Echo's From The Pyramid

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Chapter 5

“Well my dear friend, that was very interesting and I might add, dam right intriguing” came a very concerned reply.

She went on to say that her first suggestion to me after I had gone under was for me to recount my earliest memory which apparently I did almost immediately. It was only when she regressed me to a time before my birth that the intrigue happened. With my subconscious Helens only contact with me at this point, she asked me where I was. The reply that came back knocked her for six. I had answered in a language she had never heard before. For the next ten minutes she tried everything she knew to get me to talk in a language she could understand but her efforts went unrewarded. It was at this point she decided to end the session, and bring me out of the trance.

“The only good thing to come out of this Frank is I did remember to turn my recorder on” she said half-heartedly.

“Well let’s hear it” I said, as I inched up and sat on the edge of my chair.

Has I listened to my voice speak these strange words I looked at Helen, if there was one thing we both knew immediately the language I was speaking was something completely new, not only to us, but to the rest of the world. Along with Helens many talents, she was also fluent in many languages, and as for myself, I spent the first two years at Cambridge studying linguistics so between us not only had we stumbled on new evidence concerning the pyramid but we had also come across what seemed to be a language no one had ever heard before.

Because our visit here had been sanctioned by the Egyptian authorities and we were under strict orders not to publish anything controversial our final report could not mention anything of what we had discovered, the very reputation of Cambridge was at stake. Our only option was to return home submit our reports and only then could we start thinking about returning to Egypt and try to resume independently.

After our return to England Helen wasted no time in arranging meetings with some of the most respected language experts in the world she was determined to find someone somewhere who could shed any light on what kind of language I had spoken whilst under hypnosis in the great pyramid.

But in the cold light of day what we had discovered in Egypt would eventually fall behind the long list of other stories that had gone before us, our only hope of offering something new something tangible for the world to sit up and take notice of was to find out what I had said that day in the chamber.

It had been two months since our return to England and in all that time Helen had been away. So on the day I received her call saying she was on her way to see me you can imagine the sense of trepidation I was feeling. One hour after I had received her call my doorbell rang.

“Helen how wonderful it is to see you what news do you bring me?” I said, with an eagerness to my voice.

“Are you going to invite me in first or are you going to interrogate me here on your front doorstep?” came her reply, along with a rather big smile.

As I sat and listened to my friend and colleague tell me her news it became apparent very quickly none of the experts she had met with, and these people were highly respected individuals in their chosen fields, had never heard this language I had spoken before. Feeling quite deflated at this point I was just about to stand and leave the room when I noticed a slight grin on Helens face.

“There’s something you haven’t told me what is it?” I said, with an air of urgency.

What Helen was about to tell me would in time, certainly make the world sit up and listen.

“Well, I’m glad you are sitting down for this Frank”. Helen continued, as she peered over the tops of her glasses.

Now perched on the edge of my seat in anticipation I could hardly control my excitement.

“There’s only one way to say this Frank and that is to just say it, I went back to Egypt”.

“What do you mean you went back?” I quizzingly replied.

“Don’t worry Frank I just went back as a tourist nobody from Cambridge is any the wiser. But I must admit I couldn’t believe that not one of my colleagues had the slightest idea of what you were saying, they couldn’t even recognise a single syllable, I just didn’t know who to turn too, and then I remembered the Egyptian elder you had met with, so I hopped on the first available flight and made the arduous journey to meet with this man myself”.

“And you met with Hakram Awyass?” came my immediate reply.

“Yes I did meet with him Frank and to be honest I thought I had made a wasted journey. You see just like my colleagues Hakram didn’t seem to understand a word he was listening to, that is until the very last word you spoke, that’s when he sat bolt upright”.

“Are you telling me he understood what I was saying?” I said in astonishment.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying Frank, the last word is what he recognised. The way he explained it was when we finish a prayer we say amen”.

“So the last word I spoke, was Amen?” cutting in on Helen once again.

“No the word you spoke was Family, or to be more precise. My family”.

Dumbfounded at what Helen had just told me she went on to explain what Hakram had heard. He told Helen that when he was a boy he would sit and listen to stories that were told by the village elders and there was one elder who always ended his stories with the phrase, (Mish-Pa- Kha,) which was an old Hebrew word meaning, (My Family). It wasn’t until Hakram was an adult that he learnt that the word (Mish-Pa-Kha) wasn’t actually the word that was spoken in fact the word itself wasn’t even Hebrew it just sounded very much the same and had been passed down through the years and was known as the language of man. When Helen questioned Hakram about what he had meant by the language of man he told her that in the days of the old pyramid builders the entire population of the earth spoke one language (Mish-Pa-Kha) my family. He also went on to say that the great pyramid with its unique position which is located on the largest land mass on the planet making it some kind of central hub which enabled it to communicate with every other megalithic site on earth.

“I don’t know what happened with Hakram Frank but after he had listened to the recording the proverbial lightbulb seemed to go off, it was like he had been given permission to finally speak his mind”. Helen said, taking a breather before she carried on.

“This is fascinating Helen; did he say anything else?”

“Yes, he did Frank, he said a great deal more”. Came a very serious reply.

This man, Hakram Awyass is the last remaining Egyptian elder still living today that holds vast amounts of information that was passed down through the melena giving precise knowledge of the old pyramid builders. Knowledge that would have never been known by the developed world had it not been for the hypnotic trance I was put into, and the indecipherable message that came from my lips. Whatever the world thought they knew about the great pyramid was wrong. I’m not saying what I’m about to tell you is true because it can never be proven, but my conviction of what I’m saying, is.

“Did he give any information has to how the pyramid was built?” I said, still clinging to the edge of my seat.

“The answer to that is yes and no”. came her baffling reply. “Look Frank just calm down and let me tell you what I heard and please, no interruptions.

I didn’t need to be told twice!

With Hakrams statement about the earths entire population speaking in one tongue and the pyramid being referred to as a communications centre, prompted Helen to persist on that subject and ask Hakram if he knew how the communication was carried out.

His answers were always vague but left you in no doubt there was something in what he was saying.

Hakram went on to say that communication was possible for the old pyramid builders using the same magnetic pulse lines that migrating birds used. Again, for Hakram to explain in more detail wasn’t forthcoming it seemed he only had snippets of information to give but what snippets they were. The only thing he did refer to was the 360 senses that mankind had and used back in the days of the old pyramid builders, compared to the 5 we humans use today.

“A bird doesn’t instinctively know which way to fly for migration it as to rely on its senses to pick up the magnetic pulse lines which then tells the bird which one to follow, that’s why you see them flying in a v-shaped configuration the point of the v is perfectly placed on the pulse line”. Hakram said, knowingly.

With what we had learnt up to now and trying to make sense of what Hakram was telling us it would seem that the pyramid was built as a site for communications, and when you consider the amount of granite which was installed in its structure, add to that Hakram’s theory about the magnetic pulse lines, a different picture about the pyramid does start to take shape. Maybe some kind of ESP was used, but at the end of the day we will never know for sure.

With Helen trying to get as much information out of Hakram before her time with him was up she asked him if he had any knowledge of how they built the great pyramid. Again, his answers were vague, but always extraordinary.

He first mentioned the crystal quartz that me and Helen came across at Abu Garab. He said that the old pyramid builders made diamond tipped cutting tools from it and the equipment that was built to house these tools were all run on either, solar, wind, or hydro energy. When Helen asked him what kind of equipment he was talking about he just shrugged his shoulders again, always vague but very interesting.

And then Helen asked the ultimate question, how did they move the massive blocks that built the great pyramid? A question that as baffled man since time immemorial.

What Hakram said next left Helen feeling fascinated, bewildered, dumbfounded, but above all still very much in the dark as to how they could have done such a thing.

“You must understand Miss Fielding Hakram began looking Helen straight in the eye. If you want to move something heavy you must first make it lighter and the pyramid builders knew just how to do that. They had exceptional knowledge of how the planet and everything on it worked. And they knew how to turn something that was solid and make its interior turn to liquid that’s how they moved the heavy blocks”. Hakram finished in a matter of fact way.

Those were the last words spoken by Hakram, at that point he stood and left the room.

After that remarkable meeting with Hakram Awyass, Helen visited a close friend and colleague she needed to know if something solid could be transformed internally into a liquid form but still maintain its exterior structure, and the answer she received was (METAMORPHIC DISPLACEMENT) a change in form or structure, by heat, or pressure.

After Helen had finished relaying what she had learnt in Egypt we just sat there staring at each other, but it was the look in her eyes that caught my attention she had something else to tell me.

“I know that look Helen, what is it you haven’t told me? Now standing from my chair.

It was then that Helen joined me, and we both stood side by side in the centre of the room.

“Yes I have got something else to say, it was something Hakram said after he had listened to the recording”. She blurted out now returning to her chair. “He told me that it was known through their teachings that the language of man had not been spoken on earth in over Fifty Thousand years”.

“So let me get this straight Helen, if what I spoke in the chamber that day was the first time that anyone had spoken that language in over Fifty Thousand years well, that leaves us with the question. How old is the great pyramid?”

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