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Chapter 6

It’s been three years since i was in this organization and it scared me to think it actually felt good to kill people. And after a year we announced to the group that me and Jules were a thing. I didn’t announce it to make NIck jealous because at that time i was focused on Jules. The only thing on my mind was him. After that day, Nick never talked to me.

My next mission was to kill a girl who stole another chip from here. But my partner was Nick and i tried so hard to change it but couldn’t. Jules said it was fine. So i got my things ready and went to wait for him at the bottom.

He got there and looked at me. “This girl,we have no idea who she is but i be-”

“Cut the crap Lilith. I just want to know if you still have feelings for me”

“Four years don’t get forgotten. But i don’t love you anymore”

Nick placed his bag on the car and opened the door for me.

“Wait” Jules said.

I ran to him and hugged him tightly. ’I’ll be near” i nodded and went back to the car. NIck was driving fast and his hands tightened around the wheel. “You’re driving too fast”

He ignored me and honked at cars that went too slow. “Nick slow down” i shouted. Then i realized he was crying. Tears streaming down both cheeks. I tried to hold his hand but he said stop. He pulled over to an empty parking lot and placed his head down.

“I love you Lilith. Please give me a chance. How can four years go down the drain” he said still crying. My heart went out to him but i didn’t love him anymore.

“But i love Ju-”

“I didn’t want to tell you but Jules and Lucas can control feelings” he said turning to me. My cheeks burned and i held his arms. At this moment i didn’t feel anything towards Jules. “When you guys are far away, those feelings disappear”

He was right, it didn’t feel like i loved him now.

“I’m confused right now but yes i still love you Nick”i kissed him on the lips and we kissed passionately. He started to laugh and i did too. He began to drive and we held hands but something in my heart changed, i felt i loved Jules again.

“Jules is behind us” said Nick. I started to panick and punched NIck in the face. SUddenly i was angry at him. “What the hell” he said trying to focus on the road.”I dont know i became angry all of a sudden”. “It’s Jules. He probably knows you like me “

“But i thought you said he can control feelings. Not actions”

Nik sighed, “I don’t know how he’s doing it then”

The struggle to keep from punching Nick again was strong to the point where she jumped into the back seat.

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