Echo's From The Pyramid

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Chapter 3

The sight that greeted me when Helen opened her hotel room door was typical. A glass of wine in her right hand, a book in her left, and a pair of glasses which sat teetering on the end of her nose.

“Frank, what a pleasant surprise please come in” she said staring at me from over the top of her glasses.

“Can I get you a drink tea, coffee, or would you like something stronger?” she shouted out as she walked back into her suite.

After asking how her day had gone, I sat down with my whisky took a couple of sips, and then asked her my first question.

“Tell me Helen, that comment you made in the chamber yesterday what did you mean by that?”

Before she answered me she took a sip of her wine and then removed her glasses, which were still teetering on the end of her nose.

“To be honest with you Frank I’m not sure why I said that but it’s funny, that’s all I have thought about since I made that comment it just didn’t feel like a tomb in there”.

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean that’s what I’m here to talk to you about”.

Explaining to Helen where I had been all day, and who I had been talking to, left me with nowhere to go had she turned around and laughed me out of the room, but the look in her eyes told me she was has excited about the concept has I was, what a relief.

“If you are up for it Helen I would like you to come with me tomorrow to a site Hakram told me about” I said in a hopeful voice.

Knowing Fullwell the consequences of our actions and the reputation of one of the finest universities in the world being at stake Helen still agreed to come with me.

“I hope this place isn’t too far away Frank because we are going to have to play this very close to our chests if you know what I mean” she whispered under her breath.

“It’s actually a small town just south of where we are called Abu Garab. Hakram told me if we wanted to see evidence that shows the use of high technology, that’s where we should go” I whispered back to her.

That evening Helen rearranged the itinerary so the group would have to split up, one would take the interior, and of course mysel and Helen would resume the search externally.

The following day we made our way to Abu Garab. On entering this small isolated unassuming town, which consisted of very rundown buildings which were partially surrounded by mango groves, you would never know that there was anything of any consequence in this place what’s so ever. On leaving our vehicle we walked away from the buildings and through the mango groves until we came to a clearing. And then directly in front of us we could see a huge pile of rubble. It was only much later when the site had been extensively researched that this pile of rubble we were looking at would turn out to be the largest obelisk ever to have stood in Egypt.

As we carried on walking we came upon what looked like an altar, and on closer inspection especially on the corners where the edges had been chipped away we could see that whatever this structure was it was built out of crystal quartz. But what was most intriguing about this structure was what lay at its centre. What me and Helen were looking at was a perfect, and I would go as far to say, a laser cut circular stone. It was obvious to us both that the people who had built this altar must have used high technology, no hammer or chisel could have created such a perfect cylindrical stone.

With my attention fully focused on the altar, Helen had wondered off to carry on looking around. It was the sound of her voice shouting my name that snapped me out of the trance I was in.

“Frank, Frank,” she shouted for the second time.

Turning around, I could see Helen in the distance waving her arms above her head, I immediately ran over to see what it was she had found.

“What is this place Frank, and why has no one ever been here?” she said in a bemused manner.

What Helen had found and we were now both looking at were four stone basins. It was only when we started to look at them in more detail that we could see that they were made from the same material as the altar we had just found, crystal quartz. Again, as we studied these crucibles high technology was evident. Not only had this quartz material been carved out to form a hollow to hold whatever substance it had been created for which would have been an achievement in its self considering crystal quartz is one of the hardest materials known to man, but also inside each crucible there were two holes that had been drilled through on each side of the basin, these holes were about four inches in diameter and were a perfect cut all the way through, only a modern day diamond tipped drill or laser could have made these holes, whatever this site was, it was once a very important place, it would seem that the technical prowess of these old pyramid builders was far greater than we could have possibly imagined.

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