your brother”

The guy. Lucas explained that my brother was from a bad agency that murders people who know about their plan which no one knows about yet but they know it’s something evil. I should have believed them but for some reason i didn’t. Oh ya.. Because Josh is my brother?

“How can you be so sure”

They showed me files and video recordings of him killing a girl younger than me. And that girl looked exactly like Tessa.

“So are you saying he was going to kill us”

“No but he could. Not that he would but it’s better to be safe than sorry” Lucas said staring at me closely.

“Okay uh so we need you guys to spy on him for us. I know it’s all coming too fast but it’s not just to save you but others too”

“Someone wanted to talk to you Lilith but alone so ma’am come with me”

Bridgette hesitated at first but left with the guy. Another guy came in. It was Nick. How could Nick be here?

“Nick! How?” i stuttered backwards and threw my hands up.

“I know you may hate me but i had no choice”.

Nick explained that they forced him to join and didn’t allow for him to visit or having any type of communication for me. He also said that he still loves me but i couldn’t after what he’s done.

“No. Just leave. I agree to what Lucas asked now leave” i shouted. He looked hurt and anxious.

Bridgette came in and hugged me tightly. I cried in her arms and squeezed onto her.

Two guys escorted us to a table outside the room. They took bridgette to a self control room where they practice deep breathing because to be honest she does freak out a lot. And they took me to a gym room. After waiting for minutes, more guys came in without shirts to exercise but one guy at the corner had a shirt one which made him mysterious. Might as well make friends here. I started to walk to him but someone held me back. Lucas was gripping my hand.

“Dont. He is on our suspicion list. We think he might have worked with your brother”

I had to be more careful. I nodded and crossed my arms. After an hour all the guys left.

It was just me and Lucas.

“Today we are going to learn some defense positions”

We practiced all day and the final practice was fast. He placed my arm on his chest and told me when someone pulls us to their chest you head bud them under the attacker’s chin. He pulled me close and kiss me on the lips. I quickly pulled away and covered my mouth.

“You probably liked it” he said picking up his sweater and leaving the gym. That jerk kissed me and i barely met him today.

I went to the hallway and asked the suspicious guy who was leaning on the wall to show me my room. Please. He smiled. But his smile was nice. Showed teeth and everything. Perfectly straight teeth.

“I just want you to know that your brother does really care about you and sent me here to watch over you. I’m basically his second in command. Best Friend”

I froze for a second and pulled him into my room.

“Wow. Look i’m not interested” he said smiling. He knew my brother.

“Is josh really the type to murder people” i had to know because everything was just so confusing.

“Believe it or not. Yes. But it’s just business” he said leaving the room.

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