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Chapter 5

“It’s in Lilith’s bracelet”

I looked down at my wrist and gasped. The bracelet Josh gave me for my birthday.

“It’s on one of the charms”

Jules reached for my hand but i pulled away. “What if you kill us after”

“It’s either die or join” said Lucas behind me, breathing down my neck. I shivered and Bridgette walked into the kitchen. “Hey guys. Sorry ima go back to the couch” but Jules sat her on the chair next to me.

Lucas rolled his eyes. “Just you though. You join, they live. You don’t. You all die”

Joining wouldn’t be so bad since Jules was there and i didn’t want them to die.

Bridgette started crying and bowing down to Lucas. Lucas laughed and kicked her. “I-I’ll join”

“Oh goodie, Let’s go”

Jules looked disappointed but i wasn’t going to let all of us die. Josh stood up but Lucas sprayed him and Bri with a sleeping spray.

We left and after hours of driving we got to a building that had a huge A on top. Lucas inputted some numbers and we went inside.

“Did you guys find the chip” Nick said coming out from a room with his clothes messy. And tessa came outside too buttoning her blouse. He slept with her and betrayed my trust. With all my force i slapped Nick in the face. He looked surprised.

“Lilith? I-”

“Save it. I don’t care” i didn’t realize i was crying. I wiped my tears away and Jules mentioned to follow him.

“Wait. Lilith!”

I ignored him and kept walking. Jules took me to a room. He closed the door quietly and sighed. “I’m sorry-”

“Not you too. I said save it because I don’t care” I cut him off. I thought Jules was on my team. I thought Nick and Lucas was on my team.

“You do care. I don’t feel bad for betraying you because we weren’t close.But i do feel bad that you had to leave them. Hey- Listen if you try to escape they won’t hesitate to kill you. Even if you’re out on missions, they won’t hesitate to kill you. Believe it or not Tessa loves Lucas and only him. She loves body attention so she sleeps with a lot of guys.”

Oh that made me feel so much better.. Not! I am stuck with a bunch of crazies who murder people. I nodded and layed on my bed. He laid with me and told me “I could make you forget about him”

Honestly i didn’t know why i did it but i was hurt. Jules began to kiss me on my neck and i let him. And he took his clothes off and so did I.

After we were done I regret what I did. This wasn’t love this was something else.

“I just want you to know, that i am interested but we have to keep it on the low”

Did i like him. He looked at me in the eyes and I knew i did love him. He seemed sincere.

I kissed him again and laughed. I felt happy.

“Why did you stop” “Anyways today you just have to do training”

I felt like i wanted to do these missions and be happy but i did miss Bri and Josh.

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