Rose's Mystery Cruise

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The Mystery of Kate

One hotel, in the centre of London, a young girl was looking out over the balcony and down towards Hyde Park.

The sun was shining down, highlighting her dark hair, making it appear lighter.

The air was almost non-existent, which is exactly why, at that moment, the girl stood in one of her summer dresses; a short light blue dress that came just above her knees. There was hardly any breeze at all, but her summer dress moved over her as if in a silent dance. She breathed in deeply, leaning against the railing and slowly gazed up into the crystal, blue sky above her.

Lost in her own world, she didn’t notice the sudden movement behind her until something slides around her waist and a body press up against her from behind. This made her jump, slightly.

She all of a sudden felt hot air come over her ear. “I’m sorry, I have to do this,” he whispered, which made her stiffen up. “They are watching, my love,” he continued to say.

She slowly lifted her leg, situating it between his two and kicking up. This made him loosen his grip, kneeling down, holding himself in pain. She took the opportunity to pull his arms behind his back. “Run, while you can,” he said as if the situation was reversed. “Why, would I do that?” she breathed into his ear, but before she knew what was happening next; she felt a sharp pain shoot through her skull and everything went totally dark.

I could feel myself coming around and quickly sat up in fear. At the same time, felt like I was being pushed back down and I knew I had to fight this. That was until I heard a familiar voice say, “Hey, it’s just me.” I realised instantly, that it wasn’t the same person. Slowly, as I opened my eyes I could feel my heart rate calming down. I came face to face with that look, that for some reason made me feel warm inside and could never resist smiling back - Her eyes were staring right at me, so full of love; my friend, Kate. “It’s just another dream, now up you get and I’ll take you to an even better one,” she stated, trying to encourage me, before turning around and walking back through the door.

This was my friend all over, ‘show you care but, don’t encourage it,’ Kate’s own motto. And it certainly wasn’t her only one.

As I started to get up and ready for what laid ahead, that dream was playing through my head, over and over again. I had had many dreams and they always consisted of violence. It was a different storyline but always the same ending. The one thing that really concerned me and the therapist I used to see that I was always watching as if it was happening to someone else but I always felt and heard everything as if it was me.

“Rose, what’s taking you so long?” My best friend called from the other room, instantly, interrupting my thoughts. ‘No point dwelling on things that aren’t real.’ I could hear kate saying in my mind.

“Why won’t this damn thing shut?” I mumbled to myself, ignoring Kate’s ranting.

This suitcase was determined to fight back against my actions, but why? I hadn’t packed that much, just the main things for a two-week cruise. I won’t let this damn thing beat me, though. Even if I have to break the zip. Well, I suppose that wouldn’t be such a good idea. I would have a broken suitcase and know-how of carrying my stuff.

“Get a move on.” Kate sounded impatient as her face appeared around the door frame. “Or the ship will leave without you.”

“This damn suitcase is too small.” I moaned back while trying to push it down harder.

“Here...” My friend’s whole frame appeared in the doorway. “Let me try.” Kate was confident in everything nothing was a challenge for her; With light blonde hair and dark green eyes, she was a catch for any man. That is one thing Kate doesn’t lack.

She strolled right over and opened the case completely. “Haven’t you ever packed a case before?” Kate asked sarcastically.

“Of course I have,” I snapped back.

“By the looks of this, I’d disagree.”

“Fine! show me how. Miss know-it-all.” I slowly started crossing my arms in front of me. “Let’s see you attempt the impossible.” I knew Kate could do it she could do anything. Well, everything that I had witnessed so far.

A cheeky grin suddenly appeared on my friend’s face as she started to unpack the already jammed, packed suitcase. I knew she would fall for that; Kate could never resist a challenge!

While this was happening, I started remembering the first day I met Kate. It was just over six months ago; It was a car accident that had brought us together. My parent’s car had somehow overturned. I don’t remember much only trying to wake my parents up. Deep down I knew they wouldn’t ever open their eyes again.

That was the moment that Kate’s face appeared through the smashed window. I will never forget that smile on her face as she started reassuring and helping me out the car without causing any more injuries.

Also, if it hadn’t been for her I would have been dead too; At that very moment, I had been dragged away from the car it decided to blow up. My friend pushed me straight to the ground and that had been the last thing I remembered until waking up in the hospital and finding out that Kate had never left my side. Ever since then we had become the best of friends sharing a flat together!

“There... That’s how you do it,” Kate interrupted my thoughts. “And look the case closes completely without forcing it.”

I smiled at Kate. “What would I do without you?”

Another cheeky grin appeared on Kate’s face before she finally stated what was on her mind. “You could take me instead.”

“If you can fit yourself in there...”

Kate took that moment to interrupt me. “Is that a challenge?”

Now this certainly made me laugh, my friend sure was very amusing. “I doubt you can fit in there with all my stuff as well.”

Kate started laughing along with me before saying. “You could take me, instead.”

“There is no way you could fit in that case.”

“Would you like me to try?” Kate lifted her right eyebrow waiting for just that challenge.

I quickly dragged my case off the bed before my friend even tempted to unpack all my stuff again. “Amusing, as that sounds it would only make me late.”


Ignoring my friend’s sad face that I knew wouldn’t last long, made my way over to the door. “So is there any chance we could get moving before the ship does?” I asked without turning back around.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to get you to do, for the past half an hour.”

“Let’s get going then,” I responded back while grabbing my handbag off the side before making my way to the main door.

Just as I approached the door, my case was suddenly snatched out of my hand. “Come on slow coach! You can drive.” My friend stated as she rushed out the door with my case knocking against her leg.

Kate knew very well that would never happen. I hadn’t been able to drive since the accident, which wasn’t from any injury, but fear alone. Just being a passenger was bad enough. Although there wasn’t much I could do about that. Not if I wanted to go 50 odd miles and only one hour and a half to do it in.

By the time I made it out the door, Kate was already leaning back against her car waiting for me, my case already packed away in the boot.

As I approached her, she reached her hand out towards me with the car keys dangling from her fingers.

“Go on, you need to start again sooner or later,” Kate announced.

Kate always keeps pushing me towards doings things I’m now afraid of. Some things she had managed to help me with, but driving was too much of huge step. For me, at least.

“No way, I can’t lose you too,” I stated. Deep down, I blamed myself for the accident; as I had been the driver of my parent’s car. Even though, Kate kept telling me over and over again that it wasn’t my fault. I still felt guilty, though.

My friend took that moment to smile. “You could never lose me.” Kate took that moment to move her arm back down and took a step towards me. “You’re stuck with me now. Wherever you like it or not,” She continued to say.

“And I would like to keep it that way,” I responded back.

“Oh, get in. Before I start bubbling,” Kate said before turning to open the passenger door.

“That will be a first if you start before I do.” My friend hardly ever cried unless I started it, then she was sure to follow. Not that Kate was unemotional. But since I have known her she hasn’t had a reason to cry. Maybe that was about to change as we were about to be apart for longer than we have ever been before.

My friend stood there holding the door open as I started to feel my own eyes moistening over at the very thought of two weeks away from her. I had thought about this a lot lately, it was just the first time in front of Kate.

“Don’t you dare start. You’re supposed to be enjoying the happiest day of your life.” Kate tried to remind me.

I quickly started to dab the corners of my eyes gently with my fingers, trying to stop the tears from falling. “I think there is always a reason to be emotional,” I said as I started getting into the car, but just before I sat down, I couldn’t help adding one last statement. “But you wouldn’t know anything about that. Would you, Mrs Spock?”

A cheeky grin all of a sudden appeared on Kate’s face. “If I was Mrs Spock, I would have used the Vulcan pinch hold on you by now,” My friend stated before shutting the door.

As Kate made her way around to the other side of the car. I was thinking how lucky I’ve been to have a friend like her; She was always there for me and most importantly very amusing which was exactly, what I needed.

When Kate got into the car with that same grin plastered all over her face. I couldn’t help wondering what I would do without her? This thought had been coming back to me over and over again. It was pretty scary, knowing that it might just come true. I didn’t have anyone besides Kate, not anyone that would be there for me. Since the accident, I have been living a new life. I don’t remember anything from before the crash, I must have only had my parents as no one came looking or responded to any missing ads. So I was ever so grateful for my friend to have stepped into my life at that very moment.

“Now let’s get you to your, future career!” Kate tried singing as she started the car and we were now on our way to my dream job; A lounge singer aboard a cruise ship! “Your future career, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!” She continued to sing.

I truly had to get her to stop singing; her high notes were way too sensitive for my ears. “Please, can we leave the singing to me?” I interrupted.

“Go ahead, you’re much better than the crap they have on the radio, nowadays.”

“I’d rather not.” I truly didn’t feel like singing, not when I was ready to jump out at any moment – Not that Kate wasn’t a good driver, she always stuck to the speed limit, at least when I was in the car she did. I knew Kate loved the thrill of speeding, but she was very sensible about it.

“Let’s see if we can find a decent enough radio station then.” My friend stated as she started messing about with the stereo and pulling out into the traffic at the same time.

I quickly looked away, it always gave me the creeps when she didn’t keep two hands on the wheel. I started staring out the side window, watching the buildings and people on the side streets until we come out into the countryside.

My friend started picking up speed and I turned back to face the windscreen realising Kate was truly putting her foot down.

I watched in horror as we started zigzagging between the cars. I could feel my heart racing as I started rocking from side to side. My seat belt was somehow stopping me from hitting the door.

What the hell was my friend playing at? This wasn’t like her at all. “SLOW DOWN!” I heard myself scream.

For some reason, Kate ignored me and we continued picking up more speed. My right foot was working overtime; trying to press the imaginary brakes, but no matter how many times I tried, the car still wouldn’t stop. I quickly squeezed my eyes shut wanting to block it all out.

I felt the impact before the car started spinning around and around out of control. I then felt another impact, which caused us to stop completely.

Did I somehow survive this like I did before? If I did what about Kate? At that moment I felt a rush of cool air against my face and my neck was really beginning to ache or was it pain? I was so afraid to open my eyes. That was until I felt something land on my left shoulder. I quickly snapped my eyes open to see a pair of dark green eyes glaring back at me.

“Are you alright?”

Kate! My friend had rescued me. Wait a minute, she had been the one driving. That meant we had both survived. I felt relief on that fact, but still, a little confused on the situation.

“Looks like you were having a bad dream,” my friend continued to say, with concern written all over her face.

A bad dream. But it had felt so real. That couldn’t have been a dream, could it? I slowly looked behind Kate to see we were surrounded by cars, not crushed, though. Cars that were parked one after the other; we were in a car park!

My friend started to help me out of the car and I realised we had arrived at the docks. I must have fallen asleep, but before I knew what was happening next I was falling sideways until I felt an arm around my waist holding me up.

“Rose, what’s the matter?” Kate asked me.

I started leaning back against the car as I realised my head was pounding and it truly hurt to hold it upright. Did I really just dream all that and if I did, why I’m I suffering like this?

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