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Echo's From The Pyramid

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If like me you thought the Great Pyramid was a tomb, then be prepared to have your mind changed!

Mystery / Adventure
Graham Thompson
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Chapter one .


What had taken me years to arrange, and seemingly the same amount of time in study had brought me to the most iconic structure on the planet. The great pyramid of Giza.

With only a handful of people now allowed to enter this great structure I was one of only five who had been granted special access to view its interior.

And after making the arduous climb through the intricate passage ways that spread out through the pyramid like blood vessels in a human body we eventually came to the opening that led into what many call the burial chamber.

Two things stand out immediately to anyone who as ever studied this outstanding structure, the first is the opening you go through to access the chamber. This opening is slightly smaller than the sarcophagus that sits within its walls posing the question why, in a building that is constructed to such precise measurements would such a flaw like a doorway being built to small. And the second and probably the most frightening to look at when you are standing in the chamber is the crack that runs across the ceiling. It was whilst I was looking up at this fault, my colleague who was with me in the chamber made a comment that shook me to the core.

“I would not have liked to have been in here when this place was working” she said, in a confusing sought of way.

Up until that point I was of the same opinion as the rest of the world I thought the pyramids were tombs. When I asked her what she had meant she just shrugged her shoulders as if it was just a throw away comment, but it was that throw away comment that would ultimately answer the very question mankind had been asking for millennia, how and why, were the pyramids built.?

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