Echo's From The Pyramid

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Chapter 2.

My name is Frank Sterling, and back in 2010 I, along with four other colleagues were given permission by the Egyptian authorities to undertake the most comprehensive examination of the great pyramid that had ever been done in modern times.

But after the comment my colleague had made or to be more precise my friend Helen Fielding PHD, my whole outlook had changed in an instant.

That night after our first visit to the pyramid I could not sleep, I just kept thinking about what Helen had said and for some reason it just seemed to make sense to me. So the following day instead of revisiting the pyramid I had decided to seek out an old Egyptian elder. This man had been mentioned to me many years before by an old professor of mine, what was known about him was the fact that he had been raised and taught by elders known to him has the wisdom keepers. His name was Hakram Awyass and his knowledge of his own indigenous people and the stories he possessed which had been passed down through the centuries, really did make you sit up and listen.

He told me that his people had always known that the pyramids were not tombs, but one of his statements grabbed my attention immediately, he told me that we are not the most evolved we have ever been.

“It is only modern day human arrogance that mankind thinks that he now possesses more intelligence and more know how than at any other time”

He went on to say that the early Egyptians had and used high technology, and were somehow linked with the very essence of the planet and what we know today and call our senses of which we have five, the early pyramid builders had and used, Three hundred & Sixty senses.

The more I listened to this man the more engrossed I became, and then he told me what the pyramids were built for.

The indigenous elders or wisdom keepers, had told Hakram when he was a child that the pyramids were built to harness sound. To what end I could not find out, Hakram’s only answer to me was that everything on the planet in the days of the early pyramid builders were harmoniously linked.

Those few hours I spent with Hakram had opened my mind, and with all this new information now swirling around in my head I needed someone I could confide in someone who would be open minded and above all, someone I could trust.

There was only one person I could go to that wouldn’t dismiss what I was about to propose to them has nonsense, and that person was my long and trusted friend and colleague Helen Fielding the woman who had set me on this path by her comment about not wanting to be in the pyramid when it was working!

After waiting for my colleagues to return to the hotel after their second visit to the pyramid for which I had made my excuses not to attend with them, I made my way to Her room. I needed to know if I could count on her support, but more importantly would she believe a word I was about to tell her, I would know soon enough as I knocked on her door.

Just to explain why I was acting in such a cloak and dagger way is because, the Egyptian authorities who had sanctioned Cambridge university to send five of their best people to undertake what would be for the first time, full access to the great pyramid but, and this was the catch, no unwanted information, in other words, tomb related only.

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