Rose's Mystery Cruise

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Fears of the Unknown

I was truly close to panicking; especially with the memory of that so-called accident, I somehow dreamed of last night and with what was happening right in front of me - My dreams were one thing but at least when I woke up I always knew I’d been dreaming. But last night hadn’t felt like that at all. I don’t know how to describe it. Except, it felt so real, even afterwards.

I slowly stepped down from the stage, hoping and praying, I was dreaming. Once again, My friend would wake me up any moment, now.

Just as both of my feet landed on the dance floor, a gust of wind hit me squarely in the face; it felt so hard and cold as if I had just been snapped by a block of ice.

At that moment, I also noticed that the candles on the tables were now going out, one by one. I stood there staring in shock as the room started getting darker and darker.

I felt a shiver run down my spine as the whole room slowly, went dark. I could feel my hands stroking up and down my arms, feeling the goosebumps raising. It felt like someone had just opened a window but, I knew that was impossible; as we were below deck, in the middle of the ship - Suddenly, an image appeared in my mind; of me, standing in front of a tall building. It was very dark and I was trying my best to stay as warm as possible by lifting the thing on my arms up over my shoulders to block the chilly air that was blowing around me. I instantly realised that it was one of my dreams, one that kept repeating itself over and over. At least every week or so. The one, where I had been kissing some guy - I never did see his face, or though, I was staring right at him.

After the last candle went out, the heat slowly started circling me again as if that person had now closed that imaginary window.

I continued looking out into the darkness. I could only just make out the outline of the tables and chairs at the other end of the small, dance floor. I truly had no idea what to do, only that my fears as a child were now coming back to haunt me - Although, I don’t really remember my childhood but, wasn’t all children afraid of the dark. I certainly am now so I must have been the same when I was younger.

Oh, how I wished I had packed my friend instead. Kate would know what to do and how to deal with my fears – Like last night, when I woke up from such a nightmare. I was soon feeling better, enough to let it go, for that moment anyway. ”Take a deep breath and think of something that makes you feel good.” That was Kate’s advice at the time but, how could that work in this situation. Without Kate here, my fears of the unknown in the darkness was surely making a comeback. Especially, with all these shadows that were moving around in front of me. I wrapped my arms tighter around me, hoping it would comfort me and chase these ghostly figures away.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud crash, like glass smashing. “Who’s there?” My voice echoed around me which took me by surprise, causing me to jump backwards in fright – I felt the edge of the stage at the back of my heels and before I was aware of what was happening, I felt myself falling backwards and now I was sitting on the stage, itself.

I stared back out into the darkness thinking something would creep out on me, without me realising. As I continued to stare across the room a small light sudden appeared in the darkness, like a small candle flame.

As more small flames appeared, I knew it was the candle’s being re-lit but no candle could light itself, so that meant somebody was in the room, trying to scare me. They were doing a bloody good job; could feel my heart beating faster as if it wanted to burst right out of my chest.

As the candle lights got closer and closer to me, I was really starting to panic; I could see a shadow moving with the lights. Deep down, I really wanted to find out who this person was but, another part of me didn’t want to know.

The last candle was finally lit and I could make out the image of a person but, that person continued to stay in the darkness, away from the candlelight, staring right at me.

I could feel my throat tightening and all of a sudden found myself struggling to breath; Oh my god, I was having a panic attack. I quickly reached my hand up to my throat and let out a long deep breath – Realising, I had only been holding my breath. What a relief!

Then I suddenly remembered why I had been holding my breath and quickly lifted my head, expecting to see this person right in front of me but no, this person still hadn’t moved.

I continued to concentrate on my breathing as I kept an eye on that very person. I truly hated this... I just wished the person would show themselves and finally get on with what they wanted to do. Whatever that was!

This truly felt like one of my dreams, where I was about to enjoy myself; being up on stage, singing and then came the violence, where this person would jump out and attack me. Could this really be another? Will I wake up any moment now in my cabin about to start this night all over? Oh, how I wish that was true.

I decided to shout, for the person to reveal themselves but for some reason, no sound came out of my mouth. I tried shouting again but, still no sound. What the hell had happened to my voice?

Before I knew what was happening the person quickly rushed towards me. I never had time to take in any detail. Within a second they were standing right in front of me - Which caused me to lean back a little, in fright.

I stared up at this person but I still couldn’t see anything and that alone truly frightened me; this person still looked like a shadow. If it wasn’t for the outline of the shadow looking like a person, I would have truly thought I had entered a horror flick.

Then the shadow chose to raise their arm and I could make out the image of an object. As I continued to stare up at this object; I could make out it was some sort of vase. What were they going to do with that? Suddenly, the vase came flying down towards me. Oh, my god, they were going to hit me! I, all of a sudden heard a loud scream and felt my back collide with the stage floor, just before my head followed suit.

I quickly opened my eyes, not realising I had closed them in the first place. What I saw, really took me by surprise; Nothing! The person had vanished. I quickly shot up and looked around me but there was no sign of any shadow, anywhere in the room. Not a human shadow anyway! There were shadows still out there, though. Did that really just happened? Did I somehow fell asleep again? No, not this time – There was no way I would fall asleep during a moment like this.

The room was somehow back to how it was before I stepped off the stage; no movement or sound, just the candle lights casting shadows and the soft purring sound of the engines beneath me.

Even though the place was still empty, I could feel the hairs growing on the back of my neck which always meant I was being watched. I quickly turned my head to check behind me but only the same deserted stage greeted me. This stage was up against the wall so no-one could come up, behind me, anyway. I calmly took a deep breath, before I realised I was facing the wrong way. I quickly snapped my head back around but there was still no change.

Was there really someone behind all this? There must be as these sort of things, don’t happen in real life, only horror movies, and my dreams. So was all this a set up for some Television show? It certainly felt like it. If not, who could be behind all this? Wait! Could it be the guy that cornered me earlier? What was his name again..? Oh yes, Paul someone! Well, he did say something about me not being around after the show - So, it must be him! ”PAUL!” I heard my voice echo around me. “Paul, if this is your doing, you can stop, right now.”

I slowly stood up. I was determined to show Paul, what I thought of his tricks. Even though, deep down, I was still frightened by what he could do to me - Which reminded me of how my dream twin stood up to the person confronting her, with cunning and wit, not to mention lots of courage. Could I truly be turning into my dream twin? Who seemed to be the complete opposite. This shadow man in my dreams might be the same person I just saw; my therapist did say, ′my dreams must be related to my past’. If that is true, maybe this person wants revenge and just doesn’t know when to stop. So many thoughts but that’s all they are. What I wanted was answers and the question is, would I ever find them?

As I started to take a step forward, my foot knocked against something. I slowly looked down to see a shiny object, just a few inches away from me. Sitting down on the stage again, I reached out for the object; which I could see was a small glass vase. My hand froze above it, not being able to move it any further – Was that the same vase I saw a moment ago, that the human shadow was going to hit me with? This definitely proved I didn’t imagine it. That couldn’t have been there earlier or I would have tripped over it, long before now.

A could feel a tight pain in my chest and it was getting stronger by the minute, my breathing was getting quicker and heavier too! Who was that human shadow..? Paul!

As I continued to stare down at the vase that my hand was inches from touching, I started to realise that there was something in it; Looking like a flower of some sort. I moved my hand closer and slowly slid my fingers gently over the glass until I could pick it up completely. The closer the vase came to me, the more I could work out that the flower was a rose; A purple rose. I had never seen one that colour before – It must have been very hard to come by!

All of a sudden, I started coughing, one after the other; I could feel my throat tightening up again. But, I realised it wasn’t from fear alone, not this time. There was a very strong smell coming off the rose. I slowly brought it a little closer but I just started having a coughing fit again. I slowly settled the vase down on the stage beside me which helped my coughing to ease, slightly. I recognised the smell coming from the rose; It was my favourite perfume..! Midnight - A rich and musky smell! Was this some kind of sick joke? A rose, with my perfume on!

I slowly lifted my head and stared out at all the shadows lingering in the darkness, expecting the lights to come on and the sound of everyone laughing at me but, to my disappointment and relief, none of that happened; I would truly love for all this to be over. That way would be too embarrassing, though.

I continued to stare out into the darkened room, really wanting this to be over but no lights came on and there was no sound except for the engines below. Wait a minute, that means someone is driving the ship. Of course, they were... They might help me or maybe not, they could be in on this as well but there must be someone left onboard to help me. Either way, there was no point hanging around here.

At that thought, I slowly stood up, leaving the vase and the rose behind. I made my way across the dance floor towards the first lot of tables where I had first seen that shadow of a figure. As I made my way between the tables and chairs, I noticed there were half, empty glasses still sitting on top of the tables but there was nothing else; No personal items or anything that would belong to people that were here when I first walked in. I still couldn’t get my head around where all these people had gone. It wasn’t my imagination as the half, empty glasses proved against that. Was it just the people in this room who had vanished or was it the whole ship? I truly hoped it was the first part!

As I approached the main doors I saw that the darkness continued out into the corridor. Proving to me that the rest of the ship was properly the same. I suddenly, remembered coming through these doors earlier, with the Doctor following behind me; Will I ever see him again?

Suddenly the doors slammed shut, right in front of me which caused me to jump back with fright, with my hand over my chest, feeling my heart pounding again. I stared back at the closed doors before slowly turning around on the spot, taking in the rest of the room which still remained the same. Why is all this happening? What the hell did I do to cause someone to do this to me? My past will surely be the death of me!

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