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When a widow father,Auden decides to move to another state with this daughter, he thought it would be a good way to start a new life together. However his dream turns into a nightmare when an unknown serial killer pedophile kidnapped his beloved daughter. Disguised as an ice cream truck seller, no one suspected him as he move continually to avoid suspicions. Auden is the only one to suspects and investigate on him. The police quickly became an opponent as they suspect Auden. Everyone except one policewoman. Follow the story of Auden full of mysteries, romance and horror.

Mystery / Thriller
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New beginning

8:50 AM

Adley had her eyes fixed on the moving landscape while the black pick-up was driven to the state of Massachusetts, in the Fall River town . She seemed lost and confused but contradictorily seemed calm and empty. This curious expression made the build-up man pine for her beloved daughter, happiness. Thinking of a way to make her smile, a familiar symphony suddenly resound in their ears: Right here waiting for you-Richard Marx.
She seemed revived.

"Remember that song, sweetie?" As he looked at her in the rearview mirror.

Adley advanced on her seat and gave her dad a bright smile. "Yes, we used to dance on that song with mum" she said with a fruity voice.

Her dad gave her a smile back and started to sing when it came to the chorus; in fact Auden did have mellifluous voice. Adley seemed brighten up as if her memories were dancing along the song. So, as the song neared its end, the father perceived the imposing building. The rooftop was red as well as the window borders. There were bushes, flowers and the ground had an artificial turf . A small path was in the middle of the grass, all around, leading to rock stairs, penetrating into the house.

"Oh, there it is!" he announced enthusiastically, "House of the rising sun!" Adley was surprised but seemed... satisfied, which relieved her dad. They got out of the car, grabbed their luggage and as they went to the front door, Caleb stooped down to the size of his daughter and set forth in a comforting voice: "Princess, I know it's difficult to move on, but know that every decision I take is for your well being" Adley sketched a slight smile. "I'm sure this is a great way to start a new chapter" he said, looking at her with convincing eyes. "Sure dad" as she lean in and hug her father. She then rush upstairs to discover her new room.

As she was clambing up the stairs, Caleb reminisces his late love. Indeed,Adley identically looks like her mom. Her afro curly hair and her eyes was her mom's. She tends to be melancholy sometimes but is a jovial 13 little girl. At the bank of adolescence, she's setting out experiences which are building her personality traits. She scooped some aspects of her mother; she is optimist,friendly, persevering and daring. However she tends to let down easily and let herself drown in her struggles, missing courage. Sometimes she don't understand or listen and just do things by herself. Yet, it does not spare the fact that she is a pleasing little girl.

The footsteps of the métis girl coming down the stairs, pull Caleb out of his thoughts.

"I'm going out for a walk,dad!" She shouted as she was going to open the door.

"Eh! Come here Adley" he said to her, holding her back, hand on her shoulder. "Do you have your phone?" He asked, lifting one eyebrow.

"Yeah dad" She sighed.

"You know what to do if something ever happened, right?"

"I know dad!" She sighed desperately, "now can I go?"

Caleb smiled and withdrew his hand from her shoulder; "go, before I change my mind", he sais in a sarcastic voice. Adley smiled, " but be back before dark!" He shouted as Adley was rushing outside. "I love you ,sweetie" he whispered.

As he was going to close the door, he notices a poster away, before the gate, on the electric beam. He walked through the garden and bend down to read the poster:

Maria walkman, 13, lives in Boston.
Last seen on 20/05/19, wearing a blue jacket, ripped jeans and converse shoes.
Contact number: 617-555-0161. If you ever see her,please report to your local police or contact this number.

Caleb was frustrated. He took a while to cash what he just saw. "Whaf if this happened to Adley?" He thought to himself. He then turn around to return home, convincing himself that everything will be okay; but deep down, doubts were already sowned in him.

What he missed is behind the first poster, there were multiples of poster of missing children all around the U.S.

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