Therefore Dead Inside

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The fireplace was dark, the furniture dusty, only 3 rooms were in use in my house: my room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. My parents were in a 6 months trip in Europe opening their new restaurant. It had been only 1 month and I was already feeling the havoc of complete loneliness.

Sometimes I liked to walk around the house. I wandered the long corridors. I opened some doors and peaked inside the rooms. My presence was hardly noticeable at all, soon, my steps were covered by a new layer of dust.

“Meow...” I closed the door shut and turned around. A forced smile soon took place in my face. Before I could say anything the cat approached me and snuggled against my leg. I kneeled down and I petted him. His green almond eyes looked at me, inquiring. A fifth knock came from downstairs.


My laptop laid on my bed, showing a European web newspaper.


I hugged the cat and shaked my head slowly.


I couldn’t handle it anymore. Without my conscious decision, a cry of grief escaped my lungs. The knocks became stronger, and the female voice outside more desperate.

“Iris, it is me Lili!”

Brizzle started to come from the sky, my friend got wet outside. I walked to my room, Oreo by my heels. I could see her from my window.

“Iris open up!”

I turned to my computer and read once again:


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