Rose's Mystery Cruise

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Follow The Light

I turned back to face the main doors which were still closed - I was truly afraid of what was on the other side.

Suddenly, another image floated into my mind, of me facing a different set of doors but those ones were wide open with a really, bright light. The feeling I remember having was strange. I was scared but at the same time, I was eager to go through; as if my own body knew what awaited me and just couldn’t wait. I quickly took the first couple of steps towards the light, and it was then that the doors slammed closed, almost hitting me in the process. I could still remember the rush of air from the force of the doors closing, hitting me squarely in the face.

This suddenly got me thinking of everything that had happened to me so far - From leaving the apartment and standing right here, on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean; All these events that had accrued were somehow related to my dreams. Especially, my most recent ones. Except, the memory I just had. I truly don’t remember dreaming of anything like that. It could just be one of my older dreams that I just couldn’t remember. Although, I did use to write all my dreams down to see if there was a pattern to them and those ones I had read, over and over again. Could that memory truly be a real one and had somehow escaped from the back of mind?

I knew now wasn’t the time to focus on my past, even if it was following me into the present. So I took one last look around and when I found that nothing had changed; I was still alone. Except, for the shadows that lingered. At least, there was no sign of a human shadow. I did notice that some of the candles had gone out; Especially, the ones closer to me which I knew must have been from, the force of the doors closing.

I slowly made a complete circle and found myself facing those same doors - I knew, I wouldn’t get anywhere if I didn’t try to open them and find out what was on the other side. God, that sounded brave of me, more like what my friend Kate would say.

I slowly reached out for the handle, placing my fingers gently around it, afraid the doors would swing open again. When they didn’t, I took a quick look through the glass window but I still couldn’t see anything which was very strange. They always had some sort of light on in the corridors. I pulled on one the doors, wondering if it was locked. The door slowly gave way so I pulled it open, completely.

It was pitch black and I couldn’t even see past the door frame. I knew it wasn’t safe to go wandering around in the dark. Turning to the table beside the door, I could see that candle was still lit. So, I slowly reached over and picked up the vase, it was placed in.

I turned back and started walking closer just as a light appeared in the distance. It was a very small light, which was getting brighter and brighter as it made its way towards me.

I was truly afraid of what it was, didn’t want to take my eyes off it for a second. But the light was really starting to hurt me; I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and brought my arm up to shield my eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to close them completely, though.

The light got closer and closer which truly frightened me as I now knew I wouldn’t see what it was before it got me. What was it? What would it do to me? It was if my own memories, and dreams were coming back to haunt me.

My mind continued working in overdrive as I waited for what was to come. That was until the light surrounded me completely. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer but even with them closed, it felt like they were still open as the light shone through my eyelids.

"Mummy!” A faint child’s voice echo around me which caused me to open my eyes but, I quickly closed them again as the light continued to blind me. Was that really a child’s voice? It sure sounded that way; a very scared child and there was certainly a lot of fear in that voice.

Before I knew what I was doing, I started pushing myself forward through the bright light, into the unknown. I couldn’t stand the thought of a young child going through all this on their own; I had to try and help this child no matter what.

As I continued to walk forward, I tried to remember the layout of this corridor, that was until I collided straight into something. Luckily, I still had my arm in front of my face which lessened the blow a little. As I moved my arm around the object in front of me, realising it was the wall which proved I didn’t have that much of a good memory. I lead my arm along the wall letting that be my guide.

As I continued along, I realised I must have dropped the candle but I knew it would be of no use now. The light didn’t seem as bright anymore, so I took a small peek noticing the light was moving away from me. I opened my eyes completely, standing still watching as the light retreated along the corridor. That was until I heard that voice again.

"Mummy, Mummy, where are you?”

That voice was now a lot clearer, crying out for their mother but, where was she? No parent could abandon their own child, could they? Maybe the child had gotten lost, like me and stuck on this deserted ship. Wasn’t this supposed to be someone scaring me? Oh, I didn’t know what to think now...

I knew I couldn’t just leave this child to face whatever they were facing. Children were my weakness; so young and inexperienced. At that thought, I took another step in front of me and then other, determined to rescue this child.

I followed after the light. Somehow this light must be leading me the right way, or at least I hoped it was. I continued listening out for any other sound than the engine noise to know if I was going the right way.


I quickly stopped walking, that voice was definitely close as if they were now in the room next to me. I took a look around me seeing one door either side of me but, I also realised the light continued retreating away from me. Soon, I would be in complete darkness again if I let it go on without me.

What should I do? I could continue on after the light as it must be leading me somewhere. If I did it would mean abandoning the child. I quickly turned to face the door on my left, I could never leave a child behind.


The voice was getting faint again, I turned my head to see the light was still retreating away. Now it was only a faint light. This was so confusing... Was it just a trick? I knew that sound could do that, especially if it had to travel around corners or through heavy objects. So which way should I go?

If I checked the two rooms first I would lose the light completely, but if there was even a slight chance the child could be in one of these rooms, I would have to risk it. So I turned back around, to find that this door had no window. I could make out that there was a name on the door, but now the light had vanished and I was in complete darkness, once again.

Not that it mattered which room this was, it would just have been nice to know what I could be walking into. I pushed against the door but it wouldn’t move, was it locked? I felt around the door and my hand enclosed around a door handle. I pushed the handle down and the door gave way slightly, so pushed it open, completely.

I stood with my back to the door keeping it open, in case I had to make a quick exit. I couldn’t see anything, any shapes or shadows. “Hello!” I called out quietly, waiting for any sound to come back to me.

"Mummy. Is that you?” That voice came from behind me and it was still pretty faint. So I had chosen the wrong door... The story of my life; I never could remember getting things right the first time.

I turned around, walking back into the corridor and it was pitch black. I couldn’t even make out where the wall was on the other side, never mind the door I was looking for. I walked slowly across the corridor keeping my hands out in front of me, waiting for the contact with the wall. It seemed to take ages to reach the other side until I suddenly felt the impact. Thank goodness, for a second there I thought it had vanished along with everyone else.

I was lucky this time as I felt the outline of the door against my right hand. I didn’t have to search around the wall looking for it. I took a side step to my right and felt around for the door handle; I assumed this door would be the same as the other one but, I was wrong. There was no handle and when I tried to push against it, the door still wouldn’t move; which meant the door must be locked.

“Hello, is everyone in there?” I called out as I banged my hand against the door.

"Mummy, help me, I’m scared!” I heard the child, call back. That voice definitely came from the other side of this door. But, how was I going to open it?

“Hey Sweetie, can you hear me?” I called back through the door. Somehow I had to find a way to open this door, but first I had to reassure the child that I would help.

For some reason, the child didn’t respond back. Not that I could hear of anyhow. I pressed my ear against the centre of the door. Still nothing so I tried again. “Sweetie, please answer me.” Maybe the child realised I wasn’t their Mother and was even more scared. Sweetie, I won’t hurt you. I’m going to help get you out of there.” Still, no response. I had no idea what was going on in there. The child could be hurt for all I knew.


What the hell was that? I froze with my ear against the door, looking in the direction I was certain it came from. It sounded like a growl; it had been very faint and if I have the right direction, then it was coming from the same way that light disappeared to.

I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. Well, I’m sure that was what was going ′thump, thump, thump,′ wasn’t it? It was either my heart or the sound of something coming closer.


The corridor was still pitch black so I couldn’t see anything. Was it a dog or something far worse? I knew some dogs could be dangerous, but I was sure I hadn’t met one yet. Maybe that was about to change. Whatever it was, it sure sounding like an animal. If it was, I’m sure I’d see its eyes before it attacked me.

Could I be wrong about this person only trying to scare me? He might want me to get hurt as well! Paul did look close to raping me, I’d admit. But did he really want to hurt me, physically? I truly didn’t know him at all so who knew what he wanted. Or if he really was behind all this.


A scream suddenly interrupted my thoughts.


Followed by another growl. What was going on? It certainly hadn’t been me. Could it be the child? I couldn’t tell where the scream came from as it somehow echoed around me.

“Sweetie, speak to me.” I had to make sure it wasn’t the child. “I need to hear your voice.” I continued to try, without taking my eyes away from the direction that growl came from. I still got no response. I sure hoped the child was O.K or, at least, safe.


That sound was surely getting louder. I had no idea what to do. I knew, I needed to find something to open this door; I couldn’t leave the child. Which way could I go anyway? I knew there was another way out of the lounge but, where did it lead till? I couldn’t remember, my mind had gone completely blank.

I was about to lift my head away from the door when I finally saw a pair of yellow eyes staring back at me. I guessed from the height that it was either a dog or a wolf. What the hell would either of them be doing on a cruise ship? Not that it mattered right now... I just found myself staring back, unable to move, even though my mind was telling me to run like the wind. But my brain for some reason wasn’t connecting with the rest of me.

Those eyes were surely hypnotising me as they got closer and closer. My heart truly was pounding this time; I could feel it vibrating through the door, making it echo into my ear.

Oh, my god, I was going to be attacked by some fierce animal. I really wanted to scream my own head off, right now but what good would it do; Everybody had vanished. I was all alone, in this corridor. I was glad the child was safe in this locked room, safe from the animal, at least.

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