Echo's From The Pyramid

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The Baalbek connection


What had seemed like an exhausting journey for us both, had simply culminated in leaving us exactly where we had started, with the enigma of the pyramid still intact. You would have thought our efforts would have waned, and if the truth be known, I was beginning to feel that way. But not everyone had Helen Fielding in their corner.

She was like a dog with a bone, and just wouldn’t let go, and her enthusiasm, professionalism, and above all, her unwavering belief that there was nothing that couldn’t be explained if the right people put their heads together, which made who was ever working with her, feel exactly the same way.

With every expert in the world that, in Helens opinion could shed any light on the recording she had made in the chamber that day, in possession of the words I had spoken, it wasn’t long before one of them contacted her. And what we were about to be told, would ultimately put us on a flight bound for Lebanon.

The call came on a Friday afternoon, which happened to be the very day of the week me and Helen always got together to talk through what information we had come across. But as usual, we could never add anything of any importance to what we already knew, which to be fair, was beginning to make us feel very despondent.

If there was one thing we were sure off, and had no intention from detracting from, and that was our wholeheartedly determination to get back to the great pyramid.. And then the phone rang.

“Hello, Frank Sterling” I said with an air of boredom to my voice.

“Hello Frank, this is Jessie, is Helen there with you? If so, put me on loudspeaker would you” came this very confident voice.

Jessie, or Professor Jessica Thornberry, as she was known professionally, was a very close friend of Helen’s, and highly respected in her field of expertise. She had studied at Oxford, and had a first-class honours degree in Hebrew, and also specialised in, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics. She had been Helen’s first port of call, and as you can imagine, she was hooked as soon as she heard me speak those words.

“Yes, I’m hear Jess, what can we do for you? Helen shouted out.

“It’s nice to hear your voice Helen, I think you had better sit down for this” came the intriguing reply.

“We’re all ears Jess, what you got for us? I shouted out in anticipation.

“BAALBEK” was her one-word reply.

“Ok, you’ve got our attention Jess, what about Baalbek? Helen said, as she slowly stood from her chair. Jessie continues...

“When I came into my office this morning, there was an email waiting for me from a colleague of mine. He is out in Lebanon, looking at the Roman temple that stands there…”

“Roman you say” As Helen cut in.

“Yes Helen, Roman” as she continues. “What would you say if I told you that some kind of Egyptian cartouche has just been found etched into the side of the temple base?

“Egyptian, on a Roman temple? You have got to be kidding” I say, as I stand from my chair.

“Yes, and I am looking at a picture of it as we speak, have you received it yet Helen?

“I’m just looking at my emails now Jess” Helen answered eagerly.

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