Echo's From The Pyramid

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What I was about to suggest to Helen, needed to be done privately. So, as far as everyone was concerned, we had found nothing, only a stone staircase that led to nowhere.

With the camp dismantled, and the team paid off and sent home, we made our way back to the hotel, where we were more than happy to shower, sleep in a comfortable bed, and be waited on, the things you miss when you have been sleeping in a tent!

Because I had forgotten what we had learnt at Giza, I assumed Helen had as well, and then my phone went off. The text read, “Frank, can you come to my room, I need to talk to you”

Within minutes of receiving her text, I was knocking at her door.

When I entered her room, the first thing she said to me was.

“(METAMORPHIC DISPLACEMENT) … what do you think Frank?”

“Yes, I agree, but do we know anyone who knows what the hell that actually means?” came my genuine reply.

“Yes Frank, and he will be here to meet us, the day after tomorrow” she said, with a slight grin on her face.

With a day to fill for us both, while we waited for Helen’s associate to arrive, we had decided to visit the Baalbek quarry, where the largest carved stone on the planet could be found. This stone carved from the bedrock in one piece, and estimated to weigh in the region of, 1650 tons, was never cut away from the bedrock, it was just left there for the world to marvel at through the millennia. But the interesting thing is, if you visit the temple, and make your way to the rear part of the structure, which is its Eastern wall, there is a block missing, which is believed that the abandoned block at the quarry was the missing piece, which was to be placed there. What possible reason could they have had, that warranted the stone blocks to weigh so much? Just to put things into context. If we were to try and move a stone block of that weight today, it would virtually be impossible, or I would go as far to say, impossible.

The person with the mobile laser equipment who we were waiting on, was a retired geologist, a Professor Otto Thorsteinson, who had specialised in, and written numerous papers on. Mineralogy. Which is the scientific study of the chemistry, crystal structure, and physical properties of minerals and mineralized artefacts. Just the person we needed to fire a laser at this mysterious doorway.

We had no preconceptions of what the laser would accomplish, if anything,

But the explanation of what Professor Thorsteinson had given Helen, was the reason he was now setting up his mobile laser unit at the bottom of the newly discovered stairwell here in Baalbek.

When Helen had first talked to Professor Thorsteinson and mentioned lasers, and the effects it could have on certain stone, this was the reply she got.

Thorsteinson had indicated that when a high intensity laser is fired at a certain type of material, it will create an electrostatic shockwave, that can heat ions directly. All this was a little over our heads, but the words, electrostatic shockwave, did grab our attention.

With everything in place, the Professor and myself descended to the bottom of the stairwell. He then turned to me and asked.

“What do you hope to gain from this Mr Sterling?” He said, hoping I had an answer.

“To see what’s on the other side” I replied, with a shrug to my shoulders.

“In three two one” The professor counted.

As he flicked the switch, a red beam of light impacted the stone doorway, and immediately I noticed the stonework start to shimmer, like it had turned into water. We couldn’t believe our eyes, there really was something extraordinary about this doorway.

Not sure how to react, I slowly walk up to the door and stare at what was, only a few seconds earlier, a solid mass, but now, something that did not look real. As I stood there staring at this remarkable event, the professor switched the beam of, and as he did so, the shimmering appearance of the stone changed, and what I was now staring at was a reflection of myself, the stone doorway had now turned into some kind of mirror.

“Have you ever seen anything like this before”? As I turn to the professor who was now standing on the steps a few feet away from me.

He just shook his head in disbelief.

Just then Helen came down the steps, passing the professor, who it seemed did not want to be there with me any longer. Without a word passing between us, I slowly moved onto the steps allowing Helen to take my place in front of what appeared to me, to be a reflected surface.

After a few seconds had passed with Helen just staring into what I thought was a mirror, I asked her what she could see.

“Helen, what do you see? I said, trying to get her attention.

Again, I ask her the same question. This time she turns to me and utters three words. “THE VITRUVIAN MAN”

It was at that point she fell towards me, I put out my arms to break her fall, and lowered her to the steps. She seemed out of breath like she had been running, and for a second or two, she had me worried, but then she shook her head, collected her thoughts, and simply stood and walked back up the steps. I turned back to the doorway, took two steps towards it, and placed my hand onto its surface, but all I felt was a solid mass. Not sure what had happened, I flicked the switch and turned the laser back on, but this time nothing happened, the stone doorway was just that, stone.

Still not sure at what had happened, I climbed the steps to confront Helen, but to my surprise, she had gone, left the site without saying a word, something Helen would have never done.

Now worried, I leave the site myself, and head back to the hotel in search of my friend. When I arrived at her room the door was open, so with a shout of, “it’s me Helen, are you there? I enter her room.

The first thing I see when I enter the room, is Helen sitting on her bed with her old tape recorder at her side.

“Are you ok Helen, what happened back there? I say, as I walk towards her.

“I’m sorry I left like that Frank, but I needed to get my thoughts on tape asap, and for the first time ever, I had forgot to bring my tape along with me”.

“What did you see back there? I ask for the second time.

“Information Frank, that’s what I saw, Information”.

“You mentioned Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, is that the information you are talking about? I say, trying to get a more positive answer from her.

“Da Vinci was like me Frank, he just received information, and relayed it the only way he knew how. Through his art”. Came her baffling reply. She continued.

“I now understand what Da Vinci went through all those years ago, with all the knowledge that was given to him, he had no one he could confide in. To think, his life would have been in danger if he had spoken out openly about the futuristic things he saw. Even with our understanding with modern technology today, I would struggle to explain what I now know”.

“What do you mean Helen, struggle to explain what? I shout back at her, now sounding very concerned.

She went on to explain what had happened to her at the temple.

“When I stood in front of that doorway Frank, I don’t know what you were looking at, but for me, I was standing in front of a large computer screen, and it told me what I wanted to know.

“The information it gave me was so, a matter of fact, is probably the best way to explain it. It was as though I should have known what I was looking at, and to be fair, that’s exactly how it felt when I was stood in front of it. The first image I saw, was that of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, but in the same instance, I knew it was not Da Vinci’s image. It was the image Da Vinci saw himself, and the picture we now associate with him, the Vitruvian man, was just a copy of what he saw. What the image portrays to be, and was a message given to Da Vinci, was the ascension of man and woman on earth. It depicted, what we now know as Adam, taking his first steps to becoming human. What Da Vinci did was brilliant. He superimposed the two images showing only Adam, the image of Eve is the figure behind. But like all Da Vinci’s art, it was done with the message hidden, so as not to offend the Vatican. The word Adam actually means. HE WHO DESCENDED FROM THE HEAVENS. (THE ADAM)

“Did you see anything else Helen? Prompting her to carry on.

“I saw everything I needed to see Frank”. She answered, so nonchalantly.

“I now understand how frustrated Da Vinci must have been throughout his life, and the others, who like him were given the knowledge, only to be gagged by an insular society that just doesn’t seem to want to learn”.

“Learn what Helen?.. I whisper to her, as if I was trying to bring her back from the deep thought process she seemed to be falling into. She continued..

“I saw the great pyramid Frank, and I don’t mean how it looks today. I witnessed its construction, and it was all accomplished by using zero gravity. The ancient alien theory is correct Frank, we were visited in the past, but not by aliens. They are us, or to be more precise, we are them. Their technology was of such magnitude that they could create an invisible dome over any area they were working in, which allowed heavy stones to be worked on and then placed with perfect precision. Da Vinci, Tesla, Einstein, to name but a few, all knew the truth of our existence on earth, but did not speak out because of the fear of ridicule and shame that would have befallen them. Do you think anyone would believe me today Frank?..

What Helen was saying, made complete sense to us both, and to be fair, we wasn’t at all surprised at what we were uncovering. But pride comes before a fall, so they say! And like Da Vinci before us, we needed to be careful.

After spending most of the morning picking through what Helen had learnt, it became clear to us both that Baalbek had been built for one particular purpose. And when you consider that this site with its massive trilithon stones, exists nowhere else on earth, what Helen said next made complete sense.

When the ancient aliens first entered our atmosphere, their ships, which were propelled by some kind of electromagnetic energy, reacted with the earths rotational movement, making their ships virtually weightless in our atmosphere. This event gave the ships the ability to make such miraculous manoeuvres, but also, the inability to land.

That’s why Baalbek was built. The giant trilithon stones were simply anchors, laid down with square holes inserted into them so the ships could tether themselves to them. If you study the site today, you will notice that the heavy eight hundred ton stones, actually sit on top of smaller stones, these four hundred ton blocks which were placed down first, did move with the pull of the ship tethered to it. That’s why the heavier stones were put on top. The eight hundred ton blocks we see today. Baalbek was the only landing site on earth, that’s why it’s the only structure on earth to be built out of these massive stones. It’s always the simplest explanation, that answers the hardest questions! The conclusion that we both came to, is that the earth was inhabited many thousands of years ago. Ancient alien theorists have already figured this out, and now know that this race of beings were called the Anunnaki. And our very presence on earth can be traced back to this remarkable species, whom without their colonisation of this planet, our existence on this world would have never happened. The word Anunnaki translates as (THE GODS OF THE HEAVENS). And it is these gods, these people, our, Mish-pa-kha, that created the people we are today.

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