Love Meets You part 2

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* Mason *

The ringtone he assigned Dash Langley woke Mason out of a deep sleep where he dreamed he and Clover were swimming in the ocean.

Why did you follow me? I thought you hated open bodies of water?”

She grinned, bright and confident, “My fears have no power over me. Not anymore.”

You are brave,” he went to cut through the murky depths to embrace her, only a rogue wave swelled, taking her further away, “Come back! Fight!”

Her long red hair was the last thing he saw right before she sank from sight.

With a groan, he groggily sat up, fiddling with the phone in the dark.

“Got a hit,” Dash’s somber voice eradicated all traces of fatigue, “twenty-five-year-old female matching Clover’s description was admitted to Tucker Memorial about an hour ago.”

“What the hell happened to her?” Mason switched on the bedside light then hurried to the closet to dress.

“I was told she sustained a chest wound.”

“Fuck! Where are you?”

“Just pulling into long-term parking. I’m assessing the situation before you do anything stupid.”

“I’ll be there in twenty,” he promised, “Keep her safe until I get there.”

He’d been beside himself for weeks. Clover’s disappearance made him reckless and his business suffered because he spent all his time hounding Dash and scouring the city for Bentley’s shady operation. As he drove through the nearly empty streets, he wondered why Bentley had allowed her to receive medical attention knowing they would identify her.

It didn’t matter, he’d kill Bentley with his bare hands if he attempted to kidnap his girlfriend again.

He did a half-ass parking job outside the busy emergency entrance before rushing to the information center, texting Dash his location. He tried to ask the stoic nurse about Clover, but they swore no one with that name was in their system. Of course not, Bentley wasn’t dumb.

“Mason,” Dash yanked him from the desk before they kicked him out, “Calm down. Listen to me, come here,” he pulled him in front of a vending machine, “Bentley’s not here, but I believe one of his handlers stuck around. Take a look.” Holding up his cell for Mason to examine the picture, he kept an eye out.

Mason thought he recognized the large man, but wasn’t sure, “He looks familiar. Wait, he was all over Clover at a festival. The asshole planned to snatch her before we dated!”

“Clover’s in surgery, but will sic someone on this guy. The medical staff’s keeping her secure. Keep a cool head and let me work this out. Okay?” Dash gave his shoulder a meaningful squeeze.

Mason ran his fingers through his hair, feeling useless and crazy with the need to make certain Clover remained protected, “I understand.”

“You gotta go.”

“I’m not leaving her!” he growled, “She’s probably scared out of her mind!”

“If he sees you, it’s over. Bentley knows you might show up, and so will this fuckhead. We can’t let him ghost before finding out where they’re hiding. I promise I’ll text you every ten minutes if you just get the fuck out of here.”

It was the hardest thing he ever had to do, but he went back to his car. He found an all-night diner close to the hospital, settling in with black coffee and a lot of prayers.

* Bentley*

Bentley could slit Reese’s throat. She ruined everything! There weren’t enough tears in her little body to make up for what she did. He watched Jade bleeding out on the dining room floor as he made the only decision his fucked up ego deemed acceptable.

Saving her life.

If it had been anyone else, he would have dug a grave in the woods. Instead, he carried Jade to the car then hid in the shadows of a deserted building on the outskirts of town waiting for paramedics to arrive. She remained unconscious the entire time. When they took over caring for his Jade Dragon, he headed back sending messages for Kyrell to drive to Tucker City to watch over Jade and for Emmett to string up Reese.

Emmett was now staring at him, awaiting instructions as always. Reese whimpered from her kneeling position in the discipline room.

“You’re done,” Bentley glared at the girl. She had a ball-gag in her mouth because nothing she had to say he wanted to hear, “I should have sold you months ago, but you seemed useful. Obedient. But you aren’t, are you Reese?”

Snot and tears streaming down her face. She shook her head so hard fluids flew, landing on the ground. Bentley didn’t blink or show compassion. She was a conniving whore who had tried to kill the only woman worthy of his twisted devotion.

“What did you think would happen when you abused my trust to harm my property?” he knew the answer. She thought he’d return to her bed, “You are not mine. You never were Reese. When your punishment’s over, I don’t want to EVER see you again.”

She cried harder, but he nodded to Emmett, who slid the bullwhip over his palms.

Bentley walked away, not bothering to close the door. Let Alisha learn what happens when someone messes with what was his. He ran a hand over his face, phoning Kyrell, who should be with his girl by now.

He wondered if he shouldn’t expedite Alisha’s sale. Once doctors stitched up Clover and Kyrell brought her back, it would be the perfect time to leave the country. They’d be happy on the sands of his private island. She’d convalesce in paradise while their love flourished.

“She’s doing bloody well boss,” Kyrell chirped, “We can get her out of here tomorrow. Night security will be easy to sway.”

He licked his lips, glaring at his blood-stained shirt, “No flags? Eyes?”

“Mason? Nah. What’s the plan?”

“Keep out of sight and I’ll contact the buyers. Text me when you settle the details.”

“Got it. And, boss, you were right about Reese.”

He ended the call with fury coursing through his veins. Why had he dismissed Reese’s testy behavior thinking it correctable if he distanced himself? Jumping into the shower to wash off the dried blood, his mind replayed how she jammed the knife into Jade’s chest. In any other situation, it would impress him, but the dumb bitch would suffer for her reckless actions.

He put on sweats and a shirt then headed to his office to check in on Alisha. The images on the screen caught him by complete surprise. Alisha’s cell was empty, and Emmett laid unconscious on the floor.

He raced downstairs and checked Emmett’s pulse. The man groaned and opened his eyes, then seeing Bentley’s fist fly to his gut, he tried to avoid it but wasn’t fast enough.

What. The. Hell. Happened?” Bentley shouted so loud it echoed down the corridor.

Emmett coughed, clutching his midsection, “S… she convulsed, so I untied her. Before I realized she faked a seizure, she kicked me in the balls, grabbed the spreader bar, clocking me in the head. I think she took my keys.”

“Get up,” he snapped, running upstairs.

The front door was wide open and the evening wind laughed at him. Two. He had lost two pets on Emmett’s watch. He stalked back to the office and pulled out a 9mm.

“Boss,” Emmett looked wrecked, “Wait! Grant can patrol the woods. I’ll track them in the car. It’s been maybe ten minutes and they don’t have shoes.”

He pointed the gun at the idiot’s head but hesitated. Kyrell was gone, and he needed the help, “Find them. Alisha will come back, she’s that trained, but Reese won’t.”

Emmett didn’t bother with words as he dashed out the house, knowing he literally just dodged a bullet. What a cluster fuck. Could his night get any worse?

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