Rose's Mystery Cruise

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Confusing Reality

His eyes truly were hypnotising. Even though, something at the back of my mind was telling me to look away, not to get so swept up but how could you not? “Chris!” I heard myself say, even if it was only a quiet squeak.

“It’s Dr ..! How do you know my name, anyhow?”

At that moment, he chose to blink, turning his head away from me... Causing the spell to break. I blinked my eyes a couple of times, trying to understand what just happened. I could see that he was now reaching behind me. I realised then, I was leaning up against the bed with my head resting on his arm, that was until he slowly moved it and placed a pillow there instead.

The doctor then started to slide across the floor until he was kneeling at my side. I slowly took that moment to look around, wondering why I couldn’t hear my friend; Kate would surely be laughing her head off at what had just happened. I blinked my eyes a few times but no matter how much I did... There was no sign of her.

I suddenly felt something slide over my left wrist. Looking down, I could see two fingers pressing gently each side of my wrist.

“Don’t worry, I’m only checking your pulse,” Chris reassured me.

I looked up to see that prize winning smile spreading across his face. What the hell happened to me? I suddenly remembered the bathroom and the tub... Oh, my god, the blood! “Is someone hurt?” I heard myself asking.

“Not unless you are!” The doctor said as he slowly moved is fingers away. “Your pulse is certainly a little high.”

I slowly looked around me and took in my surrounds not only was my friend gone but so was that secret room. I couldn’t see where it was along the wall but it didn’t mean it wasn’t there. God, my imagination was starting to run wild; I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t! I looked back at the doctor and wondered if he was even real, as he had disappeared, twice now!

Then I suddenly remembered the dog; Lucky - I couldn’t see her anywhere. “Lucky!” I called out, hoping she would come running.

“Who’s Lucky?” The doctor asked.

I stared back in confusion to see an equally confused face staring back at me; didn’t he remember Lucky? Once, he didn’t remember me, now it was Lucky or was that a moment of my imagination? How do I know what is real and what isn’t? “Don’t you remember, you introduced me to her?” I tried, once more to jog his memory.

“I don’t remember introducing you to anyone,” he responded back.

That must mean I had imagined it. That would explain why he just walked away without even saying goodbye.

“The last time I saw you, was the first time I met you; Mr Mann was acting in his usual friendly way. Do you remember that?”

I nodded my head in answer. “Thank you for that.”

The doctor took that moment to smiled back. “Now, let’s get you off the floor and onto the bed, so you can rest a little.”

The doctor slowly moved closer to me again as I started to lift myself off the floor but for some reason, he didn’t try to touch me.

“Would you like me to assist you?′ he asked instead.

Somewhere deep inside me was telling me to say yes; I would love his arms wrapped around me but there was still that nagging feeling present. So, I found myself shaking my head. “I’m sure, I can manage.” I slowly moved my back up the side of the bed and then slowly laid back until my head hit the pillow. As soon as I was lying comfortable, I realised my eyelids were getting quite heavy.

“Why don’t you rest here for a while and I’ll come back and see you later.”

I truly wanted to argue with him but my eyes had a mind of their own and they slowly closed shut.

I quickly opened them again to come face to face with more darkness. Oh, not again! I could make out the doctor’s profile still standing beside the bed. “What happened?” I heard myself ask, even though, I knew the answer.

“Well, it looks like you fall asleep in my bed!”

Now, that wasn’t the answer I was expecting or the person who spoke it. Certainly wasn’t the doctor’s voice but I did know who it did belong too; that voice had drilled itself into my brain with a label attached to it - ‘Avoid at all costs!’

What was he doing here? Was he following me? Hold on a moment, he said I was in his bed. But how can that be? The crew’s quarters were below me, weren’t they?

“Waiting for me, were you?” Paul said in a lustful tone as he started to lower himself onto the bed.

Oh, not again! Why did I have to be stuck with this guy?

Paul started to lean down towards me and in that instant, I felt my body come alive as I quickly moved across to the other side of the bed. Before I knew what was happening next, I was being dragged back by a very strong grip and a body pinning me down.

Even though it was still quite dark. I could make out that same lustful look staring down at me that I remembered seeing on his face when I first lied eyes on him.

“U sure love playing hard to get, don’t you?”

I could feel his hot breath on my face. This time, I felt nothing but fear as he moved over me completely and I started to feel the evidence of how turned on he was pressing against me.

In that instant, I heard a very quiet gasp and for a second there I couldn’t work out who had made that noise until I realised it was me. As I made another gasp which was slowly getting louder until I was screaming at the top of my lungs - I doubted anyone would hear me unless the doctor was still close by.

No matter what I was thinking. I continued to scream. That was till I felt something press over my mouth - Quieting, my voice!

“Do I have to gag you? I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?” Paul continued to tease me.

Now that did scare me. Especially if he was going to gag and tie me up. I would then be even more defenceless than I was now. I quickly closed my eyes... If this was going to happen, I didn’t want to see it. Maybe Paul might get the hint and give up – I could only hope!

“Paul Mann!”

Before I could take in who said that. I felt Paul lift himself off me, so fast... It was as if those very words actually burned him.

I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes, just yet – I was afraid I would find things as they were a moment ago; Just Paul and I, with no saviour as I hoped! Maybe I said his name without realising and Paul was just staring down at me, waiting for me to finally open my eyes.

Everything was silent, except for my own heavy breathing. I couldn’t stand this for one moment longer, so I slowly took a peek between my eyelids. At that same moment, I heard that same voice, once again.

“I warned you, didn’t I?”

So that demanding, high pitched voice hadn’t been me. I truly did have a saviour but who was the owner of this female voice? I could see that Paul was now sitting up beside me with his back to me.

“I... Huh... I..!” Paul was struggling to say as he kept his arm up in front of him which must have been to shield his eyes from the bright light that shone upon him.

I truly wanted to know who could make this man so tongue tired. So when I finally turned my head a little... I quickly held in a gasp of surprise. Even though, I should have known – Who else could sound so tough and demanding? Making you feel like you were up against the headmistress.

“Don’t even think about explain yourself out of this!” Mrs Keats continued as she shone a touch directly down towards us, making me squint.

In that next instant, her hand was flying out making contact with Paul’s head, snapping it sideways before turning around and following the trail of light that the torch gave off, leaving the room completely.

I could feel my heart rate speeding up again; where was my boss going? I thought she had come to save me.

I slowly looked back up at Paul waiting for him to turn around but for some reason continued to stare off into the darkness. In a way, I was grateful he didn’t; I really wanted him gone... ′Go after her. Please, go after her!′ I kept chanted in my head, hoping he would do just that. Once again, I was wrong; I could make out the outline of his head slowly turning back to me. Although, I couldn’t see the expression on his face.

“Look, what you did...”

I could tell from his tone of voice that he was mad as if it was my fault that he wanted to have his way with me.

“You’re a little slut, whoring yourself like this.” Paul continued to say. “You just love breaking up marriages, don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe he was saying this; I was certain my dress wasn’t that revealing or was it?

“Up to your old tricks again, are you?” I heard another voice.

Who had said that? It certainly wasn’t Paul’s voice. So that meant someone else was in the room; Had my boss returned? No, that voice was definitely male.

Paul took that moment to quickly snap his head back around, almost making the bed move with him. “None of your business! So stay out of it.” He snapped back as he gazed around the room, not sure where to look.

“It is my business when it concerns one of my patients.” The person snapped back.

I sure did recognise that voice now; It was Chris! No, Dr Stevenson, he prepared. Nevertheless, he was truly my saviour. Just hopefully, he didn’t decide to walk away like the other times. He just keeps coming and going... Never staying in one place too long. I suppose that was just the Doctor in him; One patient after another!

“Sick in the head maybe, but not ill enough to need you.” Paul snapped back.

God, I truly hated Paul; how could he blame all his wrong doings on everyone else? If anyone was sick in the head, it would be him for acting this way. Why, wasn’t he one of the people to disappear? Before, I thought he was the one responsible for all this. But for some reason, I doubted it! He didn’t seem capable of planning something like this. Then again, I could be wrong.

“Everyone aboard this ship is my patient. Including you Mr Mann.”

“Well, I don’t need a Doctor. Especially one, who sticks their noses in other people’s business.” Paul continued arguing back. “And follows everyone around – Tell me doc, does it give you pleasure following me. Or maybe, it’s Miss Carr here that you are really following.”

Paul surely didn’t give up - Had to make sure he had the last word... Degrading everyone in the process.

It sounded like Chris wasn’t even going to respond to that and to be honest, I didn’t blame him. Paul was just too big headed and it wasn’t worth retailing.

After a few moments of silence, Paul decided to continue on, “Oh, did I let out one of your secrets..?” then he took that moment to stand up glaring out into the darkness, where the Doctor must be standing. “Well, it seems like she enjoys whoring herself and teasing everyone so maybe she will open her legs for you,” Paul said as he strolled off with a bounce in his steps.

I truly couldn’t believe he said all that. How did he even get away with saying things like that? I really wished the sea would open up and swallow him whole.

A figure slowly started walking closer to me, I hoped it was the Doctor and not Paul returning as I was about ready to hit him... Did I really just think that? Yes, I did and at this moment, I truly believe I could go through with it. To my relief and disappointment, I could make out it was Chris as he lowered himself onto the bed beside me; The very spot Paul just vacated. I truly wondered if I really could go through with violence.

All of a sudden, I felt something warm touch my hand and realised Chris had placed his hand on mine. My hand had been clutched to form a fist until he started stroking it, making me loosen my grip.

“Take it easy, he truly isn’t worth it,” Chris reassured me.

I slowly sat up making us both eye level and before I realised what I was doing, I was raising my arms and wrapping them around Chris’s neck. In that next instant, I felt him fall towards me as if he was losing his balance, causing me to fall back ending up where I was a moment ago.

I slowly opened my eyes which I didn’t realise I had closed... To find those baby, blue eyes staring back at me. Chris was now in the same position Paul had been before Mrs Keats had interrupted him. Well, not quite. But I could feel this chest pressing down upon me.

At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything, except those blues eye’s staring back, I felt so calm as if I were out at sea; the clearest, crystal blue ocean, I had ever seen - I truly never wanted to leave!

I continued to stare into those ocean blues, wishing they could carry us over the waves away from everything that was happening... To our own paradise.

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