Love Meets You part 2

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* Clover *

When would it end? She was losing her fucking mind!

After Man-Bun Guy shoved her inside of an animal kennel in a room with speakers on the ceiling, he laughed, waved, then left before the barking started. Loud, angry dog snarls and howls caused her to cover her ears in an attempt to block it out, which was hopeless because they set the damn volume at eardrum-shattering.

She screamed to drown it out, only it didn’t help. Nothing helped. Sleep was impossible, and the lights were so bright it messed with her sense of time. She tried to find a pattern in the howling, but there were none, unable to make a game of it. The cage wasn’t large enough for her to sit up either, only able to bend her knees to rest her head on instead of the cold bars.

Her brain sloshed the longer she endured the acoustic torture.

'Where else do misbehaving bitches belong?’ Bentley coldly asked Man-bun Guy after she refused to stand idly by while Reese sucked his dick. His lecherous scan of her nudity after kicking the defenseless girl made her want to claw his eyes out. Whatever mind game he used would backfire. She didn’t care they caged her while some weird-ass dog noises played, trying to scare her into obedience. Sure, it was irritating as fuck, but gritted her teeth, telling herself she was stronger than what Bentley counted on.

When Reese had given him a blowjob she grew confused at the pride she exhibited. Okay, yeah, his huge dick wasn’t anything to scoff at, but why did she show no shame at giving head in front of someone held against their will? When did she admit defeat and stop fighting her abusers? Clover thought to tear the girl from the madman to defend her, except the way her blue eyes flashed with smugness warned her efforts would be in vain. Reese clearly gobbled down his bullshit as gospel along with his cock on the daily. Sir this, Sir that… fuck Bentley! She once dated a douche-bag who sought to control her and if she escaped him, she should have no problem navigating around the sick assholes keeping her captive.

What’s his endgame anyhow? For her to become a soulless fuck toy? He claimed he didn’t want her to crack, but treating her this way said otherwise. Would anything satisfy his sadistic needs? Did Kyrell shove those poor women into similar cages because she wouldn’t let Bentley perv all over her?

When would they free her? It felt like days as her body excreted fluids and her skin turned pallid and dry. Her psyche eventually became immune to the obnoxious noise. As her eyes drift shut out of sheer exhaustion, an audible click sounded overhead and a fresh racket began mind-fucking her.

“When you smile — you light up a room,” a smooth male voice announced, “When you are polite and demure, there is nothing your protector won’t do for you. Your Sir will always take care of you.”

“Oh, fuck,” she croaked, unable to move due to lack of food.

She would rather have the animal shrieks back than this hypnosis crap. The deep, soothing vocalization kept insisting how wonderful life could be if she just did what Sir demanded while wearing a honeyed smile. She tried to remain alert by pinching her arms but soon the pain melted away, the droning tone lulling her into a hypnagogic state. Half-awake, susceptible to lucid dreams and thoughts, she drifted peacefully inside a cocoon the metal bars of the cage provided.

On and on the patient man promised if she submitted there would be plenty of pleasure and no more misery. No more punishments, only joy.

Pets heeled.


You need Sir.

Abide Sir.


Release your fears.

Defer to Sir.


You are his to protect.

Appease Sir.


Call out for Sir.


Accept your nature.


Call out for Sir.


Sir will shelter you.

Find relief…

Humble in the presence of…

You desire…


Time once more ceased to exist, resistance a weight lifted from her overburdened shoulders.

Her parched mouth warbled words, believing the meaning behind them.

How long had she remained locked in a pen, waiting for her Sir to shield her from the evil in the world?

When would Sir forgive her?

* Bentley *

“She’s ready,” Emmett stated, walking into the den where Polly sat on her knees giving Bentley a manicure, “Three days.”

Bentley winked at the timid girl beside his seat awaiting instructions, “I’m aware how long my Jade Dragon has been from my side. Feed pretty Polly while I tend to Clover.”

Polly smoothly rose, following Emmett with a bounce in her step after earning a treat. She’d please Mr. J immensely. He hummed as he went to his bedroom to prepare for his new pet. He grew excited for Clover to bask in his tenderness after such a grueling punishment.

Passing Reese’s doorway to retrieve Clover, he heard her singing for him. He hadn’t touched her in days, bored by her easy compliance. Still, the way she called out sent a shiver of caution down his back. Shaking off the eerie feeling, he ignored the needy woman.

Seventy-two hours was a long time to go without food or water and he worried he’d have to break protocol, but Clover surprised him yet again. She laid unconscious in the cage, smelling like piss and shit. The filth didn’t bother him, his only concern she persevered. He lifted her out and carried her back to his room. In the en-suite, he stripped her down while the garden tub filled.

Her jade eyes opened, unfocused and bloodshot, but sweet, sweet words fell from her cracked lips, “Sir?”

He grinned, lowering her into the warm bath. She shuddered at the contact but soon relaxed as he washed her with a cloth, telling her how pleased he was at her surrender. He murmured reassurances when she begged for forgiveness, his heart swelling at how well she accepted his touch.

“When we’re done, I have a nice soft robe for you. I’ll give you water before you rest.”

She tilted her head against the rim, a thoughtful look flitting across her pale features. He wanted to ask what tipped her into accepting the situation, but it would only hinder the progress she made. If he had to put her away again, he didn’t think she’d survive. There were punishments much worse than the kennel.

“Let me help you,” he smiled when she allowed him to place her in the robe before laying her down on his bed. He picked up a cup of water, helping her take slow sips so she wouldn’t become ill. “We’ll get you well again. Won’t we?”

“Yes, sir,” she rasped, closing her gorgeous eyes.

Once certain she slept, he left, locking the door behind him. There were no cameras in his private rooms, but she was in no condition to cause trouble. Excitement shot down his spine, hurrying downstairs for cell checks. He clenched his hands, missing the feel of her in his arms already.

“Mr. J will be here next Friday,” Kyrell informed him as he glanced over the monitors before settling in for the night.

Reese sat Indian style on her pallet, singing about fireworks, her tone a little shrill. Delia slowly blinked up at the ceiling as she rolled back and forth on the mattress. Alisha had curled against the wall, staring at her feet. Polly, as usual, played with her hair.

All Sweets were safe and well.

“Perfect,” he strode towards the stairway, “Don’t disturb me unless it’s an emergency. Deliver meals until I say so.”

“Got it,” Kyrell hid a sneer, but he caught it nonetheless, “Have fun playing house.”

He paused, tired of the fucker second-guessing his judgment. He decided right then to kill Kyrell after placing the pets in forever homes. Grant had no stomach for violence and if Emmett suspected his neck on the chopping block would disappear like smoke on a windy day. “I know this isn’t how you expected our latest venture to go, but Clover’s not a Meet Sweet. She’s mine.”

“Yours?” Kyrell brows furrowed, “You want to keep HER? What about Reese?”

“What about her?” Bentley shrugged, “Find a match if you think she’s ready. I’m concerned we pushed harder than necessary and her attachment will be problematic later.”

“Reese exhibits every disposition we aim to provide. Clover hasn’t had time to adjust. If the buyers arrive and she causes a scene, our reputation will suffer.”

“This is my business!” He snapped, “Your job is to do what I tell you. No more, no less. Keep them sweet and quit fucking questioning me, Kyrell.”

“Okay, boss,” he responded, his jaw flexing.

Bentley returned to the bedroom, stripping down to his boxers before drawing Clover into his arms. The woman shivered and let out a distressed moan as he soothed her. He knew it would take a while to recover from the kennel. It had taken Reese weeks, but no one comforted her like he would with his jade dragon.

He wrapped a lock of her wet hair around his finger and kissed her cool cheek. Had Mason held her as she slept? Their friendship severed for good the night he stole Clover. Mason must have figured out he drugged him by now, but had he put it together he also claimed his girlfriend? He imagined what Mason would do if he showed up one day married to her. His slave to command and love forever and there would be nothing Mason could do but acknowledge the fact he once again fucked with the wrong man.

“Stop!” Clover shrieked, bolting upright, “Sir, please!”

“It’s all right, my pet,” he pulled her to his chest as whimpers escaped her cracked lips, “I’ve got you. Everything’s fine now. You’re with me. Would you like more water?”

She ducked her face into the crook of his elbow, nodding with a tremor. Tonight he allowed her to soak in his gentleness. Tomorrow he would direct her on how to own her submissiveness. For someday, she would train others in their care to obey, and the quicker she accepted her new role beside him, the fewer punishments she’d receive.

Well, at least for disobedience.

Good girls still felt the kiss of his whip, because they always begged for pain with their pleasure and Clover would be no exception.

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