Love Meets You part 2

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* Bentley *

Dinner went well, he mused, checking on the others through the monitors in his office. Clover was a smart woman, biding her time until she figured a way out. He loved the spark of defiance in her wide jade eyes. He knew it would only be a matter of days before he had her caged, scrounging for scraps of kindness.

They always begged so sweetly.

“Mr. Y’s set to receive Polly on Friday. He won’t budge on the meeting place though,” Emmett brought his attention to the men seated around him. “Mr. J insists on inspecting Delia before payment, which I explained isn’t your usual accord.”

His eyes returned to watching Clover pace next to her bed, although there wasn’t a hint of light for her to navigate the space. Night vision cameras captured her blistering rage, and he adjusted his growing erection under the desk. “Mr. Y wants to meet in the city, but I’m stuck here because of my latest acquisition. I’ll consider it, but Mr. J’s a repeat, so if he makes the journey here we’ll accommodate him. Dinner and a show.”

“Are you sure you want him and his people to see our operation?” Kyrell sounded skeptical.

He shot him a glower, “Set it up for next week. Tell him to only bring two men and he has to surrender all recording devices and weapons as customary. I don’t plan on being here much longer. Once the Meet Sweets are collected, we’ll go on vacation.”

Emmett hooted, “Can’t wait to hit the beach. Got plans for Clover? I thought she was gonna spit that soup all over Ky here.”

Kyrell smirked, “The bird was too hungry for that besides the fact she nearly pissed herself after you punished them.”

“Clover’s none of your concern,” Bentley growled, silencing their bickering, “Get out.”

Kyrell and Emmett were used to Bentley’s curt dismissals, scattering throughout the house but remaining nearby in case he needed them. He hated how Kyrell stared at Clover as if he regretted not getting between her thighs all those weeks ago while he fed her, but showing favoritism in front of the Sweetswould have derailed months of training.

He watched Polly play with her hair, whispering something he couldn’t make out. Delia was lying on a thin mattress on the floor, doing her imitation of a manikin. Alisha had taken off her dress, using it to rest on since her owner specified he wanted her cell fitted with heat and hard dirt. Reese flitted around her own room, similar to the one Clover occupied, singing off-key. She had become a perfect model of what his customers came to expect from his life’s work. He frowned, worried she was becoming attached.

He headed to Reese’s chamber, stopping to instruct Kyrell to spend time with Delia, explaining her ghost eyes were a no-no. Even in private, his teachings had to be their mantra. A constant ringing in their ears, never forgotten to remind them of their new position in the world.

At the feet of their masters.

Reese beamed at him when he entered, slipping to her knees quickly. “Hello sir,” she purred, “Thank you for dinner.”

He stood over her petite form, hands behind his back, “Where do you live Reese?”

Her forehead crinkled in confusion, “I live with sir.”

“No, where do you live?”

Her slight frame shook, and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling. “I don’t understand, sir. Aren’t I obedient? Sweet? If I deserve punishment… I — I’m sorry, but welcome it.”

“When you continued living with your parents after high school, praying daddy didn’t drink too much, did you regret not moving into the dorms at TCU? Or were you afraid your friends would discover your dirt secret?”

Her blue eyes shined, “Please…”

“Your father left for New York yesterday, leaving your poor mother behind. Would you like me to find out if they’re still searching for you, Reese?”

Tears fell down her pretty face, and he knew she wasn’t broken… yet. “No. No, I’m perfectly happy with you, sir.”

“So you claim,” he hummed, leaning casually against the wall, “It’s time for you to serve another.”

“No!” she cried, tiny hands cupping her wobbling chin. He loved messing with her head as much as he enjoyed shoving his cock down her throat, “I’ll be better, sir. I swear!” Suddenly, her tears dried in understanding, “It’s her, isn’t it? She’s making you say this!”

“Say what?” he was a little amazed by her emotional turnaround.

Reese bit her lower lip, gazing up at him with ductile eyes he perfected with all of his Meet Sweet girls. “Clover thinks you’re a monster. She’ll never be sweet. Won’t prefer your whip as I do.”

Playtime over, he snapped his fingers, shooting her a shut the fuck up look, before ordering her to follow him. She obeyed every command he gave so didn’t bother to check if she slunk behind him into Clover’s room.

Clover looked both pissed and frightened as he stared at her with obvious lust. He wouldn’t touch her tonight. His many plans for the sullen woman included showing her no matter what it was better to obey than fight. He kind of hoped she fought, wanting to squash her defiance for good through conditioning so they could get to the part where they appreciated each other.

“Morning already?” Her snark ignited his temper.

“Reese,” he pointed to the floor.

Reese dropped and worked his belt and slacks open while his attention remained on Clover, “Take your dress off.”

The flash of hatred in her eyes made his dick rock hard. He didn’t mind her boldness as long as she did what he commanded. After a beat, with Clover refusing to budge, he kicked Reese in the side. The girl let out a whimper.

“Don’t!” Clover hissed, clutching the bottom of the dress, “I’ll do it!”

“Do it WHAT?” he maintained a neutral tone, pleased she felt the need to protect Reese. It would come in handy.

She took several deep breaths, her cheeks glowing, “I’ll do it, SIR.”

“Better,” he reached down to pet Reese on the top of her cherry-colored head.

Clover baring her body to him for the first time was wondrous. He loved the scant red patch above her sex and the dusky rose of her nipples. Her full, beautiful breasts shook as she paled when Reese took his cock out, sucking the tip into her eager mouth. He grinned at the furious woman across from him as slick wet sounds filled the space. This was all for her.

“You’re sick,” Clover whispered, covering her perfect tits.

NO!” he shouted, “You will never hide your body from me.”

Fuck you!” she screamed right back. Fear and hate never looked so good on a woman. “I won’t play your sadistic fucking games! I’m going to kill you!”

He chuckled, jutting his chin out, accepting her threat as a real possibility. “I warned you of the consequences for impertinence.”

She bent, snatching her gown from the ground, pressing it against her nudity, “Go fuck yourself, Bentley!”

Reese scurried away without being told. She knew what happened to those who defied him. He had hoped Clover lost her cool. Reese didn’t know shit about Clover. She was as sweet as they came and soon enough Clover would kneel at his feet every night for the rest of his life. He’d make sure she kept a little fire in her system though, he admired that most about her.

He fixed his pants, tutting, “Poor Delia, she needed a break after the last time.”

“Boss,” Emmett arrived hearing the screams, “Kennel?”

Bentley memorized how the fiery dragon shot daggers from her jade eyes before turning around, “Where else do misbehaving bitches belong?”

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