Love Meets You part 2

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* Mason *

Clover shut herself in the master bedroom — again.

A month passed since they rid themselves of Bentley Jarvis and still, she continued to hide from him. He had a hard time approaching her lately, wondering why she didn’t seek him out. Although, she had just returned from seeing her psychiatrist so was probably upset.

His divorce from Pearl finalized a week ago, and when he spread the good news, Clover simply nodded in acknowledgment, resuming her research on how to pick up her college courses. He hadn’t expected her to throw a party, but her passive behavior irked him.

He left his office door open in case she needed to talk. She never came. He tried forming some normalcy in their relationship now that they lived together. He sent her flowers if he worked late and took her out on the weekends. But she wasn’t like other women who would accept his gifts and spare time with understanding. No, she’d smile while letting the blossoms wilt and would disappear with Aurora when they had plans to go out. The growing indifference in those jade eyes isolated him better than a physical wall. The lack of intimacy didn’t bother him as much as her quietness. He was losing her slowly, and it was unacceptable.


He stood, storming through the penthouse until he found her gazing out of the wall to wall skylights in the formal dining area. He paused to take her in. She wore a black dress that hung off of one shoulder with brown boots, her hair pulled back into a low ponytail. Her understated beauty blew him away, and a familiar possessiveness overrode his typical unruffled demeanor. Only Clover made his head explode at the thought of another possessing her.

She must have sensed him because she turned, her mouth in a flat line. They stared at each other for a few seconds before she asked, “What are you doing home?”

He frowned, stepping closer, “Are you okay?”

She stepped backward, pressing her ass to the glass, “Not even a little. I need to tell you something.”

He crossed his arms, “I’m listening.”

“Well, I’m pregnant.”

Mason couldn’t withhold his grin on hearing the announcement. Fuck, he had wanted to hear those words since the first time he fired a load into her bareback. He yanked her to his chest, dipping to kiss her, but she swung her head away.

“Aren’t you happy?” he demanded, “We said we’d handle whatever came, and I’m fucking ecstatic.”

She shot him a confusing look he couldn’t read. He held onto her tighter, mentally willing her to show any sort of emotion. She’d been like a ghost after what happened at the cabin. He got it. He did. They killed three people, but they were monsters! The world was better off without them, and he slept sound at night knowing his girl was safe.

“Talk for fuck’s sake!” he shook her shoulders, “What the fuck is your problem? Huh? We’re not leaving this room until you speak up!”

“I liked killing Reese!” she shouted.

His hold dropped. That… that wasn’t what he expected her to say.

He took a deep breath slowly asking, “What does that have to do with our baby?”

Clover screwed her eyes shut, wrapping her arms around her waist. When she opened them after composing herself, the sparkling darkness shining through her jade orbs caused his skin to prickle. “Everything, Mason. I can’t tell Angela what we did, but that has shit all to do with how I feel.”

“What we did doesn’t make you a bad person. Reese would have kept coming for you. She had some sick fascination with Bentley and blamed you when he rejected her. Do you understand the danger she represented?”

“Yes! I would do it again and… I hope Kyrell comes out of the woodwork so I can kill him too.”

He relaxed the longer she spoke, “Babe, I’ll help you do exactly that when he’s caught. What’s the real issue?”

Her smirk made his dick stir, “I’m worried his or her mom and dad are only too thrilled to murder those who wrong them — damn the consequences. We’re a horror show. That’s what I was thinking when I found out the results yesterday.”

Mason closed the distance between them, smashing his lips down on hers. “So what? Any fuckhead stupid enough to mess with our family deserves our brand of punishment,” he breathed in her sweet vanilla scent, “Do you honestly care how bloody our hands will become if pushed too far?”

“No,” she whispered, “As long we do it together.”

He shuddered, the truth of her hushed confession going straight to his cock, “Never doubt I won’t be by your side. I want you, sweetheart.”

She clung to his shirt, “Then take me.”

He maneuvered her up against the window, yanking her dress up to finger her tight pussy. There was nothing underneath, and he growled with the knowledge she had been running around with no panties.

“You’re in trouble,” he snarled, turning her to face the outside, “Did you give our poor driver an eyeful?”

He had hired a full-time chauffeur and security, but she hated not having her own wheels. Little did she know, he already purchased a BMW for her. It was being bulletproofed and trackable since he was a prominent public figure. Her safety was a priority after nearly losing her... twice.

“Maybe!” she mocked his jealousy, “Does it matter when I only get wet for you?”

“Such a fucking tease. Stay still!” He slapped her round ass.

Clover placed her palms against the cool glass, tilting her head so he could bite her sensitive neck. She loved it when he nibbled on her ear. He would make damn sure she never stonewalled him again.

Without warning, he picked her up, draping her across the sleek silver surface of their dining room table situated under an ostentatious chandelier. He shoved aside the matching black leather chair, admiring her curvy form stretched out for his perusal. The twenty-seater took up a lot of space, and they had yet to use it. Feasting on his girl was a useful platform for the excessive piece.

“Tell me you’re happy we’re having a kid,” he spread her thick thighs open to see she was dripping for him.

“I’m happy.”

He glanced up at her heart-shaped face, his pulse spiking at the massive grin stretching her rosy cheeks. He leaned forward, kissing the shit out of her. She fumbled with his sweats, pulling them down along with his briefs.

“Slow down, babe,” he chuckled, although he loved the way her eyes lit up while eyeing his sprung erection.

He bent, sweeping his tongue through her slit, grinning when she whimpered. So wet and warm. He flicked her hardened clit, pushing her legs further apart, tenderly kissing her trembling thigh before diving in once more. He ate her out with gusto, his grip unyielding while she moaned and writhed above him. A light sheen of sweat coated them both from his furious tongue-fucking. He lifted to watch her blissful expression, sticking two fingers deep and twisting up, pulsing on her sweet spot.

She sucked in air, “Ah, no!” her scarlet hair spilled over the side of the table as she thrashed, “Too much! It’s too much!”

“You can take anything I give you,” he grunted, then nibbled on her clit while pumping his fingers in her slick heat with unrestrained hunger.

“Yes! Yes, Massson!”

She came with a loud screech, gushing into his mouth and he pumped his leaking cock with his free hand because every time she cried his name it drove him nuts. He swiped his pre-cum onto her slack lips, watching through hooded lids as she licked the evidence off with a sated smile.

Such a beautiful temptress.

Sliding his length along her folds, coating himself in her wetness, he growled, “I should punish you. We promised to not lie or hide from each other, and you did both.”

“I’m sorry!” she gasped. He spanked her soaked pussy with the palm of his hand. “Ahh! I-I didn’t know how to tell you I dream of killing people who hurt me! How I think up ways to end their vile lives in the most painful way possible!”

“Yeah?” he tapped the tip of his dick against her reddened nub, “You just did. See how easy that was? Now, how hard should I fuck you?”

She shifted impatiently under him, “Harder than you ever have.”

Slowly he entered her, relishing how her pussy drew him in. He pulled her dress off, unclasping her bra so he could bite her heaving tits. She yelped, grabbing his ass, trying to take control. He slapped her hands away, holding them to her sides.

He slammed into her, making her let loose that cute little moan which never failed to make him greedy for more. Always more. Rougher and faster he fucked her, tilting her hips so he had the perfect leverage to pound her into oblivion. She arched her back, and he cupped the front of her throat, lightly squeezing. He felt her shudder as her velvety walls fluttered around his cock.

He tightened his hold, “You’re forever mine now, Clover. My baby is in you. Mine.

“Mason! Shit, yes!”

Slowing his movements, he took a moment to appreciate her complete faith in his rough handling. Other women would grow anxious if he threatened their breathing. Not his vixen. She reveled in his touch, opening herself wider for his depravity. When she egged him on, demanding he fuck her like she broke all the rules, it was easy to deliver. She pissed him off for an entire month and his grip would no doubt leave bruises.

“You’re so bullheaded,” he hissed, picturing her months from now, her soft belly swollen with his child. He placed a hand on her abdomen asking, “You have me wrapped around your finger. How?”

“Must be my dazzling personality,” she giggled, her red strands sticking to the silvery surface beneath her, “Might be this figure-eight body you refuse to hammer into next week. What’s wrong, old man? Need a minute to catch your breath?”

“That fucking mouth,” he pinched her nipple, and she moaned, “If you’re still able to talk, I’m slacking.”

He yanked her off the tabletop, bending her at the waist before slamming balls deep. She cried out from the new angle, but he didn’t wait for her to adjust, pushing her head down. Getting lost in her voluptuous body, he struggled to stave off his impending orgasm but she matched every pulse of his hips with her own and before he knew it, his nuts drew up and he exploded, rooted to the hilt while choking her from behind. He exhaled a harsh gasp when she stiffened and clamped down, signaling she’d come again. He grinned, watching his cum trail down her thigh when he dragged his spent cock out of her snug hole.

Bentley tried forcing Clover into being his partner in crime — but she was his.

His willing accomplice.

There was nothing she could do or say that would drive him away, and it was time they hashed it all out. She was pregnant with his kid, and he already met with a renowned jewelry designer about her wedding ring set.

“I love you,” he kissed her flushed cheek, unwinding himself from her languid form. When she sat up, he pulled her close until his nose brushed hers, “Listen to me. We’re a team. Stop withhold shit from me or we’re going to have a real fucking problem my addiction for your scrappy ass can’t fix.”

She sighed, grabbing her discarded dress, “Sheesh… Got it.”

He jerked her against his chest, “So sassy, even after a hard fuck,” she smirked, “Take a shower and meet me in my office. My lawyer needs to be apprised of our wonderful news.”

She kissed him slowly but deeply, “I love you too.”

He’d make sure she earned her revenge while ensuring her loyalty. As long as they kept their blood lust low-key, they were indivisible.

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