Rose's Mystery Cruise

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Alone, No More!

I realised that this so-called animal had suddenly stopped, their eyes didn’t seem to be getting any closer. What was the animal waiting for? I was certain it could see me; I had heard animals could see better than humans - Especially, in the dark.

There was also one other that was scaring me; Every situation, so far, since everyone had disappeared, I had dreamed of or least had some sort of memory from that experience. But, I didn’t remember any sort of animal. Or anything that was socialised with this sort of thing. So what did that mean? I knew very well what it meant - There was nothing to help me conquer this. So far, I had managed to get through these situations and I think that was because I knew I had faced it before and had somehow given more confidence to defeat them again. How else could I have gotten through them?

Now, I was clueless on how to proceed. Somehow, I doubted I could do anything as my body just wasn’t responding, couldn’t move a muscle, was frozen in fear. The animal continued to hypnotise me with those eyes. I could feel my heart pound faster, waiting for the animal to finally attack me.

Before I knew what was happening next, I was falling sideways causing me to hit the floor, hard. Then a somewhat familiarly voice yelling at me.


I could feel something nudging my stomach as I took in my surrounds; I was lying in the entryway of the door that had been closed and locked a second ago.

"MOVE IT!” The person continued to yell. ”OR I’LL FEED YOU TO THE WOLF, MYSELF.”

Not liking that tone of voice or what he was frightening me with, I quickly dragged myself across the floor, into the room itself. Before I heard the door slam shut and not a moment too soon - The last thing I heard was the animal whining. I turned back to stare at the closed door, feeling sorry for it. Did this guy have to do that? I was glad there was a door between the animal and myself, but still, that small noise the animal made tore deep inside me.

I realised the person who had saved me was standing right by my feet. He was wearing black trousers and as I took in the rest of him... Hoping and praying I was wrong, on who this person was. My doubts continued as I took in the white shirt and the ships logo. I finally lifted my head up high and saw the very face I never wanted to see, ever again. But the only person I knew I would.

“Well now, I thought I might see you again,” Paul said, with that same grin on his face - That he had somehow drilled into my memory.

“And I you!” I responded back, before starting to get up off the floor and as I did I felt every muscle groaning back at me. But somehow I managed to stand on my own two feet again – My right arm started to throb. I reached it with my other hand and started to massage it, hoping to ease it a little. I surely didn’t want to start complaining, not in front of this guy. I doubt there was much he could do, or if he would even care.

“Looking forward to seeing me again, were you?” Paul asked as he took a step closer to me and than another.

I could feel myself walking backwards. So my body was eager to move away from Paul, but not from an animal attack – Fear paralysis me but somehow uneasiness didn’t. I would have to remember that.

“The exact opposite,” I responded as Paul continued to advance towards me.

“Now come on don’t be shy. I knew you couldn’t resist my charms.”

How could he possibly think that? “I already have a boyfriend!” I heard myself lie back to him; It was the only thing I could come up with. But with the look on Paul’s face... I doubted he believed me, anyhow.

“What does it matter now..?”

Just then, I felt something solid behind me; I must have walked backwards into the wall on the other side of the room. That meant the room was pretty small as I had only taken a few steps.

“We’re about to die down here, so let’s take an advantage of it,” Paul continued to say.

Did he just say what I think he said? At that moment, I started to remember all that had happened and that sentence alone proved to me that he knew what was going on; I had been right all along.

"YOU!” I could feel all my anger building up into my throat. ”YOU’RE THE ONE BEHIND ALL THIS,” I continued to yell.

I could see that Paul was very shocked by my outburst; causing him to stand where he was, staring back in surprise - I was just as shocked... Where had that come from?

“Me! I thought you might be the one!” Now, what was he going on about? Was he trying to make a joke out of all this? “I thought you had set all this up,” Paul continued to say as that wide grin started to appear on his face again. “So, we could have this moment alone.” He took that moment to move closer so he was only a few inches from me.

Now I knew he was only joking, about my part in this, at least. “And now, I will have what I want.” Paul purred as his hand reached up and I thought he was going to place it on the wall beside me. But no, not this time. His fingers came in contact with my cheek, instead.

I truly wanted to slap his hand away but for some reason, I couldn’t. What a time for my body to betray me now!

“Your doctor, won’t save you this time,” Paul said as he stroked his fingers gently down my cheek.

Paul stepped right in front of me, lowering his head slightly so he was eye level. Staring at me with that lusty look on his face as he continued to stroke my cheek.

I could feel myself dreading what he would do next. Even though, I knew what the end result would be. What could I do now? Think Rose... Think! There must be something you can do, no one will save you this time. Only you can.

I could see that Paul was getting closer by the minute and without even thinking about it, my hands reached up and pressed back against his chest – I truly didn’t want to touch him full stop but what other choice did I have.

Paul took that moment to glance down at my hands before looking back at up again. “Couldn’t wait to touch me, could you?” He asked while pressing himself up against my hands. “Now, it’s my turn.”

At the thought, that might be going through his head. I quickly moved my hands and pressed them against the wall, behind me. Wishing I could push it back but that movement caused Paul to step up against me; I could feel his chest pressing up against my breasts while his fingers slowly moved over my throat and down to my shoulder.

Now, I truly was paralysed; there was fear shooting through me. More than, when I faced that wolf. If that was even possible... But it sure felt that way - I think I’d rather be attacked by some animal, then be molested by this guy.

All of a sudden, I felt something solid along the edge of my left hand, wondering what it could be. I moved my hand over the object completely, hoping it was something I could use to fight my way out of this.

Paul continued to glide his fingers over my shoulder before his face started getting closer to me. Oh, my god. He was going to kiss me! I started moving my head slightly to the left - No way was I going to let him kiss me. Not willingly, anyway.

For some reason, he avoided my lips and even my face completely. Didn’t even try to force me - That was until I felt his lips against my throat but it wasn’t just his lips; I could feel a wet sensation at the same time.

Now this object that I could feel my hand closing over, better be something heavy - I truly wanted to knock this guy out completely. Well, it was certainly made of wood as I felt the smooth texture along my fingertips. I managed to close my hand right around it but for some reason, I couldn’t move it away from the wall – Great, an object that was stuck to the wall. This was surely no help.

All of a sudden, I felt a warm sensation sliding down along my left thigh, knowing what it was made me freeze completely. Glad, I had decided to wear a long dress after all – Not that it would help me. But at least, it will take him longer to achieve his goal; giving me more time to stop him.

As I started to move my hand away from the object that was stuck to the wall. I felt it give way at little, so I continued to push it down even more before I realised what it was – This wasn’t just any object, it was a handle.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I was leaning up against a door, not a wall, after all. Was it a way out of here, or just a storage cupboard? Either one would put distance between us. I tried to move my head to take a better look, but as I did my whole body started to turn as well.

I heard Paul make a slight moan at the back of his throat, as his hand had now moved to the front of my dress and was ever so close to the last place I wanted it. “Turning you on, am I?”

Ignoring that question, I concentrated on opening the door, behind me. Not caring anymore, on where I ended up. Just praying, it was a way out of here, that had a lock on the other side. Which I doubted but at least, it would give me a chance to run.

I pulled the handle down completely, getting myself ready to run as fast as I could. Hoping I could get far enough away before Paul realised what was happening. Couldn’t believe my luck, when I felt the door give way a little; it was unlocked!

Just as I was about to push my whole weight against the door, I felt my dress strap sliding over my shoulder and his lips over the spot it just vacated. The door gave way completely and I felt cold air hit me instantly, but I knew there was no time to find out what or where I was. Just glad that the corridor was lit up as brightly as this room.

I took off running down the corridor, not paying any attention to where I was going.

"FINE!” I heard Paul shout. ”PLAY, HARD TO GET!”

Did he think I was challenging him? I sure hoped he wasn’t chasing after me – I bet Paul knew this ship better than I did; he could have circled around and about to appear in front of me, at any moment. With that thought in mind, I took the first flight of stairs I came to - I knew I had made the right choose when I decided not to wear the tight, fitted dress or I would have fallen flat on my face by now.

A slight noise made me slow down, it was more like a crackling sound which was definitely coming from above me. I even started to smell something that wasn’t quite right, causing me to stop completely. I looked around and realised I was about halfway up the stairs until I saw a shadow move along the floor, beneath me.

I continued to stare down, excepting Paul to come running up, after me. I started hearing soft footsteps approaching but they did sound very faint; was that just Paul tiptoeing, hoping to surprise me?

At that moment, the shadow got larger. But I realised it wasn’t a human shadow this time; it looked more animal-like. Oh no, the Wolf had found me again!


I heard that growling sound again, knowing I was right and just to prove that a wolf-like animal suddenly appeared at the bottom of the stairs; with its sharp teeth reflecting back at me.

How did it find me so fast? Could it smell me? I had heard that some animals had a good sense of smell - Especially when it came to fear and I bet I was reeking of it. I was glad to see that the animal made no move to climb the stairs; as I doubted, I could outrun a wolf, or even run full stop. My breathing was still laboured and quite heavy, even my legs felt quite weak.

I slowly turned around but kept looking back in case I did have to start running again. I slowly walked up a couple of more steps. Until this strong smell sudden hit my nose. I could even feel it burning down my throat starting to make me cough.

When I came eye level with the floor above, I could see a lot of black smoke and beyond that was a wave of fire; zigzagging along the carpeted floor, towards me.

Just great! Not only did I have a wolf after me but now a wave of fire. I could feel my own hands sweating as they started gripping the handrail, very tightly. Now, my time was surely up; there was no way I could get past that fire or the wolf behind me.

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