Love Meets You part 2

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* Bentley *

Bentley didn’t trust Jade’s passive behavior. She’d become unusually quiet since finding out Mason concealed his marriage while carrying on an affair with her. Well, except for when he struck Pearl because she pissed him off. She mouthed off until Mason’s abrupt fall silenced her.

When the idiot tipped his chair over, landing with a grunt on his right side, he laughed. He warned the fool he’d leave him there. He readjusted a seething Pearl against the wall facing the bed, tired of these cunts believing they held influence over him because he got off on their pussy. Just because he loved Jade, it did not mean she would go unpunished for her transgressions.

Jade’s eyes widen in fear when he severed her binds with the blade he’d confiscated from Reese. She attacked him with her small fists as he tossed her onto the mattress. In the background, Mason flung useless threats. He pulled a short length of rope from his pocket, wrangling her flailing limbs until securing her arms behind her back. She kicked, but he wrapped his fingers around her throat, squeezing as he laid on her legs, cutting that shit out.

“Behave, pet,” he ordered, bringing their faces so close he inhaled every breath she exhaled, “I don’t care if you hate me right now. As soon as we take off and begin our lives, you’ll come to love me. We both know it’s inevitable.”

Something flashed beneath her dark lashes too quickly for him to interpret, but her color began turning blue, distracting his thoughts. He eased his grip, watching her gasp for oxygen. Still, those jade eyes tried to burn him to the ground, making him hard as fuck.

“Let them go,” she pleaded.

He tilted his head. Ah, here it comes. Would she trade herself for the others? He could lie to her, say they’d leave unharmed, but he refused to deceive her as Mason did. He was better than that piece of shit.

“No,” he said flatly.

She blinked several times, “Please… Sir?”

His heart soared at the respect she gave. He couldn’t wait to bring her to the house he prepared. Leaving the country was on hold for the foreseeable future, but he’d be able to keep her there indefinitely, and no one would ever again come between them. Someday she would forgive him for killing Mason.

He kissed her tear-stained cheek, frowning when she turned stiff as a board, “Why should I? What are you offering, pet? You’re very disobedient.”

He gloated at the desperation on her reddened face, in her voice when she begged, “I’ll do anything, sir. I’m sorry. I’ll be sweet and run away with you.”

“No!” Mason shouted, “Don’t, Clover!”

Predictable. “Are you certain?”

She softly sobbed, “Y-yes! I promise to be good!”

“Hmm… how can I trust you? Prove it. Kiss me.”

She wet her lips with her pert tongue before pressing them tentatively to his mouth. He grunted in satisfaction to torment Mason. One… Two… gently placed kisses along her jaw provoked the jealous nitwit to damn near lose his mind. He stroked her naked thigh until meeting her kneecap, forcing her leg to wrap around his hip. When she squirmed, her heated core bumped his raging hard-on.

Fuuuck… he waited a long time to feel her again. She was always responsive, even while boiling like a kettle about to blow. Her smoldering temper made him harder than stone. Steam all she liked. It wouldn’t alter their path.

“That’s it,” he murmured in her ear, grinning when she gulped, “Your body hasn’t forgotten its owner. I wonder, are you aching for me?” she whimpered, “Tell me, did you confess to Mason how many times you came for me before they ripped us apart? Should we pick up where we left off?”

“Leave her alone!” Mason’s growly tone resembled a feral animal, “I swear to God Bentley, I will end you! Clover… Baby, don’t agree to anything!

“S-stop!” she stuttered when his hand roamed the soft skin above her panties, “What do you want from me?”

“Will you suck me off, right here in front of Mason?”

Her jade eyes held him captive as he watched her quake in discomfort, “O-okay, sir. Just please don’t hurt anyone.”

Making no promises because he enjoyed how she begged so sweetly, he jumped off the bed in one fluid motion. To his surprise, she remained stationary, choking on her salty tears. He winked at her, going to where Pearl sat glaring up at him. He kept an eye on her as he hauled Pearl from the floor, depositing her by her husband. Mason was almost foaming at the mouth with fury. Perfect, now he knew what he experienced every time he dared to touch his Jade Dragon.

“Should I leave him on the ground, pet?” He pretended to think a moment, then lifted the heavy bastard upright. “Pearl, you’ve been awfully quiet. No loving greetings for your old man?”

“Screw you, Ben. If I had known you planned a kinky scene, I never would’ve told you his itinerary,” she gasped dramatically, holding up her left hand, “Asshole, you broke my nails!”

“Quit talking!” Mason seethed, “This isn’t a joke!”

She rolled her eyes. Bentley never understood how Mason fell for someone so vapid. He had attended their wedding, recognizing what a money-grubbing, cock hungry bitch she was. Still, she had become useful over the years when he needed information.

“He’s right,” he fake pouted at the clueless blonde, “I plan on killing you. Have anything to say now?”

She paled, “What? Knock it off.”

He picked up the discarded gag, debating if he should allow Mason the freedom of speech while he fucked Jade. Who’s heart would shatter more when she came on his dick? Jade or Mason? He turned to ask Pearl if she wanted to place a bet when he remembered Reese.

Where did that demented whore disappear to?

He clenched his fists in agitation. “Jade, can you keep sweet until I return? If you do, I’ll release one of them without harm.”

She shook either from fear or adrenaline, “Yes, sir. I’ll behave.”

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned, “Stay.”

With a last glare in Mason’s direction, he jogged through the hallway to find the wayward little bitch he should have killed back in West Wind. He thought bringing Reese would make Jade compliant, but witnessed the pure hate she felt for her. She threatened his careful planning. He should snap her scrawny neck. One less problem.

“Reese!” he shouted, “Come out now pet before I lose my patience.”

The cabin was quiet and dark. He flipped on a few lights as he made his way to the front door. Still locked, meaning she was inside. What was her game? Suddenly he knew. With a livid grunt, he hurried back to the master bedroom.

“I’ll kill you!”

Mason’s irate tone was so cliche, shouting his warning just before he tackled him. His amused thoughts ended when his head thumped off the floor. That devious cunt must have set him free! He jabbed his elbow into hard abs as they tussled. He looked up for a second, catching sight of Reese posed over Jade’s bound form, waving a wicked kitchen knife in the air.

Ignoring Mason’s fist connecting to his cheekbone, he reached for her. He lost his breath, receiving a knee to his solar plexus, and still the furious fucker came at him like the love of his life wasn’t about to die at the hands of a woman who tried once before to kill her.

I love her…

Can’t lose her…

Hold on Jade…

* Clover *

Mason had married… a fucking plastic.

She was unhealthily slim, blonde, and sooo stupid it hurt her ears listening to the shit spilling from her Botox lips. Marriage was literally the last guess she would have come up with when Bentley strutted around the place hinting at a big reveal. Whatever. It didn’t matter; Mason loved her, and nothing anyone did would separate them.

After Bentley manhandled her onto the bed, she bargained for the lives of Mason and his (gag) wife without hesitation. She sobbed, his wanton touch destroying months of therapy. Every poisonous word out of his mouth smashed the illusion she’d been immune to his warped charms. She avoided looking at Mason, hoping if she obeyed Bentley he would uphold his part of the deal to let them go.

When he left to get Reese, the first thing she did was scurry over to the unopened duffle bag on the floor in search of a weapon. Mason encouraged her to run while asking if there was anything sharp nearby. She panicked as the seconds ticked by and couldn’t find the right angle to unzip the bag with her hands bound behind her. The blood pumping through her veins made it impossible to think clearly. Bad timing because Reese popped up like a damn jack-in-the-box, slamming into her. A knife clattered, and she heard Mason’s chair topple over as she and Reese had it out.

There wasn’t much she could do to defend herself while tied up. But her will to live had the girl underestimating her capabilities. Clover saw Mason free himself before noticing Reese wielded another blade. Someone really needed to make sure the nut job never touched a sharp object again. The way she somehow pulled them out of thin air distracted her attention in the highly charged moment.

“I’m going to enjoy this you bitch!” Reese came at her high so she kicked low with her heels, catching her in the stomach, sending her flying.

She deftly spun onto her knees, using the momentum to stand on shaky legs. Within moments of doing so, Reese dive-bombed her, causing them both to land awkwardly on the mattress. She slashed the knife downward and Clover rolled as far away as possible against the headboard to avoid injury.

A manly roar sounded just before Reese flew off the bed. What the fuck? Bentley tossed her across the room! Then Mason was on Bentley, throwing punch after punch until Bentley got the upper hand, uppercutting Mason’s jaw.

Kill him!” she screamed, egging her boyfriend on when he surged to his feet.

“Ah, pet,” Bentley wiped at his bloody lip while the men eyed each other, “Don’t worry, I plan on it.”

Arrogant bastard!

“I despise you!” she seethed.

Then there was a battle cry of a very pissed off Reese, jumping on her back, arms wrapping around her neck in a chokehold. She fell clumsily while the crazy bitch continued to choke her out. She hissed, a biting pain lancing her arm. The knife! She head-butted her while fumbling for the blade, not caring how many cuts her flesh met as she sliced at the restraints. Her oxygen level dropped fast. She managed to shift the sharp side under a piece of rope, grinning when the rough material slipped off her wrist. With all her strength, she thrust her body forward, taking Reese with her. They tumbled to the ground where the guys were still beating the shit out of each other.

Run Clover!”

She didn’t hesitate to obey Mason, tearing down the hallway of the cabin like her clothes were on fire. Reese screeched in frustration, her footsteps pounding right behind her. Instead of trying the front door, she veered off to the dining room, intending to go out the back. She threw open the slider, making it down to the grassy lawn.

She landed with an oomph amid the wildflowers when Reese tackled her. The pain didn’t register as the fury she repressed for months shifted to the psychotic freak plaguing her mortality.

I’m not tied up now, you fucking bitch!” Clover spat after finding her footing.

Reese planted her shoes in the grass, clenching her hands as they sized each other up.

She caught her breath as Reese glared at her. The moon was high, clouds obscuring the full crescent. How incidental were her thoughts to realize it was the end of the month and the soft glow illuminating them was a blessing?

Clover had to help Mason! There was no way she would leave him at the mercy of Bentley, so she asked, “Why are you doing this? I don’t want Bentley! He’s sick! I love Mason! Don’t you see how he’s poisoned your mind?”

Reese came at her like a silent tornado, all fists, and feet until they hit the dirt. Clover lost herself in memories of every so-called punishment and unwanted touch Bentley caused, releasing her outrage until the girl no longer moved. When she crawled from where she’d straddled her to land harder punches, she let out a high-pitched sob, not even remembering how she won against someone fueled with as much hate and suppressed shame as her.

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