Love Meets You part 2

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* Clover *

“Tell me something stupid you did as a kid.”

She smiled at Mason from across the table. He insisted they dine at one of his fancy-schmancy restaurants, even buying her a slinky green dress the same color of her eyes along with Jimmy Choo heels Aurora squealed like a madwoman over. Sadly, Aurora has huge feet.

“Once, in seventh grade, I had a crush on this boy who never stopped talking about his Border Collie. He was obsessed, so I thought if I made friends with his pet, he’d finally notice me. One day after school I followed him home, sticking around after he left for baseball practice, planning on playing with the dog in his yard. Turns out, the damn thing was a ginger hater and I ended up running away with the bottom of my jeans in that mutt’s jowls.”

He laughed so hard the other patrons gave him prissy glares, “Well, that certainly was reckless. What did the boy do?”

“Oh, he told everyone at school they better not mess with his dog or they’d end up in deep shit,” she scoffed, “He thought I came over to steal that mongrel.”

Mason grinned as he picked up his wine glass, “Ginger hating mutt, huh? Sorry, babe.”

“You’re lousy at faking sympathy, babe. Okay, what about you?”

“Me? I’m perfect.”

“Uh-huh,” she pursed her lips, “I’ll be sure to ask your folks about that.”

He winked, “You’ll have to drag them out of the ocean first. They’re floating somewhere near Greece, last I heard.”

“Both of our parents are captivated by the sea, aren’t they?” she mused, “I bet they are super proud of you.”

“Why, because I invent sensation and perception gadgets?”

“I read about SENSES. When can I play with one?”

His bronze orbs darkened with lust, “When we’re on vacation. It was going to be a surprise.”

“Surprises are underrated. When you and Peter were in college was it your goal to make sex toys?”

Mason shifted in his seat, “You’re hilarious. The initial testing we did with our boys overseas with their wives came back all positive. Also, we’ve put quite a bit of R&D into artificial limbs.”

“Sure, with dildos attached, right?”

He cracked an adorable smile, and she wanted to kiss him. “No. Are we done here, because you’ve gotten me inappropriately hard, Miss McBride?”

She widened her eyes, “We can’t have that. Should I tell you about the time I walked into a threesome in a club bathroom and nearly joined them when I noticed it was the lead singer of a popular band?”

“Seriously?” he growled, clenching his square jaw.

Laughing, she stood, “Come on Mr. Thistle, I’ve had enough Cote De Veau.”

He smirked, holding her hand, “At least you pronounced it correctly. See, I knew you’d enjoy it.”

In the car, she exhaled, “I love trying new things with you, but I don’t need the extravagance of it all. I still—”

“Clover,” he huffed, exasperated at the conversation they seemed to have almost every other day, “It’s not an issue caring for you. You can never work again for all I care.”

“Well, I do!” she shot back, “I’m only twenty-five Mason. I want to do something with my life besides being the girlfriend of a rich man.”

“Is that all I am?” he was trying to be cute. It worked, because fighting with him after such a pleasant evening was a waste of energy.

“Arm candy? No. You’re too good looking and smarter than most. Oh, and a proficient pussy licker.”

He pumped a fist in the air like a dork, “Goals, babe.”

When they stumbled into her apartment, she already ripped his tie off and he had her dress bunched up to her waist. He groaned against her lips, pressing his thumb against her nub over her g-string. Panty lines were a no-no after all in a thousand-dollar gown he was now practically tearing in half.

“Hey!” she shrieked, dodging his hands, “Respect the dress!”

“Get naked,” he demanded, prowling after her, “So I can show off my skills.”

She shook with laughter, backpedaling while pulling the form-fitted garment over her head. He caught her, sending them tumbling to the hardwood floor. He kissed her exposed stomach as she finally wiggled the silky material off.

“You’re so fucking bull-headed,” he licked along the edges of her black bustier, “Move in with me. I want to wake up with you in the morning and feel this luscious ass against my dick at night.”

She squirmed on the cool flooring as his hot mouth lingered near her sex, “Seriously? You wanna talk about this now?”

“I’ll keep it up until you give in vixen,” he growled then tore her panties off with a swift tug, “In fact, I shouldn’t let you come until you agree.”

She pouted, using her shoulders to wiggle away. He gripped her hips, keeping her under his imposing body. “Maybe I won’t let you! Two can play that game!”

He chuckled, then sighed in defeat before yanking her from the floor. She peered into his guarded eyes, knowing it was time to tell him, “You win. I spoke to my landlord.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Really? When?”

“Yesterday,” she shyly announced, picking up her discarded clothes before heading to the bedroom, “I said I’d be out by the first.”

“After our trip?” An enormous smile overtook his handsome features.

She melted at how excited he looked, “Is that okay?”

He shoved her on the bed then buried his face in the crook of her neck, holding her tightly, “You drive me crazy, sweetheart. Have you always been stubborn?”

She giggled as his fingers began a slow crawl between her thighs, “You have no idea.”

“Oh, I do — I do,” he hissed in her ear, pinching her butt, “But for finally giving in I’ll give you a treat.”

She was fine with anything he wanted to do to her as she screamed his name so loud she was sure her neighbors would be glad to see her gone. Mason brought out the animal in her when he stuck his cock so deep inside her nothing in the world mattered.

He slammed into her from behind, tweaking her nipples until she shattered so hard he cursed over and over while slapping her ass until he too came within seconds of her. Panting, she fell forward with him falling nearly on top of her with the biggest shit-eating grin.

“You like spanking me too much,” she fake scowled.

“Hmm… the way you clamp down on my cock though,” he mumbled, face planted on the mattress.

She rolled over, curling into his side, “We aren’t using protection, Mason.”

He turned his head, giving her an earnest look, “Babe, I told you, you’re it for me.”

“You’re impossible! What if I get pregnant?”

“I hope it will be healthy and have your red hair.”

Tears of relief formed at how quick he responded, “Don’t be stupid, gingers are luckless.”

“Bullshit,” he gathered her in his arms, “In any case, I love you and we’ll handle whatever comes our way together, yeah?”

She kissed his lips, “Yeah. I love you too, even though you spank like a weakling.”

His eyes narrowed at her taunt, making her eat her words until the early hours of the morning.

* Mason *

Mason would never tire of watching Clover bend over. Here he was, trying to finish last-minute emails while she skipped around packing, bending from the waist like the tiny pair of shorts she wore hugging her perky ass wouldn’t turn him on.

“Clover,” he growled, unable to concentrate anymore.

Innocently, she turned her jade eyes to him over her shoulder, “What?”

“Did you buy those shorts like that or did they shrink?”

She swiveled around, placing a hand on her hip, “Are you calling me fucking fat?”

Lord help him. He tossed his laptop aside and stood, “I don’t have a death wish babe. No, you’re killing me with how delectable you look.”

She blushed cutely, “Oh… Then ignore me.”

“Impossible. Either go into another room or take them off.”

“You’re an animal!” she threw her hands up, “We leave in the morning and this is the last of it, plus Aurora will arrive soon.”

He reached out, yanking her flush against his chest, “I can’t wait to have you all to myself for an entire week. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, my ginger vixen.”

She smirked, “And my bikini?”

He got a semi imaging her scantily clothed, laid out on the beach for his wandering hands. “You should just get naked now.”

She wiggled in his arms, “Ugh, Aurora would give pointers if she walked in on us screwing.”

He chuckled, “She’s a freak,” he smacked her ass hard, making her jump, “All right, I’ll leave you ladies to it. I’m going home to pick up my bags.”

He observed how her eyes sparkled with joy instead of the despondent hurt they once carried before he left. It had taken a while, but she was healing. He liked to think he had a part in her recovery, but Clover was a remarkable woman, capable of anything she put her mind to.

At his place, he maneuvered between the boxes stacked in the open area of the hallway. His three-bedroom penthouse was large but contemplated if owning a house would be more practical. He knew Clover enjoyed the simpler things in life, and a home of their own in the suburbs sounded as normal as it got.

His cell pinged as he searched for his board shorts. He couldn’t remember a time he had been so excited for a vacation away from work.

Dash: They released Reese a few weeks ago.

Mason froze, staring at his phone like it would explain why he was just hearing the psychotic chick who tried to kill his girlfriend was on the loose. Sure, Dash had moved onto other jobs, but he promised to contact him if he caught wind of important changes. This was a big fucking upset.

He took calming breaths as he rang Dash. When he answered the man starting out with, “Don’t yell at me! Sorry, I dropped the ball and didn’t reach out sooner.”

Sooner?” he hissed with barely restrained fury, “How long has that little bitch been on the streets?”

“Almost two weeks. She’s holed up with her mother. That’s all I got. They gave her some medication and sent her on her merry way.”

“Clover and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Rolling Rock Hills. I have a cabin up there. Can you have someone shadow her?”

“Are you concerned she’ll go after Clover?”

He paced, the hatred Reese held for Clover in her blue eyes when they’d dumped her in that seedy motel room replaying in his mind. “I didn’t get where I am by ignoring problems with the hope they’ll solve themselves. Let’s keep tabs for a month.”

“It’s your dime. Have fun and hey, I’m really glad everything worked out. Some couples never bounce back.”

When Mason finished packing, he sat in his office finishing a few reports Peter deemed too significant to slide for his trip. SENSES was due to hit the market in the next month, and he was meticulous at ensuring nothing stood in the way of launching a new product.

When he arrived at Clover’s apartment a few hours later with a pizza, Aurora and Clover were sharing a bottle of wine, singing along with a 90s number about no scrubs. Amused, he kicked back to watch the show.

“Ah, the best advice ever sang,” Aurora breathlessly stated, going for the food, “Yum, thanks, Mason.”

Clover rested on the floor, leafing through a box of old CDs, “My mom started this collection and when I turned thirteen, she gifted them to me. It was the only real thing we bonded over. I’ve spent hours listening to these discs and nearly ruined something that gives me joy with one slip of the tongue. I had a terrible flashback, and Aurora thought song therapy would change it.”

He looked over at the dark-haired woman who mouthed Bentley, making him clench his fists. So far, Clover had gone days, even a week once, without a setback. He was curious though why music had anything to do with Bentley.

“Want to talk about it?” he maintained a casual tone.

She let out a puff of air, closing the container, “Just before Reese stabbed me, Bentley asked me what kind of music I liked. I know it’s stupid, but I don’t want my 90s box of awesome tainted by him.”

He leaned forward, hanging his forearms between his knees, “It’s not stupid and it won’t. Put on some damn tunes and dance for me, baby.”

Aurora snorted, holding her greasy slice high, “Shake it, girl. I’ll even wave some dollar bills.”

She threw him a dirty look, climbing to her feet. “You make me so mad sometimes.”

He laughed, “Ditto babe.” then he sobered thinking of Reese. He should tell them of her early release, but Clover still seemed upset. Fuck it. “Hey, I got some news.”

“Good or bad?” she narrowed her jade eyes.

“Depends on how you feel about Reese Colleran,” he muttered.

“Ugh,” she winced, “Wait… did they let her go or something?”

“Yes.” Better for her to hear it now, he decided then on their vacation. Selfish, but he already kept too many secrets from her.

He was shocked when she shrugged, “Hopefully, she had a breakthrough. She deserves freedom since Bentley almost stole it from her. She’s just a teenager, really.”

He nodded, rubbing the scruff on his face, “You amaze me, sweetheart. I’ve never met a more forgiving person in my life.” And he meant it. She was exceptionally empathetic, even to people who didn’t deserve her kindness.

She blushed in embarrassment, and he wished Aurora would get the hell out so he could screw Clover to the wall. Loving her was easy, but keeping his hands to himself a chore. Half an hour later Aurora took off, but his plans for sex went out the window when she complained of being tired from packing all day, so he put her to bed after a quick shower.

They left the apartment late the next morning because leaving without being inside of her before the long drive wasn’t an option. It was worth being stuck in traffic after the way she had let him stick a finger up her ass, preparing her for the real thing. He planned on fucking her until she cried mercy this week.

“How long did you say you’ve had this cabin?” she questioned as he slowed so they could take in the sight of Sunshine Lake below them as they climbed further up the mountain.

“Couple of years. I haven’t used it in ages, but a cleaning crew came out and my shopper filled the pantry for us.” he inhaled the fresh air, his body relaxed.

“Am I ever going to meet this mysterious buyer of yours?”

He grinned, recalling Paul’s excitement when he admitted to having a relationship with his former secretary. “Trust me, once you move in Paul will probably… snag you for a twenty-four-hour shopping spree. That man loves spending my money.”

“Paul?” she snorted, “I always assumed a woman picked out the clothes you bought me. He has fabulous taste.”

Mason almost said Paul would kidnap her. He constantly avoided trigger words. Angela had offered that bit of advice after he’d once told Clover how sweet her smile was one afternoon and she blew a gasket. Although he understood, sometimes tip-toeing around her issues made him bitter, fearing she would never get over what Bentley did to her.

“The countryside is so pretty,” she sighed dreamily.

He squeezed her hand, feeling the same contentment. When they reached his four-bedroom, three-bathroom cabin, Clover looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He loved how excited she was. With a squeal of joy, she snatched the key from his grip, oohing and aahing over the cathedral ceiling with exposed beams and large windows that frame the breathtaking view of flower fields leading a path out to the water. The kitchen and dining area were adjacent to each other with access to the rear deck.

“We need to come here every summer!” she exclaimed, nose to the glass, peering into the tree line, “It’s so peaceful. Can we explore?”

He smirked, “Yes, ma’am. Let’s unpack then go for a hike, yeah?”

She twirled, pecking his cheek before trying to dash off again. He tutted, yanking her back for a full-on tongue and teeth kiss that left them both breathless. She giggled, running to bring in the bags while he checked the house out. He was all for hiking down to the lake. Maybe they’d get naked in the woods. Nobody else was around for miles.

He wondered how many places he could convince Clover to fuck before the week was over.

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