Love Meets You part 2

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* Bentley *

~Bentley age 9~

Dad, it’s so quiet here. Why couldn’t mom come?” He asked, but had seen his dad lead his mother into the basement before they left home, where she sometimes disappeared for days, and he went hungry because he hadn’t learned to cook yet.

His father huffed in annoyance, unloading the last of the supplies they brought to the middle of nowhere cabin. “Stop being a pussy, son. It’s time you become a man.”

Are we hunting? Trevor and his dad only hunt during the fall. It’s summer! Can I swim the creek?” he’d gotten excited catching sight of the water through the woods on the drive there.

A palm to the face shut off his incessant questioning. He withheld tears, dragging his feet to follow Kent Jarvis into the log cabin. There were two rooms, one a bathroom, the other a bedroom only big enough for a folding cot with an old footlocker situated at the end. The kitchen contained a rickety table with three chairs and a free-standing sink. No fridge. He looked around, skeptical of his surroundings until he spotted two stainless steel animal cages tucked into a corner next to a large fireplace. One was covered and a low whimper emanated from inside, causing chills to erupt on his arms.

Dad?” he whispered, “What’s going on?”

Kent laughed boisterously, striding over to rip the thin checkered blanket off the occupied crate, revealing a small naked girl a few years older than him with copper-colored hair and scared green eyes. For several long seconds, they stared at each other before his dad lumbered over and punched him in the belly. He dropped to his knobby knees. He swallowed his grunts of pain, used to abuse, but the girl screamed in his defense.

Leave him alone! Let me out!” she demanded. With one sharp glance from Kent, she cowered as far back in the enclosure as possible.

Time for you to learn how our family has made our fortune. You’re the fourth generation, and I’ll tell you what my father said to me, you’ll stay here until she’s your complete willing slave. I’ll teach you how to bend women to your will until you are the only person they’ll ever want or need.”

What?” tears rolled down his cheeks, not understanding what was happening, “Who is she? I can’t hurt her!”

WHACK! “Do what I say, or your whore of a mother will never see the light of day again.”

Kent stomped outside, leaving him with the crying girl. He shuffled on his sore knees until pressed against the cold metal. The red-head peered at him through parted fingers, her tiny body shivering.

Don’t worry,” he sniffed as blood dripped from his nose, searching for the latching mechanism, “I’ll get you out!”

She came a little closer, her budding breast a distraction he couldn’t take his eyes off. He’d never seen a naked lady before. Embarrassed, he quit looking and growled in frustration at not being able to open the cage.

I want to go home,” she whimpered, “Don’t let him hurt me.”

I won’t!” he swore, locking eyes with her. Such pretty ones, too. Innocent. Green as the forest outside. “My name’s Ben. It might take a while, but I promise you’ll be home soon. Will you trust me?”

She took her time responding, and he thought of his mom. Mom was well-liked and sweet. She never raised her voice and always listened to dad, even if he sometimes punished her. Would it be so bad if Emma learned the same?

Her tinkling tone wrapped around his heart when she finally replied, “I’m Emma. Okay. We’ll escape together.”

He smiled, tangling their fingers when her dainty pinky slipped through the small wires, “Sure. Together.”

“Fuck!” Bentley threw off sleep, as the memories of the first time his father gave him a slave haunted him once more. Emma never went home, and he never escaped his sadistic, abusive father until he died from a massive heart attack when he was twelve.

Emma wouldn’t stop fighting for freedom, and he caved to Kent’s demands, never helping her escape. Kent dragged her into the woods the day before they left, her young body beaten almost beyond recognition by that point. Every year they would return to that small shack upstate, and every year his father murdered the girls he painstakingly chose to teach Bentley lessons. His dad would be proud if still alive. After the misunderstanding in college, he perfected what his forefathers began.

The cabin he used as a safe house in bum-fuck nowhere was screwing with his head, reminding him why Clover… Jade caught his attention. Fate brought another scrappy redheaded to play with, and this time he’d get it right. He worked on filling their new home with her favorite stuff, although hard to do since the area only hosted three gas stations and two seedy motels. He drove there directly after placing cameras inside Jade’s apartment while she recuperated in the hospital.

For months he held back, patiently waiting for a fresh shot at Jade. The FBI had withdrawn their resources protecting his dragon, and he remained watchful. Surprisingly, Grant never pinged on their list of suspects and he employed him to slip little notes to Reese in the mail, promising her Sir still protected her. Cared and would embrace her crazy ass with open arms after her stint in the nuthouse. He needed every asset available to snare his prey.

The night before Reese’s release, he picked up a blonde in another town and had her blow him in the front seat of his truck as he observed Mason finger-fuck his girl on her sofa from the wire-less transmission on his cell. The whore didn’t appreciate his rough treatment, assuming he was getting off on porn while she choked on his load. He snapped her neck, dumping her remains where animals were most likely to find her before people.

Grant sent Reese strict instructions to go to her mom’s place and lie low for two weeks, then he would come for her. Psychiatrists must have had a field day trying to reason with Reese’s devotion to Bentley. He could have told them it was because her father had been beating and fucking her since she was ten or that her mother turned to vodka instead of child services, but what did he know?

Pacing inside his one-room haven on the outskirts of the town he was lying low in, he spied on Jade talking on the phone, once more cursing the lack of audio. She wore a tight short set his hands itched to remove. He missed the curve of her hips. The way she bit her lip when his tongue tickled that sweet spot. She smiled, almost looking right at the camera hidden under a hanging frame. Mason was a stupid fuck, thinking Bentley wouldn’t plan ahead.

The day after he snuffed the bar-bunny, his contact in G&T Corp told him Mason arranged to take Jade on a week-long trip to the mountains for a little romantic R&R. Perfect. It was like fate agreed she was supposed to be with him, not Mason fucking Thistle.

Bentley pulled out his disposable phone, texting Grant where to drop Reese when the time came. He had to leave in the next few days to cultivate his trap.

He planned on crushing Mason’s world once and for all, making Jade his forever.

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