Echo's From The Pyramid

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Chapter 4

After our enlightening day at Abu Garab, one thing came apparent to us very quickly our time here was limited, and the way things were going with the Egyptian authorities this could well be the last chance any outsider would be able to gain access to the Giza's plateau for some considerable time. I now knew where I wanted to spend my time, and it was back in the great pyramid. Helens remark about the chamber that day had really captured my attention now and with this new insight and this greater understanding of how these early pyramid builders used high technology really would make me look at things in a very different light.

The following day along with my other colleagues we stood at the base of the most talked about structure on the planet. And for the first time in my professional career I looked at the pyramid not in awe, but with a new-found confidence, I was convinced that for so long what had been an enigma, a question no one could answer, would somehow reveal its secrets to me. Standing next to one of the outer blocks of the pyramid which weighed around fifteen tonnes, I couldn’t help thinking how something that had been cut to within a fraction of an inch would then be dragged along the ground and then physically man handled into place, and yet still maintain its precisely cut edges.

It would be like a precision engineered component being taken from the machine, dragged over the yard, and then fitted into the rolls Royce engine that was waiting for it, it just wouldn’t have happened that way would it, precision is the word here from manufacture to placement everything about the pyramid is precise, nothing was ever dragged into place.

With time very much against us now, and our team methodically taking measurements, something that had been done over the years to obsession, if there was one thing we knew without a doubt, was the dimensions of this great structure, the one thing that still eluded us all, was how it was built.

With only one day left on our permits and much of the work now completed, this search extensive though it was, would tell them nothing they already didn’t know. And although me and Helen had opened a new line of inquiry which unfortunately we could not share with our colleagues, still left me with more questions than answers. It seemed even with the knowledge I now had that they used high level technology, the problem I had was how did they build the tools to use it with? I was as much in the dark now as I was when I had started this search.

The last day of our authorised stay in Egypt had arrived and that meant our final visit to the pyramid. With our colleagues up to their necks in paperwork, me and Helen made our way for a last glimpse of the interior, and as we stood in the king’s chamber I asked Helen if she still had the same feeling as she had had before.

“What do you mean Frank?” she replied, as if with another question.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just wondered if you still thought this place was used as some kind of power sauce?” I said, still clutching at straws.

“Why do you think nobody has ever come close to answering this eternal question Frank?” she replied, in the same tone of voice as my own.

Shaking my head to the question Helen had just posed I slowly walked over to the sarcophagus. Turning around to face her I leaned back to rest against the granite stone.

“To answer that question Helen we need to know the people we are investigating and there lies the problem. We have no idea of their mindset” I said bluntly.

“What do you mean by that Frank?” she said quizzingly.

“I just mean we have no idea how these people thought, spoke, or anything, but if they are us and along the way we just lost the knowledge we once possessed then somewhere that knowledge must still be with us we just need to know where to look if only we could travel back in time” I whispered under my breath.

For a few seconds we both just stood in silence and then Helen turned to look at me. I could see in her eyes that the proverbial lightbulb had just been switched on.

“What’s your opinion on hypnotic regression Frank?” she said in a matter of fact way.

“Where did that come from” I said jestingly.

One of Helens many talents along with her PHD was the fact that she had also considered, and studied, hypnosis, but her focus and what interested her the most were the cases where the patient had been hypnotised and then regressed back prior to before they were born, in some cases the patients had regressed some four to five hundred years back in time stating that they had lived before.

“I don’t know Frank it’s just a shot in the dark but being in this environment and the fact that this is our last day here well, it could open up other possibilities for us or it could just be a waste of time what do you think?” she said, with a shrug to her shoulders.

For the first time in my life I had been put in a position where I felt doubt, bewilderment, excitement, and fear, all in the same emotion.

“What do you mean, you want to try that here now, with me?” I said anxiously.

“It’s just a thought Frank we do have another three hours in here before we have to leave” came her reply, in a goading way.

Still leaning against the sarcophagus I turn around to face it, I put my elbows onto its edge and stared into its empty void.

“If only you could talk” I said to myself out loud.

“Maybe it can Frank” she whispered as she walked up and stood at the side of me. At that moment a strange feeling came over me and when I looked at Helen I could see that she had felt it too. All the anxiety that I had been feeling seemed to just melt away leaving me very much at peace with myself, something I had never experienced before.

“Ok Helen, how do you want to do this?” I said with an air of confidence.

With the sarcophagus being the only thing other than the floor to lie on I climbed inside lay back and listened to her voice. What seemed like only seconds later, Helen was asking me to get out of the sarcophagus. Feeling quite disorientated after climbing out of my makeshift granite bed Helen suggested we leave the chamber and make our way back to the hotel. As we left the pyramid, I asked the question.

“Well, are you going to tell me what happened?” I shouted to her, as she walked off in front of me.

It wasn’t until we got back to the hotel sat down with a drink in our hands, that she told me what had happened.

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