Rose's Mystery Cruise

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Difficult Choices

I continued to watch as the fire made its way along the carpet, somehow hypnotising me. It was like a small ball of light trying to find it’s destination - which at this moment seemed to be me.

Let’s see you get out of this one.”

A silent whisper of a voice echoed into my ear. Instantly, snapping me out of my trance. I quickly spun around but there was no there, except the walls on either side of me I looked down towards the wolf, that was still at the bottom of the stairs, still staring back at me. Was I hearing voices again? This time, it wasn’t the sound of any child, more like a deep male voice; a voice, I was certain I didn’t know but somehow seemed familiar to me.

The fire was now getting even closer and knew I didn’t have time to force my way through the barrier at the back of mind. Although, I knew it would give me one hell of a headache. I was told by my physicalist that I had to slowly let my memories come back to me, not to try and force them.

I suddenly remembered what my friend Kate always said to do when stuck in a tight situation ‘There was always a way out of everything.’ I was never sure if I truly believed that or not. Kate always told me to take a step back and take in everything around me. I did just that... But there was nothing around me. Except for the stairs, I was standing on. So it was either up and get burned to death or go down and be attacked by some wolf?

I continued looking up and down, realising the fire was now approaching the top of the stairs and the flames started getting higher as they climbed up the walls. Even the wolf, starting taking the first two steps towards me. I truly had no idea what to do! “Help me, Kate! Please, help me,” I called out, not taking my eyes off the wolf or the fire, that were slowly making their way towards me.

I could now feel the heat of the fire as it continued to make its way towards me. The wolf for some reason never came any closer than the first two steps, glaring as if daring me to make my move.

“Hey there,” came a cheerful voice.

I quickly looked around me; the fire and the wolf were all I could see. Could the very person I wanted to see again, be haunting my mind?

“Where the hell did you get to?” The same voice continued to say.

All of a sudden, I could make out a figure at the bottom of the stairs which made the wolf turn around. I was about to shout out a warning when that person starting kneeling, fussing over the wolf as if it was just a big friendly dog.

I continued to stare down in complete shock. Was that really the same wolf that had been after me? Feeling a little more relaxed that the owner was about, I decided to make my way down the rest of the stairs. I was wondering if anyone really could own a wolf.

“I’m so glad to see you again.” I heard myself say.

A very confused looking Doctor stared up at me as I made my way to the last couple of steps – I couldn’t bring myself to move any further, just in case the wolf decided to turn on me. That look surely wasn’t what I expected - Didn’t the Doctor remember me? That thought truly made me sad.

“Hello, I hope the dog didn’t scare you,” The Doctor acknowledged me while the wolf started sliding its head up against his hand. “She can look aggressive, but is really just a big softie,” the Doctor continued to say.

I took in what the Doctor said and looked at the wolf, up close, realising that he was right. This was no wolf, just a big dog that looked like a wolf. What did they call these dogs now? Oh yes, a Husky!

At that moment as I reached the bottom of the stairs the dog turned and started heading back towards me. I quickly took a couple of steps back, feeling the back of my heel hit the bottom step. I just about managed to keep my balance as I stared back, afraid it wouldn’t be as friendly with me. But to my relief it just sat down at my feet, staring back at me. What really surprised me though was the happy look on the dog’s face and the way its tail starting sliding along the floor as if it was sweeping the carpet.

“What’s her name?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But, I call her lucky.” The Doctor responded back.

So the Doctor wasn’t the true owner, I wonder who was?

In that next moment, the dog started whining and it got louder and louder as she continued staring back at me. I looked back at the Doctor, before asking. “What’s wrong with her?”

“I’ve never seen her do that before, she must really like you,” the Doctor continued to say.

I have never had a dog act like this around me, not that I remembered. But who knew, what happened to me six months ago - Feeling sorry for the dog, I slowly reached my hand out to see if I could calm her down.

The dog instantly stopped whining and started rubbing her wet nose over my hand, before she decided to dance around me.

“Wow, she surely does like you.” I heard the Doctor say as I continued to watch the dog running around me, starting to make me dizzy. I stopped trying to follow the dog and bend down to her height, where the dog chose to stop and started licking my face. I couldn’t help my giggling as I tried to stroke her fur at the same time.

“Are you sure you’re not her owner? The Doctor asked with that small hint of a smile which happened to light up his whole face, reminding me of the first time I laid eyes on him. How long ago was that? I had somehow lost track of time since everyone started disappearing on me.

I continued to stare up at the doctor as the dog continued to lick my face as if it was an ice lolly and couldn’t quite get enough juice to quench her thirst. I would love to wake up next to that cheery grin, every morning – Where the hell did that thought come from?

I quickly looked back at the dog, trying my best to move her head away... Her tongue was starting to feel quite rough.

“Anyhow, are you caught up in all this too?” The Doctor suddenly got to the main matter at hand.

The dog still wouldn’t leave me alone, so I decided to stand up straight and as I did I could feel the dog rubbing up against me. she sure was a very friendly dog, that loved a lot of attention. “What is going on here?” I asked, wanting to get straight to the point and hoping I would finally get some answers.

“I wish, I knew myself!”

Just great! Didn’t anyone know what was going on? Of course, someone must do as these sort things don’t happen on their own. Not in real life anyhow. “Who could be behind all this?” I voiced my thoughts aloud.

“That is a very good question.”

“And why have only a few of us survived?”

“My first thought was a government experiment, but after what I’ve just seen, I seriously doubt it.”

I truly had to know what he saw and hoped he would tell me. “What did you see?”

“Let’s just say it wasn’t very pleasant.”

I waited to see if he would say anything more. But for some reason, he quickly looked down towards the dog. I’m sure I had seen a hint of redness in his cheeks before he did. It did happen pretty fast, so I might have been mistaken. Was the Doctor embarrassed over what he saw? Maybe he was like me – A bit too shy to admit that he got scared over small things. Would be the first guy if he did; most guys I had met, well the most recent ones, at least, acted all tough. No matter what the situation was.

All of a sudden, I remembered him saying... It wasn’t very pleasant at all. I now had the feeling that I didn’t really want to know, especially after what I had just been through, as well.

At that thought, I quickly snapped my head around, expecting to see the fire almost upon me; getting my arms up already to shield my face - Not that my hands could really block the fire, but it was an automatic response.

I stood there staring up at the empty staircase – There was no fire anywhere, no sign that there had even been one. Now I truly must be losing my mind! I was certain there had been a fire; I had felt the heat coming from it, not to mention the smell and the smoke that had me all choked up. I couldn’t possibly have imagined that, could I? Now I truly must be going insane...

“Is everything alright, Miss..?” The Doctor suddenly interrupted my thoughts. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” He continued after a small pause. This was making me even more depressed and confirmed his confusing look; The Doctor for some reason didn’t remember me.

I slowly turned back around to see that confused look, once more on his ever so handsome face; It truly didn’t suit him. Especially with the way his forehead crinkled up, making him look a lot older. “Don’t you remember me?” I asked to confirm my thoughts, not quite believing he could forget me so easily.

That small hint of a smile slowly grew on his face, almost making me forgive him. “I’m sure, I’d remember meeting a lovely girl such as yourself.”

“Rose Cara!” I introduce myself, hoping my name would at less jog his memory.

“Chris Stevenson!” He announced, extending his hand out towards me. I slowly placed my hand on his, expecting him to shake it. But instead, he started to raise them towards his face, making me take a couple of steps forward.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Cara.” I found myself staring at those lips as they moved to form his words, until both our hands blocked them from my view. I started to feel a slight pressure against the back of my hand as I continued staring into his lovely blue eyes that seemed to be focused only on me.

Before I knew what was happening next... Darkness consumed me. For a moment there, I thought I had closed my eyes. But no, I could still make out the outline of the Doctor in front of me. “What just happened?” I voiced aloud.

I, all of a sudden felt my arm drop down to my side and I could make out that the Doctor was moving away from me. Where was he going? He wasn’t going to leave me all alone in the dark, was he? “WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I heard myself shouting.

For some reason the Doctor didn’t respond back, he just kept on walking away until he disappeared completely.

I continued to stare off into the darkness, wanting the Doctor to return. But no matter how much I willed it. There was no sign of anyone. Once again, I was alone!

That was until I felt something rubbing up against me... I wasn’t truly alone; the dog had decided to stay with me. Now, I was the lucky one. That sure was a good name for her.

As I bent down on the carpeted floor, Lucky took that moment to start licking my face again. I could make out the outline of the dog but it was her blue eyes that stood out the most. I started stroking her soft fur before I started communicating with her. “Lucky! Yeah, I like that name too. Do you?” Her answer was another lick. “Where do you think he went?” I asked.

At that moment, the dog chose to move away from me and before I knew what was happening she ran off in the same direction as the Doctor did.

Now, I really wish I hadn’t brought that up. ” Lucky, Wait!” I called out. “Please, come back,” I slowly stood up, but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to go after her; I doubt I will ever get used to the darkness.

For some reason, Lucky didn’t come back after my call which meant I truly was alone, this time. Just great! What should I do now? There were only two options opened for me; One, I could go after the Doctor... What was his name now? Oh yes, Chris! Two, I could continue the way I was going before I saw or imagined that fire.

I took that moment to turn and stare up at the staircase. I couldn’t even make out the first step in front of me, never mind the top of the stairs - Where I was certain I had seen that fire. I took that moment to turn back around, hoping to see the outline of Chris or Lucky returning. But there was nothing ahead of me, not that I could see of anyhow.

I truly did want to go after them, but I knew I had no idea where they went – I could get lost. Which I was certain I already was! I definitely didn’t recognise anything in the dark and never really had much time to take in my surroundings beforehand.

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