Love Meets You part 2

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* Bentley *

Bentley stared at Clover’s sleeping form in his bed, feeling intoxicated by her presence. She was changing him, just as much as he was shaping her. He knew she didn’t love him, or even like him, but she wasn’t pulling away anymore.

After tucking her in, he left the bedroom and strode into his office where Mr. J and his men sat drinking and bullshitting with Emmett. “Let’s make this quick.”

The dark-skinned man smiled, his teeth flashing in the low lighting, “I’m sure you want to rush back to that feisty Clover. She hates your fucking guts. Watching you trying to declaw her was quite a show. I have a friend who would love to tame her.”

Bentley kept annoyance out of his flat tone while his blood boiled, “She’s unavailable,” he thought of Reese, “What about the other red-haired girl you saw at dinner?”

Mr. J flapped his hand dismissively, “Naw, nothing special there. No, it’d need to be Clover. Her tits alone should be worth a few grand. They’re real, right?”

“Off the table,” he sat behind his desk, extracting the contract, “You can take Delia tonight. Sign this and go.” Discomfort squeezed his chest when they discussed Clover.

Mr. J’s man handed him the paperwork, and he read it over, “Delia was with you for how long?”

“Three months.”

“Is that typical? Did you test her?”

“You came because of my exemplary standards,” Bentley was losing patience, “she went grocery shopping while monitored from the parking lot. All of my Meet Sweet girls are perfectly happy to be with their Sirs. I have a reputation to uphold after all,” he gave him a cocky smile, as one bastard to another.

“Indeed, you do,” he signed then rose from the chair, fiddling with the clunky watch on his wrist, “I’ll wait in the car for my property.”

“Pleasure doing business,” Bentley waved them ahead, going to Delia’s cell.

She stood in the middle of the room, tears streaking her down her face. He didn’t have time for this.

“Darling Delia,” he crooned, drawing her in for a hug, “Mr. J will treat you like the jewel you are. Shine bright for him and make me proud. Yes?”

She let out a little sob, “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Nonsense. It’s a big change, but you’ll be safe and content. This is a step up from the hostel you lived in months ago, turning tricks to afford food,” he patted her back, resisting the urge to yank her outside, “Don’t forget your past, but understand your future is far better than you handled on your own. Joining Love Meets You to rob innocent men… shame on you.”

“I am ashamed I stooped so low,” she pulled away, “Thank you, sir.”

“Obey and keep sweet,” he motioned for her to leave. An integral part of the process was the sweets walk out of the house and straight into their new owner’s arms. Every woman who left his care did so without causing a ruckus over the switch of circumstances. Something he was immensely proud of.

Kyrell met them in the driveway, monitoring the situation. He dusted his palms when Delia climbed into the white limo. One down. He hadn’t decided if he would return to the city to hand off Polly. He did not trust his men to handle that side of the business, but there was also the risk of exposure. Mason might have hired people to find him. As yet, nobody reported Clover missing, but that didn’t mean shit.

“Has Mr. Y been in contact?” Bentley asked Kyrell, pocketing the key to the front door after locking it.

“Aye. You’ve pissed him off. He’s given us two days to deliver the package or he’ll rescind his offer.”

He thought for a few moments, “Fine. Tomorrow. Set it up. Emmett will be in charge while we’re gone.”

“On it.”

Clover was awake, sitting up when he unlocked his bedroom. The pale moonlight cast her red hair into a fiery halo he paused to admire. She smiled nervously as he stripped out of his suit. He liked the way she studied him as if memorizing his mannerisms because he watched her too. Every day he became more in-tune with his Jade Dragon.

“Are you not tired?” he inquired, slipping between the sheets.

“No,” she cleared her throat, “I’ve rested a lot.”

He hummed in agreement and when he went to pull her close; she didn’t tense like she usually did. Maybe their earlier make-out session downstairs had shown her how good they could be together. It had been hard not to take her right in the den in front of the others when she kissed him with that luscious ass of hers grinding all over his cock.

“I could tire you out,” he teased, “Lay down.”

She eyed him warily, sliding onto her back. He dropped a kiss on her pouty lips before slowly opening the robe she wore to bed. Not wanting to rush, it was the best kind of self-torment as he licked and squeezed every inch of her. She squirmed, making him smile against her neck. He marveled at her milky skin, brushing his fingers against her soft belly. She shed some major weight since arriving and he ignored the guilt gnawing at his conscience over the fact the curves he loved so much were disappearing.

“Sir, should I still not touch you?” she asked on a moan, and he nearly lost control.

Suddenly, he didn’t want her so formal. When he first captured Clover, he had imagined her screaming his name while dicking her so hard she forgot he ruined her life. If he allowed her to, would it change her conditioning? She behaved without reprimand these last few days, proving he made the right choice by picking her. Her survival instincts ran strong, and it fascinated him, knowing she’d more than likely blow the tires off any test he threw at her. He breathed in her musky scent, wanting more than anything for her to love him.

Fate crossed their paths for a reason.

He lifted one of her legs, gazing at her glistening pussy in excitement, “You’re so wet. Wanna come on my tongue?”


He smirked at the panic in her pretty eyes, running a finger through her folds. Her hips jerked, a hiss sounding through her clenched teeth. “That’s right, baby. Finally, it’s just us. Jade and Ben. Alone, getting acquainted with each other’s bodies. Well, I am. Fuck, the things I plan to do to you will leave you bruised for a week.”

“Please,” she whispered, blushing furiously, “Don’t…”

“I’m not a total bastard,” he snapped, then lowered his face into her sweet cunt, giving it a languid lick, causing her to grip his hair as if she intended to scalp him, “Hands up, Jade.”

She froze at the unfamiliar name, but he decided a while ago to call her by a new one. Without speaking, he tied her down with the built-in restraints she had no idea laid inches from her head. The leather straps held her arms loosely by her shoulders so she had enough room to move. Perhaps she needed control in order to enjoy herself, but who was he trying to kid? Clover wasn’t as nearly wet as she would have been if she wanted to fuck.

Ignoring the sting of rejection when her eyes filled with tears, he said, “You must think I’m a piece of shit. I didn’t bring you here out of malice. I have genuine feelings for you.”

“Do you? Really?” she sputtered, “You have a funny way of showing it, and should seek professional help.”

Her lack of respect angered him, but he moved on, “Ever dabble in bondage?”

She shook her head, teardrops raining down her round cheeks. His mind reeled at her forlorn expression. The scrappy girl deserved leniency after everything he put her through so far, but he wasn’t used to expressing himself. He’d never had to before, always taking what he wanted with zero fucks given to the consequences of his selfish actions.

“I want to make you feel good, Jade,” he thumbed her tears away, “It turns me on having you laid out for my needs. Tonight is about you, though. Your legs are mobile but you’re unable to touch me. It will heighten your orgasm.”

She sniffed, “Why are you calling me Jade? I’m fine without one… Sir.

He scowled, figuring she just needed him to cut through the bullshit and prove it to her. When his mouth descended onto her core she tensed but he didn’t stop, fingering her tight cunt while pulsing his tongue against her clit until she was a writhing mess.

“Don’t fight it, Jade! Come for me,” he growled. “Let go saying my name.”


“No! You’re my Jade Dragon and I’m Ben. Shit, you taste sweet,” he panted, the flutter of her walls signaling how close she was, “You’re mine. No one’s watching. No one cares if you take your pleasure. Fucking come right now!”

“Ben! Damn you, Ben!” She squeezed her thighs, pinning his head in place, screaming his name with so much passion he almost came on the sheets.

He ground his cock against the mattress, needing relief as he swallowed her nectar until she tried to shove him away with her knees from overstimulation. She felt so tight when he twisted his fingers to hit the perfect spot, and he couldn’t wait to fuck the shit out of her. When he gripped her hips, her skin ran hot. A light sheen of sweat coated them both and with one last kiss on her pussy, he knelt to peer expectantly at her.

“Bentley,” she groaned, her cheeks a rosy red, eyes heavy with animosity he chalked up to embarrassment at how hard she came, “what are you doing to me?”

He cupped both of her breasts, pinching the nipples until she cried out in pain. Lost in the illusion of her acceptance, he answered without an ounce of doubt, “I’m making you love me.”

* Clover *

Bentley. Was. Insane.

She had no love for the psycho who kidnapped her, but… something changed between them.

The night he allowed her to say his name, and he’d made her come so many times she eventually passed out, there was a shift. He hadn’t wanted sex either, only giving her pleasure. Having his mouth, hands and persuasive voice penetrate her for hours on end cracked her defenses even more.

He hurried her down to the cold cell the next afternoon, and she had panicked, thinking she was being punished before he kissed her, claiming he had a business meeting. He left her there all day until dinner time where he took her up to his room for a shower and gave her a high-end sparkly green dress which covered her arms and fell to her knees. For the first time since waking up underground, she felt a semblance of comfort. Was that his intention?

“Thank you, sir,” she said after putting it on, “It’s beautiful.”

Beaming at her gratitude, he wrapped her in a hug. He was always touching her now, and she found she didn’t mind it anymore. Loneliness and solitude, a sneaky bitch. His constant presence was a norm she preferred over the other men prowling the hallways. Kyrell had leered at her after serving her a sandwich at lunchtime, and she’d kept her mouth shut, fearing he would return her to the dog cages if she mouthed off.

“You look amazing Jade,” he groaned into her hair, “Let’s go.”

My fucking name is Clover!

He held her hand, leading her slowly through the house, “Sir, is this your home?”

“No. We’re moving soon. I planned on discussing with you later tonight.”

She silently nodded, figuring leaving meant a chance of escape. Looking up at Bentley’s contented face as he unlocked the dining room, ushering her in, she wondered how he would take her betrayal. Somehow, they’d reached a mutual understanding of each other’s no-go zones and although she knew he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt her if she misspoke, she could see why the other women never fought when he lost his shit. As long as she behaved, Bentley treated her like a queen.

“No need for restraints, right?” he winked as if they shared an inside joke about those goddamn awful zip-ties.


She sighed in agitation, “No, sir.”

“Good girl. Lose the tone, though.”

“Sorry, hungry I suppose.” She lied.

His lips brushed her forehead before he sat, “I picked up a chocolate cake for dessert. Maybe I’ll lick frosting off your tits.”

“Ewww, messy!” she rolled her eyes at his excitement.

Emmett interrupted their banter, bringing Reese and Alisha in to dine. She searched for Polly, but Bentley leaned over, confiding she moved in with her new Sir. Down to two then, she shivered, afraid of her own fate if she stepped out of line. Reese watched her with clear hatred in her wide blue eyes as if reading her mind. No matter how much she tried to mask her true emotions, she couldn’t completely suppress how she loathed the situation.

“Eat ladies,” Bentley commanded once everyone received a meal of bland chicken and vegetables. Except for Sir, who once again cut into a juicy steak. “Jade, what kind of music do you like?”

She didn’t hesitate to answer, although she caught Reese’s hurt sulk when he ignored her obvious tries to gain his attention, “I’m a 90s chick B — sir.”

“Kurt Cobain? Pearl Jam?”

She wrinkled her nose, “I guess, throw in some Tupac and Salt-N-Pepa and I’ll dance for hours.”

He chuckled, a lock of inky hair falling onto his forehead. Without thinking, she reached over and swept it back. He met her startled eyes with a lusty stare-off, smirking when her cheeks pinked.

“You fucking bitch!” Reese jumped to her feet.

Kyrell, Emmett, and even Bentley were too slow as she snatched up his discarded knife then with cat-like reflexes, shot over the table. Clover had no time to process what happened until her chest burst with a pain so intense, she collapsed from the chair onto the floor.

“Fucking shit!” Bentley shouted, “Get that whore under control! Jade! Oh. fuck… there’s so much blood. Bring the car around! Now!”

The room exploded in chaos, and she screamed in agony. Red seeped through the dress, turning the forest green color black as her life force raced out. She thought of Mason and how happy they’d been before Bentley grew obsessed with her, hoping he didn’t blame himself if she died.

“Stay with me, Jade,” Bentley scooped her into his arms, “Don’t you dare leave me now.”

She lost consciousness fighting against his hold, praying he wouldn’t bury her somewhere no one would find her body as Reese forewarned.

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