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Chapter 4

After hours of training, Jules and me joined Lucas, Bridgette and Nick to the car. It was not a car more like a fan. Looked like it can fit a whole class of students in there. Lucas was driving and Bridgette was in the front jamming up the music. Lucas sat me by the window and Jules was in the back with a snoring Tessa. Nick sat next to me since the other chairs were broken. It looked big from the outside but inside it only had six chairs in total. I tried to sit far away from Nick because we almost touched thighs. Nick turned his back on me but seconds later he turned around and tapped me on the shoulder.


“You’re blocking my view”

I moved back. I became nervous because Nick was looking out the window but maybe he was looking at me. I turned and Nick quickly looked away. He was staring at me.

Lucas said my only job was to act like everything was normal. So me and bridgette went to our classes. The last class was english. When i went inside… lucas was the teacher. He did look like one. He looked older than twenty seven but he is twenty six. He was wearing a tight shirt which showed his muscles and his well shaved beard.

He winked at me and i rolled my eyes. Another girl whispered into my ear.

“Did he just hit on you”

I stuttered and face her. “No”

She shrugged her shoulders and Lucas began to teach an entire lesson. But the entire time he was glancing at me and bumping my shoulder. I tried to ignore him but i noticed people glancing at us. They would think i have something with the teacher. I asked him to go to the restroom and he said yes. I walked out fast and went to the restroom. When i got out, Lucas was there with a smile.

“Why are you following me. People will get suspicious”

“Maybe because i see you talking to Jules more. And that’s suspicious”

The bell ring and i left quickly outside not bother waiting for bridgette. Because Lucas was suppose to take her. Josh was standing by the entrance with another teammate from football. But the teammate left. I tried to go past Josh but he caught up with me.

“Hey. Where were you yesterday”

“Don’t play dumb. I know you sent Jules to take care of me”

“Jules? Uh is that your new boyfriend or something. Bridgette told me you slept over her house”

He was definitely playing stupid. Maybe Jules was lying. I saw Lucas putting a finger over his mouth. Lucas was the bad person? I gave Lucas the middle finger and grabbed Josh by the arm. “You want to know where i was”

Lucas and Jules were now behind Josh with a knife. I gulped.

“Ok, where were you”

Lucas mentioned for me to go to the trees.

“Just kidding i was with Bridgette” “I have to go. Bring the chinese food on time please”

Josh nodded and i went to the trees where Lucas and Jules were waiting for me. Bridgette was on the floor covered with a blanket. “So you guys were the bad people”

“It’s nothing personal. Ok maybe it is but your brother was asking for it”

I tried to run to bridgette but Jules stopped me. He tossed me to the ground. Lucas crouched down to me and waved his knife in front of my face.

I raised my foot up to kick him but he stabbed my foot. The knife didn’t reach my skin but now the knife was stuck on my shoe.

“Just tell us where your brother keeps his files”

“What are you looking for exactly” “And is Nick in this too”

“Nick this.Nick that. No he isn’t. And it’s better for you to know nothing”

I looked at Jules. I really believed he was working for my brother. I believe he is good and not evil. Jules was staring down at his boots.

“Look at me!!” Lucas shouted. He grabbed me by the hair to stand me up and threw me to the tree. My head ached. Lucas took out another knife and place it near my throat. Hid eyes intensely bright green. “I’ll do anything it takes to get you to talk” he said placing his other hand slightly up my thigh. Lucas laughed. I was on the verge of tears. I was afraid now. “I really haven’t been in his room. He never lets me in. W-What are you looking for exactly’’

This time Jules spoke up. “It’s a chip that has secret evidence of murders we have done. Just tell us where is it” He said still not looking at me.

Lucas pressed the knife harder into my neck and his other hand grabbed tightly onto my thigh, which hurted. He then put the knife on my shirt. “We don’t really need to do this, just take us at your house and pretend we are your friends or something”

“Okay. But bring Bridgette”

Lucas nodded and Jules picked her up like a rag doll. I could tell he was having trouble because she was pretty thick.

We hurried over to my house and knocked on the door. Josh opened it and Tess was with him smiling and this time her hair was up. Lucas smiled and Jules tipped his head. “Well i have to go” tessa said kissing Josh on the lips and that’s where i noticed Lucas clenching his jaw.

“Uh why is-”

Lucas pulled me in and Jules put Bridgette on the couch. They started to rummage through the cabinets and Jules sat me on the other couch.

“You can’t do this” Josh said grabbing Jules by the collar but Jules twisted his arm and threw him to the floor. He kept my brother on the floor while Lucas looked around.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Jules tried to focus on me but Josh kept moving around , Lucas saw me and placed his hands in the air.

“Put it down, or your brother dies”

“You’re bluffing”

Lucas pointed to Jules who cut Josh in the stomach. I heard bridgette wake up and i dropped the knife. Lucas picked the knife up and left to the room.

“Where’s the goddamn chip”

“If i give it will you guys leave us alone” my brother said catching his breath.

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