Rose's Mystery Cruise

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Search And Find

The darkness, stared back as if daring me to explore its terrain; the unknown. I knew there was no point hanging around here. So I started to take one step forward, then another. I reached my hands out in front of me to help guide me along. My heart continued pounding away as I made my way along the corridor, hoping It wouldn’t take me too long to catch up with the two of them.

I had no idea if I was going back the same way I came or a different route, but somehow I felt a little relaxed as if keeping myself closer to Chris or Lucky would lead me to safety or at least, keep me safe. But there was still that slight feeling that I was walking straight into a trap, making me feel on edge.

This feeling was making me walk very slowly with my hands moving along the outer wall. I did come across some door frames, well I assumed they were, anyway. For some reason, I walked past these rooms as if I knew they were of no use to me. But maybe I was wrong – I just doubted that Chris or Lucky had gone in there.

If worst came to worse and I couldn’t find the two of them, my only other hope was finding the Bridge which I was sure would finally answer all my questions and the Bridge certainly wasn’t anywhere near here; I was near the bottom of the ship – All that was below me was the crew’s quarters and the engines right at the bottom. Maybe I should have taken the stairs. That should lead me closer to my destination. But for some reason, my legs had a mind of their own as they continued to lead me down the corridor that would take me to... God knows where!

Deep down, I knew it was that fire (that I thought I saw) that lead me further and further away. A fire, a child and that Paul guy – What else would get in my way and distract me?

I was still wondering what the Doctor had seen that had embarrassed him and made him think this wasn’t a government experiment... There weren’t many films that I had seen that were related to those sort of things; I mainly liked quiet, romantic films which didn’t include much action or horror. I still couldn’t bring myself to watch those films, they reminded me of how empty my life was; Kate is all I have, except a few of her mates that had helped get me where I was now. Well, at least, my dream part. How did I get from living my dream to wondering around a dark, creepy cruise ship? The question now was, would I make off this ship alive?

I knew I had to get these thoughts out of my head or at least to the back of my mind or I’ll never get through this. I needed positive thoughts right now, but that wasn’t easy when you were wondering around in the dark.

All of a sudden, I came to the edge of the wall and knew I had come to another corridor. I stared down trying to get my eyes to adjust. But I couldn’t make out anything; it was pitch black, like the corridor I was following. The question is – Which way should I go?

At that moment, I started to hear a faint noise – A noise other than my own breathing. As I continued to listen, I could make out a quiet whimpering sound; Was it Lucky? I truly wanted to find out, I just didn’t know which way to go. I looked down the corridor I was heading and then back to the other corridor, not knowing where either of them would take me.

The noise started to get a little louder, just enough to make out that someone or something was crying; Was Lucky hurt? Had she been wondering around in the dark and somehow injured herself. Or maybe it was a person, I knew I wouldn’t find anything outstanding here. But for some reason, my legs weren’t obeying me. I surely needed a new pair, ones that would do what my brain wanted. What was the use of them if they didn’t follow my thoughts? I knew how scared they felt and everything they had been through especially, in the last... Well, however long it’s been since this all started. Come on legs, you can’t quit on me now!

At last, I felt my left foot lift off the ground as it took a step in front of the other... Now I needed to get the other one to follow suit.


Now that formally growl surely did get my other foot moving and I soon found myself wondering down this new corridor. I still couldn’t be certain where the sound came from, but it did seem to get louder, the further I made my way down the corridor.


Now I could work out that someone was crying very softly with an edge of roughness to it as if they were more scared then upset – Where did that thought come from and how the hell would I know something like that?

I started to make out a faint yellow glow which was a thin line across the floor, travelling up the wall in a straight line. I started to make out a door that was slightly open, where the light was pouring out.


I stepped into the yellow glow across the floor, watching as my foot blocked the light from travelling any further. Turning towards the door, I tried to angle my head a little to see around the door. All I could see was a chest of drawers with a vase of flowers on one side and on the other – Well, it looked like broken pieces of another vase that looked like it could be the same as the unbroken one. I trailed my eyes over the chest to find other pieces and a bunch of flowers lying on the floor.

"Go away!”

What a minute, I recognise that voice... The tone sounded a little unusually, but I’d know that voice anywhere. It was Kate! But how? The last time I saw her, she was waving to me as I climbed aboard this ship.

I stood there frozen, not believing what I was hearing. I must be imagining this – I’ve been missing her so much, that now I’m hearing her voice. Not her usually friendly tone of voice, though. Did she follow me aboard? No! There was no way she would have gotten past security.


I knew there was only one way to find out if my hearing was playing tricks on me. I slowly stepped closer to the door...


I pressed my hand up against the door and slowly started pushing it open – I expected to see nothing - Well, at least, no sign of my best friend.

The door moved out of my vision and I caught sight of a white/grey tail slightly moving on the carpeted floor that was attached to a white dog... “Lucky!” I heard myself say as her head turned to face me.

Her blue eyes stared back at me as I took in the rest of the room. There was a double bed beside the dog with matching bedside cabinets each side. Even the other side of the room was furnished, like most of the guest cabins. But there was no sign of Kate or anyone else – Just as I thought, I had been hearing things. Oh, Kate!

“Help me, please!”

There it was again...

“Is there someone out there?” Kate’s voice continued to echo around me. “I’m in here, please help me!”

How could I be imagining this? Her voice is crystal clear as if she were in the same room. I searched around the room, one more time. But still no sign of her.

At that moment, Lucky started walking across the room, to the further end of the wall and sat staring at it; like a naughty kid sitting in time out. Then she lifted her paw against that part of the wall, somehow making it give a little. I stood there slightly confused for a moment until I realised it must be some sort of secret room. Especially, for it to camouflage into the wall.

I found myself walking over to Lucky, stretching my arm out over her and slowly pushing the door open. In that instant, a flash of a figure suddenly appeared in front of me, launching towards me before falling down at my feet... I heard Lucky whimpering followed by a soft bump.

I slowly looked down and the first thing I saw was a person with long dirty, blond hair that was hanging loosely over their head. It looked very thin and lifeless as if the girl hadn’t washed it in years.

This image alone made me look back up and straight ahead into the room in front of me. There was a bathtub with the curtain and the rail laying over the tub itself.

The scene before me reminded me of a film that Kate got me to watch – Which I, regretted afterwards; This girl had been found dead in a bathtub making the scene look like an accident as if she slipped in the tub, bring the curtain-rail down with her and smacking her head on the taps as she fell. Later, it was proven that it was the husband that had killed her and made it look like an accident.

This was no film and no dead body, not that I could see of. So what the hell happened in here? I suddenly noticed a pool of blood that was dripping over onto the tile floor below.

“Rose... Rose, are you alright?”

I could now see something flying past my vision as Kate’s voice continued to haunt me. I slowly started to focus on the object and realised it was a hand, a very dirty hand at that and there was this strong smell now drifting up my noise; smelling like bad BO as if someone hadn’t washed in days - I hoped it wasn’t me! After, all the running and everything else I’ve been through. It very well could be. Then I suddenly remembered the person that had fallen at my feet.

The hand continued to wave in front of me, getting fast and fast. Feeling a little breeze which I was certain came from the speed of that hand.

“Miss Cara, can you hear me?”

Now that voice wasn’t Kate’s. It was much deeper but very familiar; My doctor was here. Well, not quite mine - Even if I wished otherwise!

This hand was truly making my vision blurry. I reached out to stop it but somehow I missed and found only air until my hand landed on the floor. The floor! How the hell did my hand do that? I looked down expecting to see my feet. They were nowhere in sight and realised I was closer to the floor than I thought. For some reason, I was now lying on the carpeted floor. Well almost... I somehow had my back propped up with my legs out in front of me. I slowly took in the rest of the scene, finding a young girl in front me. Which I assumed was the same girl, what with the dirty, blond hair flowing around her face. Except, for a few loose strands that were sticking out in all directions. Her face was just as dirty with smear marks across her forehead and a few around her mouth, it looked like her whole face was covered in soot as if she had been up a chimney all day.

Her whole face for some reason had a wide smile plastered across it; She truly looked very happy, despite her appearance. That smiled alone, seemed to be directed at me. I slowly started to realise who it was behind all that soot and I felt myself returning that same smile.

“I’m so happy to see you Rose; My best friend in the whole wide world!”

She truly sounded like Kate, but what she was saying seemed all wrong; I had never heard her talk like this before. Oh, what did it matter? My friend was here now, everything was going to be alright. I knew Kate would save the day!

I started to stretch my arms out wide, truly feeling so happy that I needed a hug, pretty fast – Before, she vanished and I was dreaming or seeing things all over again!

Just as I started to lean forward, I felt myself being pulled back. Something had sneaked around my waist, holding me back.

“No, don’t move! I think you should lay still for a moment.”

I heard the Doctor warn me, from behind. I took that moment, to turn my head around as far as I could and what I found nearly took my breath away. Finding myself staring into those ocean blues, once again. I had seen people with blue eyes before and they had never drawn me in like these ones were doing; They truly were very hypnotising.

“How are you feeling?” Chris eventually asked.

I could feel every word on my lips as he continued.

“That was quite an episode - something I truly don’t see very often.”

I could hear the words flowing into my ears, but I couldn’t make sense of them; His eyes had drawn me in completely and his hot breath on my lips weren’t helping at all.

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