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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, or is it? Follow some people, peep into their lives and discover yourself

Mystery / Drama
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Jason, Tony, Carla, Sweeney

“Oh come on, Jason. You have to start cooperating.”

“Mr. Sharma, you have to realize what I’m going through right now.” Dr. Jason smacked his lips and started chanting again “I don’t know who I am” exactly 10 times before stopping for 10 seconds and chanting again.

Sharma put his hand over his forehead and sighed in disbelief, “Your honor, he is clearly insane but that doesn’t nullify murder. This man murdered his own wife with his bare hands. He should be punished as severely as possible.”

“HAHAHEHAHHE” Jason laughed like a raging clown, “I am not insane, I suffer from DID, Mr. Sharma. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who I am.”

“Since every lawyer refused to take my case, I have to speak for myself. I like that very much. But, do I act like a lawyer? Do I act like a doctor? I don’t know who I am.” Jason’s laugh reverberated through the courtroom, sending a chill down his daughter’s spine, sitting in the front row.

Sharma put his hand on head again

(He seems to do that a lot)

“Why are even entertaining this? We should not even listen to this, hell, he shouldn’t even be here. He should be in an institution away from humanity.” Sharma slammed his hand on the table beside him

“You seem quite appalled there, Sharma. Tell me, do you know who I am?” Jason asked in a calm manner.

“You are a raging lunatic.” Sharma was expressionless, “who brutally tore the intestines of his wife.”

“You dare talk to Jason that way? I will have your head under my foot by the end of this hearing, you lowlife mongrel.” Jason’s voice echoed inside Sharma’s head.

“HAHAHAHEHEHE” he laughed, again.

“Don’t you see?” Dr Jason said, “Don’t you see what you’ve done? You’ve led me straight to a crisis, all of my alternate personalities are raging, I can collapse any second now, and that would be it.”

“I don’t know I am. That’s funny.” Sharma smirked.

“Quite a good defense you’ve built for yourself. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to work. A murder is a murder.”

“Excuse me your honor, but the prosecutor does not know the proper way to approach a person such as Jason.” Tripathi, Jason’s psychiatrist, spoke.

“Not only Jason, Doctor. Jason, Tony, Harshit, Carla, Sweeney, Adam, Jerry, Thomas.” Jason said while staring Sharma.

“You are insane, Jason. Deal with it.” Icy words came out of Sharma's mouth.

“O wise one, don’t humor me.” Jason mocked, “I’m insane? HAHAHA, you people keep repeating the court hearing every month and expect a different result. That’s insanity. Murdering my wife was…a mistake, a tragedy, an action carried out of frustration because sometimes people just DON’T LISTEN! You want to know why I choked her to death. She kept calling me insane.”

Suddenly, something changed. Jason changed; he seemed weaker and more…scared. He again started chanting, I don’t know who I am. He said, “I am sorry, Mr. Sharma. Sweeney…has anger issues. He killed Martha, Jason’s wife. Surely, you must know her.”

“Jason? What is this? What is happening?” Sharma was frustrated.

“Ah, that’s tony, always the scared one.” Jason chuckled.

“Dr Tripathi, I thought we agreed that he will be stable for the next hearing.” Sharma said.

“As you can see Mr. Sharma, Jason has been having an identity crisis. His son asked him about his mom and Carla thinks that they don’t need the medication. It’s been a tough month for him.” Tripathi tried to de-escalate the situation.

“Obviously, this hearing is going nowhere.” The judge finally spoke from his high chair and in his deep baritone.

“The court has other matters to attend to. So, I say we convene again in a month. Tripathi, get a hold of the accused. The court is adjourned.” The judge declared.

“And they say I’m the insane one.” Jason whispered.

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