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Chapter 3

The next day i was awoken by a small knock at the door. I grumbled out of bed and opened it. A hand covered my mouth and forced onto the bed. It was the guy, Jules from yesterday. He closed the door and sat on the bed next to me.

“Your brother asked me to take you out. Now! Its 6am so everyone should be asleep” he said.

I had to trust my brother. He took care of me since i was a baby. I nodded and Jules took me out by the hand. Every corner he saw, he checked and waited. Nothing. I couldn’t help but hug tighter onto his shirt, i saw him smirk and this time we ran. I could see the exit from here, only a few steps away. Before Jules could open the door, Lucas was in our way.

“Oh would you look at that. Trying to leave with the suspect” Lucas nodded his head in disappointment. He socked Jules which knocked him out.

“Well now i know to keep an extra eye on him, and as for you… i’ll let your ex deal with you” he said dragging Jules away by his collar. I stood there shocked. I would help him out but i wasn’t strong enough. A minute later Nick took me to his room. I sat on his bed, his room looked the same as mine.

“You were going to escape but can’t you trust us that your brother is bad”

I held my own hands and stayed quiet. I wouldn’t listen to him because he was the one who disappeared for two years. The feeling with him wasn’t the same.

“I don’t trust anyone nowadays”

He looked sad and scooted next to me and held my hands, i let him.

“If this is about me, you can forget-”

“You think i want to forget? We were together for four years” I shoved him away.

“So are you willing to forgive and get back with me”

Even if i did go back with him, the feeling wasn’t there anymore. And i didn’t want to force our relationship. It wasn’t fair for both of us.

“I’m sorry but the feeling isn’t there, but you’ll find someone”

Nick clenched his jaw and let my hands go, he didn’t look at me. So i left.

The next day, Bridgette was bouncing on my bed. She looked happy and excited. “Today we get to pick our own bodyguard”

I groaned and did my bed.

“Who are you so happy to pick” i grinned. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

When we got to the cafeteria there was Nick, Jules and Lucas.

Lucas told us to chose one of them as their bodyguard. Bridgette ran to Lucas and he looked annoyed. Bridgette smiled up at him and Lucas shoved her off lightly.

Jules looked looked at his feet and he looked worn out. Nick was smiling at me. JUles knew my brother but i didn’t know him well enough and Nick is my ex and it would be awkward around him.

“Uh i suppose i’ll be with- Jules” i said quietly. Lucas looked at me with suspicious eyes. But he nodded and took bridgette by her shirt to another room. Bridgette gave me a thumbs up and shaped her fingers into a heart. I tried hard not to laugh. She was so silly.

“Now i have to be the one following Josh around” said Nick annoyingly. I remember he never did get along with my brother because JOsh would always joke around that Nick had so many girlfriends in the past and convince him to hang out with him so me and Nick wouldn’t be alone together. Nick punched the wall which made me flinch and he left the cafeteria. Jules quickly stood next to me and whispered. “We only have two hours to train and then we have to take you back home”

I agreed and i went to change to my clothes but when i got there, Nick was by the entrance. He had his arms folded.

“What do you want”

“Nothing i’m waiting for my partner”


Before i went in the room, Tessa appeared out of a room with tight clothing on. She gave me a little smile and a wave.

“Tessa? I saw you got killed” i exclaimed. She looked fine to me. No bleeding or bruises but her whole body was covered with a tight clothing jump suit.

“It takes a lot of killing to get rid of me, now come on cute stuff” he took Nick by the hand and Nick hugged her. I should have been jealous but i was angry. If Nick wanted to get me jealous then game on.

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