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The Murder of Oliver Bronx

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Secrets always have a way of coming out. For Oliver Bronx this was one big secret he kept from his girlfriend Kendra. How would she take the news?

Mystery / Thriller
Bec Lonsdale
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Chapter 1

Kendra part 1

The phone rang, but Oliver couldn’t answer it. Instead it went straight to voicemail.

“Oliver, why did you miss our meeting today? You know how important it was today with lunch with my parents.” The voice was of his Girlfriend Kendra and they had been together for 6 months now and today was the day that he was meeting her parent’s for the first time. Kendra was big on making first impressions count.

Yes Kendra was bossy, but that was not what drove Oliver to fall in love with her. It was her passion. Once she found something she wanted to do her eyes just light up like she’s in love all over again. The sparkle, the smile, her voice even sounds so happy but when she starts getting agitated or people cancel on her out of the blue her temper flares up.

Oliver laid on his bed not moving, the sun was now glaring down on him. Usually before he goes to sleep he pulls the blinds across, he does that because the sun gets hot too quickly in his room. He was half dressed, shirt off but just wearing comfortable cotton pants.

By 6 am his alarm clock was going off. It had a set reminder every 5 minutes to wake him up. 6 30 am came and his alarm clock give in.

Usually by now Oliver was working out in the gym down stairs so Kendra knew he would be up. He would never miss a work out session, if he was in pain he made use of the swimming pool so his work outs were never the same. He liked this routine it helped him prepare himself for the day to come and by the end of it his mind was all cleared and ready to go.

Kendra pulled up at the building and hopped out of her little Mazda. She didn’t bother checking to see if her car was legally parked usually this time of morning no one really notices. But this morning they did.

By the time Kendra walked up stairs to Oliver’s flat a tow away was driving past and found her car and took it away.

Kendra called Oliver’s mobile and found that he was still inside the room. With her spare key she opened up the door. She wasn’t in the mood for him to be mucking about.

“Oliver I swear to God, why don’t you answer your bloody phone.” He wasn’t in the lounge room where his phone was but she moved closer to the bedroom and found him on the bed. As she moved closer she felt sick.

“Oliver?” her voice was now soft and quiet. She moved closer to him and found a knife was stabbed in the middle of his beautiful abs. Kendra screamed and backed out of the room she tried to find her phone in her bag but her hands were so shaky she dropped her bag on the floor and used the cordless phone and called for the police.

So many people arrived at Oliver’s apartment that morning, the forensic team, the police and the ambulance. They started asking her questions and Kendra answered them all, she needed a break and walked outside on the veranda for some fresh air. She looked down to where she parked her car and noticed it was not there.

“Fuck they took my car” a frustration scream came out of her, a police officer went straight outside to comfort her.

“Miss you, I’m sorry for that to happen but you were parked illegally if you were parked straight down in a no standing zone. We will track where your car is but in the mean time we might need you to make a full statement down at the station. Is there anyone you can call?”

Her mind was pacing back and forth and slowly had to make her way to the lounge chair that was a few metres away and sat down. She noticed how sweaty her hands were getting and her legs were now starting to shake.

“Mam, I think you might be experiencing a panic attack, do you want me to call someone for you?” the officer was very polite.

Kendra hadn’t suffered a panic attack since she was a teenager. She spotted the signs straight away. “Dam you Oliver why did you leave me like this?” Kendra started crying.

The police officer put his arm around her and pulled her close to him and let her cry.

After a good 5 minutes Kendra was able to focus on her breathing and calmed herself again. She excused herself and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She took her hand bag with her and once she was feeling herself again she took out her phone and called Betsie.

“Betsie, he’s dead. Can you come to the apartment and pick me up please I have no car they took it from me.” Kendra was starting to feel the tears swell up around her eyes again.

“Kendra, I’ll be there in 10 minutes, Don’t say anything else till you have your lawyer present.”

Kendra didn’t even think she needed a lawyer, she wasn’t even a suspect.

The police officer who was looking after Kendra opened up the door to find that a middle aged woman arrived at the door she was short, she had short black hair. She looked like she was about to head down to the beach. Comfortable black and white pants and a crop top with a floppy black hat. She took off her big brown sun glasses, her blue eyes were showing now. She didn’t look like she was grieving for the loss of a friend.

“You must be Betsie?” He asked.

“Yes, who are you?’

“Officer Adams, Brian Adams, I’ve been looking after Kendra, she’s outside on the veranda I’ll take you to her. “

“Um I don’t need directions Officer, I know this place back to front” she smiled and walked towards her friend.

“Betsie, he’s, he’s I can’t believe it.” Kendra couldn’t hold the tears again and cried into her friend’s arms.

Betsie did her best to comfort her friend and eventually after 3 cups of coffee Kendra was able to talk to the detectives.

It was just after 4am when Kendra was able to walk into her apartment. Her body ached from head to toe and all she wanted to do was hop in the shower and relax her muscles.

She turned the shower head on and hopped in. She sighed with relief she turned it up even hotter so she could see red on her skin.

Just as she hopped out her landline phone rang. Who would be calling her house number? Kendra screamed with anger and grabbed her towel wrapped it around her and headed to the lounge room.

“Kendra, whatever you do, don’t trust Betsie, she is not who she says she is, your life is in danger!” the phone call ended. It was a voice she did not recognise. Kendra shook her head and headed back to her bedroom. She turned her bed spread down took her towel off and hopped into bed.

The 8 30 alarm started beeping. Kendra slowly woke up and rolled over to turn it off. She was tempted to go back to bed but lucky for her she had no work today. Despite of what happened she still needed to call them and other people to let them know about Oliver. So much to do she thought. She hopped out of bed and found the closest clean clothes that was near her.

After 10 minutes Kendra was dressed and ready to head out the door. As she opened the door Betsie was standing right outside the door.

“Betsie, what the hell?” She cried out in shock.

“Oh I’m sorry I should have texted but I wasn’t sure if you would have your phone off.

Kendra hugged her friend, remembering the phone call she quickly pulled back from her.

“I can’t stay; I have a few jobs I got to do today.” Kendra said to her.

Kendra locked the front door and shut it. First thing she needed to do was collect her car, then drive to Oliver’s parents and her parent’s house.

Betsie Part 1

Betsie understood she wasn’t expecting much from Kendra today. She herself did not know why she had come over in the first place. A loss of a boyfriend is something she does not know how to deal with. Secretly she wished someone would comfort her as she too lost Oliver. Their secret romance was under wrap and they were going to come out to Kendra this weekend about it.

As she watched Kendra walk down the stairs Betsie had collapsed on the floor and started crying.

After a good 5 minutes Betsie’s phone beeped.

“I know what you did” popped up on her phone.

It was an unknown number. Betsie was startled. She was sure no one new about her relationship with Oliver. It was under wraps.

Betsie wanted so badly to go back to his apartment and wrap herself in his blankets but she now couldn’t.

She took out of her bag a box and opened it up. It was the engagement ring he bought her last week. She put it on her finger and cried into her hands again. Was she ever going to be strong enough to tell Kendra the truth about her and Oliver?.


Back at agency Betsie was working on a report when her boss Marcus came in.

“Betsie, in light of the sad news we are all sorry here about Oliver, he was one of the best spy agent we’ve ever had. But we need you to go to London and receive some very important documents.”

Betsie looked up at him confused. She wasn’t ready to fly out, they hadn’t even had Oliver’s funeral yet. In protest she got up out of her chair and walked over to the coffee maker and poured another mug of coffee.

“We haven’t even buried Oliver and you want me to go over? I can’t leave Kendra she has no idea what she’s in for, are you sure she’s even going to be safe?” Betsie grabbed the milk from the fridge underneath the bench and poured a bit into her cup and walked back to her desk.

“Kendra would be fine. Adam’s is watching her place and keeping an eye on her.”

“She’s not stable, she never was.” Betsie was in protest, she wanted more for her friend. She felt her pain of Oliver’s passing and she wanted vengeance.

Marcus moved closer to Betsie and put his hands on her shoulders.
“Please, we need you, this is important and you are one of our best. Oliver was going do this mission but now we need to find more. We need to know who is trying to sabotage us and this documents can help.” Marcus moved closer to Betsie his mouth was near hers but he wasn’t going to make the move. He backed away and gave her some space.

“Report back to me by 20 00pm tonight.” Marcus finally left the room.

Betsie looked at her clock it was 11 30am. She had plenty of time to think about it. She searched her bag and found her iPhone. No new messages. She wanted to desperately find out how Kendra is but knew she needed space if she ever found out about this relationship she would go mental.

Kendra Part 2

After lack of sleep Kendra desperately was needing a quick Caffeine fix. Talking about Oliver’s murder was draining her big time. She never felt lethargic in her life. Her mind was racing over the phone call. Betsie had always been there, but then when she thought more she was a third wheel a lot of the time. Betsie was there when she first met Oliver and noticed they got along very well straight away. All these strange emotions are passing through her mind over this. Kendra didn’t like this feeling at all. Could Betsie and Oliver had known each other before they started dating?

Kendra picked up her phone, Betsie was on her speed dial already and just hit the call button. Her phone went straight to message bank. Highly unusual Kendra thought. Betsie always answered her phone.

Kendra decided to text her instead “Betsie please we need to meet up ASAP XO.”

Towards the end of the day the endless phone calls of passing on sympathy had died down, but Still no word on Betsie, it was getting late now past 5pm. Kendra was bored being stuck at home and decided to head over to Betsie’s place instead.

Outside her apartment building Kendra heard lots of noises about a lot of screaming was coming from one of the floors. A window glass had smashed open followed by a gun shot.

Kendra’s heart was beating fast, the thought of her best friend dead as well as Oliver was not going to happen. The 20 flights of stairs that normally killed her legs each time seemed nothing today she sprung up those stairs so quickly that she was puffed out by the end of it.

Kendra found Betsie’s door wide open and called the police. She spoke quietly at first that they had to get her to repeat again.

“I was on my way up to visit my best friend, I heard a window smash followed by some screaming and then a gun shot. I ran up the stairs and her door it’s wide open please help I think my best friend might be in danger”

The lady on the phone had told Kendra she had to stay where she was and that the police were on their way now.

Kendra didn’t, couldn’t wait that long. She didn’t know if the other person is still there but she had to see if Betsie was okay. Quietly Kendra took her heels off and placed them away from the door, taking one shoe with her for protection she entered the room.

It looked like a robbery gone wrong. Kendra’s heart rate started beating really fast. Each time she moved closer her body started to shake with fear. She couldn’t do it, couldn’t continue and snuck back out like a coward to where the police told her to stay.

She heard the sirens getting closer and closer and then eventually a swat team had run up the stairs.

“Kendra?” It was a voice she was now familiar with.

“Officer Adams?” she said with a croaked voice.

“Did you go in side? Kendra said yes then said she didn’t get far and then ran back outside.

“Officer Adams, is she ok?” Kendra asked quietly.

The swat team had gone through the house; one body was dead he was struck by some glass behind his head followed by a gunshot wound. No sign of Betsie though.

Tears were streaming down Kendra’s eyes. She was allowed to go into her apartment to find out if anything missing was going on. The state of the place shook her up but made her way to her bedroom first. Checking her bedside draws she found a small box and opened it up.

It was a ring, a very beautiful engagement ring. She took it out and saw the writing O B & B A 15 09 2000 -.

She dropped the box and found a letter with the box.

“Darling Betsie,

Not a day goes past when I don’t think of you. I have loved you since we went to high school together, when we won king and queen in our school prom was a very special day for me and for you where we finally made love for the first time. Your 18th when you told your parent’s you wanted to move states so you could be with me and join the force. 21 when you found out you couldn’t because you were too good for them. 25 was your best year yet. It was when we found each other working under cover and found our way back in each other’s arms.

Though the past 2 years I am sorry I wasn’t there. I should have been better fiancé to you but I couldn’t and for that I am sorry. You have always been the love of my life. Kendra will get over me one day and will find someone who could love her more. I am a bastard for hurting her and even more of a coward for not telling her the truth about us.

Maybe one day we can be together for ever. All my love Oliver xx..

Kendra had tears down her eyes, she was furious, sad and frustrated. The two people she cared about hurt her and now she didn’t know what to do.

Officer Adams found Kendra curled up with the letter and ring close to her side.

He came over and placed his arms over her to comfort her.

“They were lovers” she couldn’t hold it together anymore and finally broke down again.

Betsie Part 2

Betsie heard her phone ring. She looked at it and saw Kendra’s number popped up. She didn’t need this she had 5 more hours to find out if she could leave for London. If she did she would go and not come back.

She looked around her room decided what to do. Kendra would eventually find out about her past with Oliver. She knew she would not be forgiven. She only moved here because of Oliver and he was now gone out of her life forever. She needed to start all over again. The first time in her 30 years she had never felt alone.

Betsie took her out laptop and started writing a note, a note that hopefully Kendra would find and could explain Oliver’s love. She typed it up and printed it out.

She found a suitcase and started putting in clothes and other accessories. She was going to leave it all behind. She went to her change her will and got it signed and dated. Stating that her apartment was now for Kendra and everything that belonged to her would go towards her friend. It was the least she could do.

Betsie finally made the decision, she was leaving for good. She called her boss to tell him that she

was going to London to help work on the case. She also told him that she wasn’t coming back.

Just as she was about to leave she noticed something strange was happening. Someone was trying to break into the apartment.

The intruder opened the door and found her cornered in her bedroom. She knew him. He was a friend of Oliver’s.

“Betsie, darling thought by now you should know it was me who killed Oliver.

“Darren he was your best friend why? Betsie was puzzled by this shock discovery. She spotted her behind her bed and slowly made her way to it.

“Why, it was just jealousy I wanted what he had. 2 beautiful women crawling after him. Desiring his every move. I mean if he could live a double life can’t I?” He noticed Betsie was trying to reach for something behind her bed and stood on her arm. His steal cap boots were heavy on her. Heavy enough for her arm to break.

“Betsie, are you hiding something from me darling?”

Betsie had tears scrolling down her face. She was trying to not feel the pain that was shooting through her body. She found the strength and kicked him hard. It distracted him and she was able to snatch the gun quickly and made a run for the lounge room. Her bag was there all ready to go.

“Betsie, please don’t go I need you just as much as Kendra needs you”

Betsie grabbed the lamp that was near her and tossed it over breaking a glass window.

“Bold move Betsie, really you want people to hear us?”

“That’s a little too late Darren.”

Betsie made her way around the kitchen bench. She grabbed the glass and smashed Darren. Hoping he would crumble down it didn’t how ever It had distracted him. She refused to shoot anyone but in this case she couldn’t. The only way for her get out of this was to shoot him. She had only one bullet left. She had to make it count.

Darren was starting to feel dizzy from the broken glass a slight concussion had turned him weak. It was now time to shoot him in the heart. The heart was what killed Oliver. Revenge wasn’t sitting in jail for 20 years over the murder of her soul mate Revenge was getting shot exactly where Oliver was shot.

Darren stared at Betsie in the eyes he was about to speak when she fired him. Darren reached out his hand to her within a few seconds he collapsed on the ground eyes staring right at Betsie his hands still reaching out to something. Betsie grabbed her bag and dashed out the door.

She spotted Kendra making her way up the stairs. The noise from her heels always gave way. She couldn’t see her friend like this. “Goodbye Kendra, my friend. Stay strong”

Betsie spotted Kendra walking into her apartment and made a run for it, she knew it wouldn’t be long till the cops came looking for her.


It was now 5 months later Kendra had renovated the apartment to her dream style rooms. The money from Oliver had come through and she found herself living comfortably without having to work.

A letter came to her that day addressed to her. It was writing she recognised straight away.

“Kendra, my best friend. I believe everything happens for the right reasons, though during the hard times it may never seem right. But at the end of the day it’s the final outcome.

I hope you are safe and well. You are special and I wish you the best in life. I am sorry for the pain I have ever gave you. I know you will never forgive me but you will always have part of my life.

I have something for you but it is in the national bank under your name, just bring your Id. I know this won’t help forgive me but I know this would help your future happiness. Your true friend always B.

Later on that afternoon. Kendra found herself walking to the bank. She did what Betsie told her to do. Brian Adams was by her side holding her tight. Kendra was shaking all over. She was handed a letter. She quickly opened up envelope and took the letter out. It was a bank statement made out in her name. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She had a separate bank account in her name with a lump sum of $5,000,000. Kendra screamed out loud. In shock horror and covered her mouth.

“Brian, she.” Tears were down Kendra’s face. A smile lit up. Something Brian has never seen before.

“You know Betsie, always wanted to tell you the truth but Oliver was to scared.

Kendra hugged Brian for a long time mixed emotions running through her mind. Kendra had never felt more safe with Brian in all of her life. She was truly overwhelmed. Adam’s had stuck by her side from day one.

“It this what a happy ending is supposed to look like?” She asked him.

Brian moved closer to her and kissed her hair then her mouth.

“Yes, it is. You deserve all the happiness in the world Kendra. All of it.

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