Echo's From The Pyramid

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Chapter 6

When we started out on this journey at the invitation of the Egyptian authorities and being told in no uncertain terms that all that was required from us was tomb related information. Does tend to hit home now. Do they know what we know? And if they do should they turn around in 2017 and inform the world that the people who built the great pyramid were far superior in knowledge and technology than we are today, and yet lived more than fifty thousand years ago in our passed. It is only the arrogance of modern man that he believes we are the most advanced we have ever been how wrong we are.

With no real hope of putting this information out and having the world believe that we are right and what they have been told all these years is wrong. Our only option is to return to Egypt and try to gain access to the biggest enigma on our planet today. With our entire lives now consumed with the great pyramid Helen and myself start to make plans for our return and to seek out Hakram Awyass, the only man who could possibly translate the words I spoke that day in the chamber. And if by some miracle we could learn what Hakram called the language of man our limited understanding of the past could be changed forever..........

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