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Chapter 1: New Life

It was midnight and I was walking home when something came from behind me and bit my neck I screamed and was on the ground waiting for death to take me but, it didn't I open my eyes and was in my room I was sick for three months and today a doctor came to my family's house it was a female she looked at me and smiled to see my sitting up "You look well today Miss. Worthington." I smiled "Thank you Dr. Alexander." she smiled "Does anything hurt?" I shook my head "Okay." she put her hand on my head "Your body heat is normal, I think you can go to school today." she pack her things "Just call me if you feel anything." my mother looked at me and smiled "Okay Cindy?" I nod and see her son Jackson but all the kids in our school call him Jack "Hi Jack." he looked at me and smiled "Hi Cindy." they left I got dress in my uniform and went to school I was in school and I see the school yard empty I got out of my car and went inside the school the lights was off when they turn on everyone screamed I laugh my friend Beth came and hug me "Hi Cindy!" I hug her back "Hey Beth." all the kids was happy to see me "How are you?" I smiled "Good feeling healthy." she laugh the class rolled on it became lunch I grab my tray and took food.

I see a trail of blood I didn't panic I was done with my food I threw it out and followed the trail to an old shack to where kids have sex it stop there my hand was shaking as I raised it I open the door and saw a dead body in there a girls. I screamed and ran she had a bite mark on her neck like mines I bump into someone I fell on my back "Sorry Cindy." it was Jack I looked at him I got up and dust myself off "No its okay I should have watch where I was going." he nod "What where you doing anyways?" he ask "I was going to my locker." he laugh "You can't lie Cindy." he said I left the day ended and I went home for a reason I was thirsty I went and got a cup of water I drank it my father came in the kitchen he looked at me "Hello Cindy." I smiled I see his blood moving in his body and his pulse moving too I had a headache I went in my room I looked at myself in the mirror and jump at the sight of myself my blue eyes was black and my skin tone was white I had a mark on the right side of my body it glowed it disappeared the next day. I went to school it was history class me and Beth sat next to each other Mr. Zimmer's the history teacher was teaching us about how black people was never the first men to be slaves it was also some people in Spain the Koreans or something like that my head started to hurt again I put my head down "Are you okay Miss. Worthington?" I nod "Yeah just a headache Mr. Zimmer's." he nod and went on with work.

Jack looked at me the bell rang and it hurt my head I called Dr. Alexander "Hello Cindy." she said "Dr. Alexander I have a terrible headache is this normal?" I ask "How bad?" I walk "Whenever I hear something my head hurts." I can tell she's nodding "Okay Cindy come home okay?" I nod "Okay." I hung up and went home my parents wasn't home Dr. Alexander came she looked at me "Are you okay Cindy?" I shook my head "I have a very bad headache Dr. Alexander." she nod and put a cold wet cloth on my forehead and got a cup of water and pills for me "Swallow these Cindy." I took the pills and grab the cup and drink the pill she left when my headache was gone but I stayed home it was night and I wasn't myself I heard every movement in the house my eyes was looking like a cat the pupils was going up and down I heard something like a wind come in my room.

I looked back and see Jack "Jack? How the hell did you get in here?" I ask he took my hand "No time to explain! Come with me." he put me on his back and jump out the window I screamed and my door slam open "Cindy!" we was on the ground he put me down "Follow me! Don't look back!" we ran to the forest I stop Jack looked at me "I can't go in there." he looked at me "What yes you can!" he grab my hand and we ran inside the forest I look back and see torches and hear people yelling we was in we stop running I sat down and started to cry "I'm sorry this happen to you Cindy." I looked at him I got up and started to hit him "What's happening to me!" I ask him he sigh and stop me "Your becoming a danfear." my eyes widen I knew what that was I shook my head "No I can't be one of them." he looked at me "You was pick for this Cindy." I looked at him "But why?" he shook his head "I don't know Cindy." I press my lips together "I want to go home." I said "You can't go home!" he yelled at me "They will kill you Cindy even your parents!" he said.

"Then where will I go?" I ask "To my school." I cock an eyebrow "Your school?" he nods "My mom will tell you everything." I was shock it became morning "Come you need to hunt." we went and I hear animals I see a female deer I went to it and drank its blood so into the hunt I didn't find it grouse. "You're new at this and you have a good hunter skill." I heard I turn and looked at Jack was he watching me? "How do you do it?" I shrug "I don't know." my voice was wonderful like a singer I looked at him and smiled I can smell blood a mile away I got up "Come on." he grab my arm and pulled me he must have smelled it to I lick my lips as my mouth watered at the smell I see a large school I stop my head hurt "Cindy come on!" called Jack "Cindy! Cindy!" was that my good for nothing sister? "Lucy!" I called out and I followed her voice "Cindy!" as Jack said my name I heard Lucy's I see her I was in my white dress I had blood on it she saw me "Cindy what happen to you?" I smiled at her feeling her blood when she grab my hand feeling the blood in her arms go I looked at her "Lucy." I smiled she looked at me "Don't be scared I'm still your baby sister." I told her she nod I lifted her arm and trace one finger on her arm "What are you doing?" she asks I heard them.

I let out a ear perching cry she covered her ears I stop as the sound escape my own mouth I looked back at Lucy "Go back home don't remember this." she nod and left back home I ran where Jack was looking for me "Cindy." I followed him and saw a trail of golden dust I followed it and was in the school "Stay here my mother will be with you." I nod and stayed here I was still thirsty I see Dr. Alexander she look at me "Cindy?" I looked at her "Hi Dr. A." I smiled at her "God this can't be good." I cock my head to the side "What that a rich child is a danfear? I find it good." she looked at me then at my mark her eyes shot open "Follow me my child." I followed her seeing kids use powers and other cool things. "Wow." I said low to myself I see a pool of water no kids are in here "Let’s see if she's the one Jack." he nod Jack came in the water and it change to a million colors then back to a clear color "I only have the power to change this and make the water be in my will we were looking for the one who can do the same." I looked at him he let his hand out I took it and walk in as he walk out the water change I let my hand out and had a string of water in my hand I smiled my new power "Well I can't believe it." I looked at Jack "I can do more." he was lost.

I went outside "Get fire all elements bring them." he dash off I had a sharp knife he came back with fire, water, earth no need for air if we are around it "I see this in my dreams I have more than water power." he put it around me I closed my eyes and didn't hear anything I open my eye that was black I put my arms out and the elements came around me I grab the knife and cut myself Jack step forward but stop when he saw the cut heal I was done showing off "The one amazing after thousands of years of searching we found you." I smiled at him when my eyes came back to blue my real hair color showed it was a blood red color he came to me and put one hand on my hair "And you are my mate." he smiled "I always was your mate Cindy." I smiled "Jack! Cindy it's going to be morning get inside!" we held hands and went inside the place was good and nice. "Cindy." I looked back and see Dr. Alex I went to her "Yes Dr. A?" she looked at me "Walk with me Cindy." I walk with her "Cindy I want you to understand that I didn't want this to happen to you at all." I laugh "Why I love being a danfear Dr. Alex." she nod "Please stop calling me Dr. Alex okay?" I nod "Okay." she nod "Call me but my name its Wanda." I nod "Okay?" I was lost "Go to your corridor it's to the right." I left to my corridor I heard someone whistle at me I see another danfear he came to me and smiled "You're the new danfear aren't you?" I nod "Yes I am." he smiled and grab my hair and played with it "My name is Drew. And you?" he ask "Cindy Worthington." he smiled.

Something about that smile made me not trust him "Well Drew I have to go to my corridor." I said I walk to my corridor I see all danfear girls and they was beautiful I looked at them one looked back at me and smiled she got up and came to me "Hi Cindy I've been waiting for you." she said "How do you know my name?" I ask "I've seen you and heard your name for about five month's already." she said I nod "Come with me." I followed her to the spiral stars and to a room with a queen size bed, a kitchen, one bathroom, a widen screen TV I see half of my things on a bed "This is all your things we can get from your room Cindy." I looked at her and smiled "It's okay as long as I got my laptop and iPod it’s okay." she nod "Yes we got the laptop and iPod." I smiled and took my things out of my bag and placed them in places.

"So you never told me your name." I sat on the bed "Kesha Skies." she said she sat on her bed and looked at me "The reason I know your name is because I was given a talent to seek people with powers and find their names." I nod "So Kesha what do we do here?" I ask "Learn like any school. But we don't have to if we have powers." I looked at her "Really?" she nod "Yeah if you're a fighter you go to gym and fight, if you're a sight seeker like me you go to the top of the school, and if you're an element user you go to the Guild." she said "What about healer?" I ask her "To the healing wing if you have all powers then get ready to get a headache." I smirk "What are you?" she ask "Element user and healer." she nod "Come on." we left the room and to the class's "But there are something's you have to learn as a danfear Cindy." I looked at her "What is that?"

She stops "To not feed on human blood and your new you should be craving for the blood." I remember that terrible night with my older sister and her blood running through her body "Do you hear and see the blood run in a human?" I ask she looked at me "No, no one can do that only the adult danfear's why you can?" I nod she looked at me "Cindy!" I heard I see Jack he was at us fast "Hey Jack." he smiled "Hi Cindy." I said "Where you headed?" he asks "To the dining hall." said Kesha I looked at her "Can I tag along?" Jack ask "I was going to show Cindy the rest of the school Jack." said Kesha he nod "Okay see ya." he left "Did you tell the mistress?" I shook my head "No I haven't she only knows that I'm the daughter of a rich family." I said.

Kesha put her hand on her forehead like she was seeing if she was sick but danfear's can't get sick can they? "Come on." she pulled me the other way of the dining hall we was in an office I see Dr. A she looked at me "Cindy? Kesha?" she said lost "Cindy needs to tell you something." I looked at Kesha putting me on the spotlight "What is it Cindy?" she ask "I can see and hear the blood running in a human and I'm an element user and healer and I guess and mind reader, sight seeker, and fighter." she took me to a underground cave and I see weapons and other things She's the one I never thought we'd seen the real one in another thousands of years thought Kesha "Oh shut up Kesha." she looked at me and smiled I did what Dr. A wanted me to do and she made it official I am the one with marks on me as well "Come on." we went to the dining hall and ate I see about twenty black hair girls a girl with red hair looked at me with an evil look "Who's she?" I ask nodding my head to the girl Kesha went cold and looked at the food she was getting "That's Rayne she a leader of the Great Night." I looked back at her she rolled her eyes "Come on." we went to a table with other danfear's they looked at us one smiled while the other three looked at me "Adam, Danny, Jordan, Yasmine this is Cindy Worthington. Cindy these is my danfear friends Adam, Danny, Jordan and Yasmine." she looked around Adam smiled at me "It's nice to finally meet you." she said.

I smiled "Yeah me too." she smiled again Danny and Yasmine went to talking "Where's Abby?" Kesha ask looking at Adam "She's in the Healing wing she should be here in about ten seconds." ten seconds past and I see a girl running she had black hair and green hair you can tell she's a Cherokee she sat down next to Adam "So Adam what power do you have?" I ask she looked at me "Power taker." I panic "Don't worry I won't take it unless you use it against me." I nod "Hey Abby how's healing?" she shrug "Same old sorry I was late love." she kiss Adam oh they are mates same as Jordan and Yasmine Danny was all alone so was Kesha or I think they are "Shit." said Yasmine after five minutes of silence we all looked at her "I forgot that I have class right now see ya!" she got up and kiss Jordan and she left he smiled "I am so lucky to have her." I smiled "Cindy." I heard I looked back and see Drew Adam looked at me "You know him?" I shook my head "No I don't." he sat next to me "Hey I called you." I nod "I know." I got up and threw my food out I went to the yard "Hey wait up!" I turn around and looked at him "What do you want Drew?" I ask rudely "I was wondering if you want to attend a party this weekend."

I looked at him "Okay." he smiled he left I went to my first class which was element user I don't know where the Guild is Jack saw me he laugh "Come on Cindy I have the Guild to." he took me to the Guild I took a seat next to him I see a teacher come in she was beautiful long blond hair and blue eyes "That's Magenta but they all call her Mage." she was like I said beautiful "Hello class," and she has a wonderful voice why can't I sound like that? "today we are going to learn how to deal with the element of air." she said "Everyone get up and lets go outside." we all got up and went outside "I want all of you to be three feet away from each other." we all took three feet away which I don't understand why air isn't a very dangerous thing "Okay watch me." she spread her arms apart and she moved her arms in a way of ancient dancers she stop as she had air in her hands "Now you all might not get it at first but don't give up." she smiled.

We all repeated what Mage did and they all didn't get it but I got it well she came to me "Very good Cindy." I smiled "Thank you." she smiled the class ended am I going to have to work on my powers forever? I see a girl she looked at me and smiled she dance her way to me and stop "Hi." she said cheerfully I smiled "Hello." I said "My name is Meg you must be Cindy Worthington." I nod "Yeah." Jack was still here "Meg is a sight seeker like Kesha." I nod "And I'm also his sister." I looked at them both and notice the resemblance they have I nod "You never told me that at my old school." I said he shrug she took my hand but jerk back of the shock I must have cause her "Well, well Jackson you came across a crition without knowing isn't that something." she cock her head to the side as if someone called her she sigh "Well goodbye mother is calling me I must go. Oh and Jack." she said before she left "Might as well tell Cindy the truth before she burns you where you stand." she dash away I watch at the speed "Amazing." I said low "Tell me Jack she's right tell me before I burn you." he sigh "Why does my sister have to be a sight seeker?" he ask "Okay a crition is what you are having all powers to help fight a war." he said war and my eyes shined like a thousand stars he rolled his eyes like why did I say anything.

"I really think it's not true." I hit him "Not true you came across me unknowingly and you think I was a mistake." I said he looked at me really shock "You're not a mistake." he paused and brush my hair and moved my sleeve sweater so he can see my mark he took a deep breath and exhaled "You are a miracle. Cindy Worthington a great miracle." I blush "So how did she know I was going to burn you where you stand if you didn't tell me?" I ask lost he chuckled "Well my sister can see things that will happen she was first to become a danfear and the first sight seeker in this school she gets to see, hear, smell things more." I nod we walk to a tall willow tree I stop he looked at me and saw the worry on my face "Cindy what's wrong?" he ask I took a deep unsteady breath "Can danfear's get sick?" he sigh "I really hope you never thought of that." I looked into his green eyes "Jack?" I said he sigh again "Yes but being sick is a way telling your body that you won't be a danfear." my eyes widen in shock "You'll die?" he nod "How do we become danfear's anyway when the venom goes into the body all the way?" I ask it made no sense that I had to think about what I just said but Jack knew "Because we put only certain amount of venom in the bodies." I want to know who bit me during that night "Do you know who bit me?" I ask so low it was a whisper I don't want anyone to hear he let my hand go "No I don't Cindy." I looked at the stars.

"Are you going to Drew's party this weekend?" I ask Jack he shrugs "I don't know." he looked at me "Are you?" I nod "To keep him off my back." I paused and shook my head "I don't know something about Drew makes me think about what he's up to." he laugh "No one is up to anything that is why we have sight seekers they can see-" I cut him off "Yeah but some of them can't see them. Some like Meg have holes like trying to see something on a fuzzy TV screen." he thought about that "Your always like this?" he ask me "It's a good thing at least my family-" I stop and thought about my family.

Did Lucy tell them? Are they coming to look for me as we speak? I shook my head with tears in my eyes I walk away not talking about it "Cindy?" but I was too far away to hear Jack ask me what was wrong I was in my corridor Kesha wasn't there yet that's fine I'm used to being alone. I got my iPod and book I started to read I laid on my bed and then reach for my bag I open it and took my folder out I look at my stories listening to Do Got Us Falling In Love Tonight by Usher and Pitbull. I smiled and took them out at least I can still write I got something hard and got a pen out I started to write my unfinished story about a girl who is trying to figure out who she is in the world and the reason god has let her live when I had ten pages more I got my book out and started to read I got bored and turn my iPod off and went outside to the willow tree the leafs hanging over like a curtain in a room keeping you safe from unseen eyes I sat down with my head on the tree and back on the tree I closed my eyes and smiled How good it is to be free! I thought to myself. I was very happy here like nothing can harm me or nothing can harm my new life.

"I wonder of why thee is always lost in thee thought. To not be able to hear thee thought makes me simply wonder what thee is thinking."

I heard I open my eyes and got up really fast and went on guard I see a boy that I know from healing I smiled it’s just Noah I calm down and steady myself "Hello Cindy." he said through his heartbreaking smiled what am I doing me and Jack are in love! Is Jack really my mate or just a boyfriend like in any school? I thought "You're a mind reader to?" he nods "Yes I can read all but your mind." I shrug "I guess I want my safe place from all this." I said in a solemn voice he chuckled at my word "Do you really hate this life as you said in your thought or did I get it wrong?" he ask me looking at me well I shook my head fast "No I love being a danfear I just don't understand all the powers I was given." I said and took a deep breath "It's all confusing." I said a little sheepish he nod "My first year wasn't easy ether." I looked at him "This is my forth year here." I nod "Really I am impress by you Cindy every thought I have read has been wondering if you are even bloodthirsty and you show nothing of it." I looked at him bewildered at the fact he said that.

"I guess the smell of animal blood doesn't appeal to me that much not like human blood." I stop idiot! I closed my eyes "Human blood is the most appealing smell isn't it." I nod I never had blood human at the most but I don't want to think of it smelling my fathers and my sisters was enough for me thank you. "Why are you out here?" I ask "I came to admire the night sky what about you?" he ask "Thinking about my family." and that wasn't a lie I was thinking of Lucy, Hector, and Lucinda I bit my lips it was silent for a few I open my eyes and see Noah in front of me I blink and almost staggered back he caught me and held me up "Thanks." I breathed he smiled "Your welcome." he breathed back his smell like honey and dew water at the same time my throat burn I want him! I stop myself and pulled free "Bye!" I ran out before I did something I was shaking my head so hard I thought it will snap off of my head if I kept shaking my head so hard.

I was in my corridor I change and went to sleep I woke up the next morning and see Kesha still asleep "Kesha." I said she moan "Why aren't you up?" I ask her she open her eyes and looked at me almost forgetting I'm new here "We don't have school Thursday through Sunday." she said tiredly "Now go back to sleep." she told me I got up from my bed and landed on my feet without making a sound I got dress and change I put my hood on and went around the school seeing everything at my new school I stop seeing a girl is that Rayne? She looked back at me she flips her long curly red hair and her blue eyes blazed at my blue eyes and she left "Cindy!" I heard I see Drew "Oh god." I said I smiled "Hi Drew." he smiled "Your still coming to the party this weekend?" I nod "Yeah I'm coming. But what is it for?" I ask "My eighteenth birthday." he said. I nod and he left me I gasp and heard something a fight maybe? I went to check it out I see Jordan fighting a boy from the watch tower class I look at the boy "Jordan! Alex!" I yelled at them I came in the fight and stop them both having hold of their hands "What is going on?" I hiss Jordan let out a sharp breath "I saw Alex snooping on my mate!" he hiss "I can't help it if she's so damn sexy." said Alex Jordan pulled free from my hold and punch Alex I got piss off "That's enough!" I made them stop making the earth lock on them and not move they looked at me "You two will both stop!" I growl at them I looked at Alex "If I see you looking at my friends mate I will come and handle you myself." he chuckled "You're just a girl." Jordan sucks in air "You really shouldn't have said that."

It was clear I was a fighter and sight seeker and mind reader I grab his shirt and lifted him off the ground "Just a girl?" I repeated he swallowed I toss him he landed on his feet he hiss at me I growl back "Stay away from Yasmine!" I growl at him they both saw my hands become claws he ran off I let Jordan free he put one hand on my shoulder "You okay Cindy?" I nod and took a deep breath "Yeah I'm okay. See ya later Jordan." I walk off and I really wanted to be free from here I went to my willow tree and sat down I closed my eyes and took my iPod out of my pocket I put both headphones on and took my book out Annie's Baby I read it when I was thirteen but reading it again because I understand what it all means I took my mini book out (Before you ask I took a little bag with me) I took a pen out and started to write a new story I heard something and notice my music was low I pause my song and listen again it was a howl I got up and put my things away I went to find the sound I stop as I saw a silver wolf with black highlights I stop and see it in pain.

I went to it the wolf look at me scared as if I'll kill it "Its okay." I took my bag off "I can help you. Let me help." he looked at me with deep ocean eyes I look back at them "Don't move." I put my hands over his body and focus on healing when I felt heat phase through my body I exhaled really fast he got up and lick my face Thank you ma'am I blink back the shock this wolf did I smiled "Your welcome." My name is Albert I am the wolf leader in my pack I got up so my legs won't hurt I have traveled to find you Cindy Worthington. What you have written down on the little book is all true you see things and write them down. But I want to thank you for healing me and for that you have me as your pet danfear's as pets are like spirits so mine is a wolf. I've seen Jack's which is a hawk and my dear friend Kesha she has a fox's.

Her fox's is very lovely dark red fur like the color of Kesha's hair and green eyes like Kesha's my wolf look like me he nudge me with his nose as if something was wrong I shook my head "You mean my spirit?" I ask after my thoughts came all together he nod Be whatever you may call me I am by your side no matter what Cindy Worthington I smiled "Please just call me Cindy not Cindy Worthington." he nod "Come on dinner must be ready soon." everything is backwards dinner, lunch, then breakfast he nod we ran to the dining hall we stop and took a time to catch our breaths we laugh mine was like bells and his was husky I open the door and everyone stop what they was doing and saw my spirit I went and got my things and sat with my friends I sat next to Kesha she gawked at me "What?" I ask she shook her head at me "Nothing Cindy." she said I put my papers and bag next to Albert while he ate after dinner we all went to the corridor we was in the room "A wolf! Okay girl you are the one." she said I don't know if she's Latin descendent or more into a Native tribe its hard she looks both "You know I've been trying to wrap my finger around what you are Kesha my guess are Latin and a Native tribe." she nod "I am Latin. And I'm a Shawnee." I nod wishing I was a Shawnee I use to act like a Native princess when I was a child.

Really it was me and my sister. "So you're from Oklahoma right?" so that would explain the red curly hair and the greens eyes that her face (no one else see's) her freckles she's very beautiful. "Kesha can us not talk about this?" I ask glancing at Albert the wolf leader in his pack then back at her "I don't want Wanda to find out that I was pick by the great danfear goddess herself." which I don't know why people think of me like that which her name I haven't yet known it starts with a K but no one has ever talk about her at all I wanted to ask Kesha but her eyes was lock on my spirit wolf "Kesha stop glaring at Albert it's not nice." she nod then looked at me "Okay. You got something to ask me then Cindy?" she ask I nod "Yeah who's the great danfear goddess all they say is K and that's it and I've seen some picture and stone picture (Statue) of her and that's about it other than her full name no one says." she press her lips and smiled "Her name is Keana." I nod "So Keana has made you to be danfear for a reason and my guess is that you want to know why." I nod she knows me so well like we was long lost sisters or something like that.

"Cindy I know you miss your family dearly but if you go back there they will kill you." sChaphe saw my face "It's not that Kesha is what happen that night." she sat cross legged on her bed "What?" she ask "I almost had Lucy's blood that night if it wasn't for her finally speaking I would have killed her. That's when I ask you about the blood thing remember?" I ask she nod remembering "At least you didn't right that's the thing that matters." I nod "Yeah." I mumbled to myself "Hey." she put one hand on my shoulder I look at her smiling "This life is going to be something who knows maybe your parent's will calm down and love you for being a danfear." I nod If only if it was that simple Kesha I wanted to say but I kept it to myself because she would have told me otherwise I sigh "Hey come on." I look at her she got up "Where are we going?" I ask confused "To the stable I'm sure you'll love it there." she grab my hand and pulled me up with her "Uh really Kesha go ahead without me I have some Biology papers to get done with. And Wanda wants me to work on all of my powers I have not time for stable maybe later okay?"

She frown "Aw man and I really wanted you to come you're my best buddy." I smiled "And you are too but really do you want Wanda to cut my head off or want me to live still?" I ask with humor she laugh with me "Okay girl see ya'll later!" she ran off I grab my bag Where are we going? I looked at Albert I shook my head "I just need to clear my mind out for a while you know?" he nod and laid back down he closed his eyes and was asleep I smiled and left the room I went downstairs and I see Rayne she smiled at me I smiled back it's the polite thing to do I walk to the door "Fancy meeting someone Cindy?" her voice was like a soft song kind of like Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter I stop and looked at her "No I just need to think." I said she smiled again I left and rolled my eyes I went to the willow tree but stop and saw a man there my breathing came unusual he was tall around 6`7 I don't know long sandy color hair to the middle of his back and I can't tell for his eyes but his body is strong he look like Jon Cenna in wrestling (Yes a girl like me watch's wrestling) I walk backwards "Don't go." he said I stop breathing "Please stay I don't mind people being around me." he said I took a deep breath and calm down I went to him he was sitting cross legged on the ground I just stood "Sit please." he didn't open his eyes I sat down.

He looked at me he's blind! I stared away from his eyes and look at the flowers growing on the willow its spring "My name is Blaze and you are?" he ask "Cindy Worthington." he nod "I know what you must be thinking young Cindy." my blood flush from my face "It must be bewildered to see a vamp blind isn't it?" he ask I nod "Yeah I mean yes." I said he laugh "Don't be scared child." I took another deep breath "What teacher are you?" I ask "I teach the ones who don't see. You see we people that are blind have a way of seeing the world different than others see it. Yes everything is white but we can hear and smell things well like I knew you were ten steps away. I saw you. Your color is like a red color." I blush "Yeah." I said "And we hear thought around us very well as well." I nod "Really?" he nod his non color eyes looking at me he got up and I got up.

"What where you doing out here child?" he ask "I wanted to think. Miss my parents to much." he nods "I know how you feel." I cock an eyebrow "You do?" he nod "Yes when I became danfear my parents tried to kill me but I was lucky that Keana found me and took me here to this school." I nod "This place is now my new home. All the danfear's come to me for guidance and for help. I want you to know that you can come to me my room is on the second floor two class's from your healing room." my mouth open so I closed it "I know you have many powers that you have Cindy. And your spirit is a wolf you must see mine one day." I nod "I will." I promise he smiled "Good. I must go child don't fear of coming to me for anything okay?" I nod he walk off I sat down and took my writing book out and a paper fell out of it I took it and read it

A wolf is a strong spirit for a strong heart.

Use it well for he might help you

Don't he will sure be vanish from your heart

The name on the bottom was from Noah I smiled and my cheeks got hot I'm sure this was for me. I started to hum and realize that I haven't hum in the last ten years since of my grandfather's death Franklin Worthington my grandmother died when I was a baby I never knew her but my grandfather said 'She was like the moon she shined bright and I was like stars I never thought we be together for twenty-seven years.' he broke into tears I touch his face to sooth him telling him not to cry and he held me close to his chest hugging me so tight of fearing to lose me again. By again I mean when I was born I was dead but I don't know god wanted me to live. I tap my pen on my book "This heart it beats, beats for only you." I sang I stop singing and look around and just hum. Can I send my family a letter or something? Tell them I'm still Cindy. V. Worthington? (V= Veronica) thanks mom. I sigh a long sigh and tears fell down my cheek "Why are you crying?"

I looked up and see a girl with strawberry curly hair and blue eyes "I'm sorry I didn't mean to." I smiled and wipe the tears away "No its okay please." I pointed to the ground she sat down "I'm kind of new here." she was wearing a long skirt, a white blouse and converse "My name is Cathleen I'm from Nashville." she said I let my hand out and she took it "Cindy Worthington nice to meet you Cathleen or do you have a nickname?" I ask "Cat." I nod "Cat." I repeated she smiled "You look beautiful Cindy." I smiled "Thank you Cat you look beautiful as well." she smiled "I was kind of hopping you show me around this school but you look kind of new yourself." she said I shook my head I got up "Come I'll show you around." she got up and I showed her around the school having nothing else to do. At least its clearing my mind out a lot talking to other danfear's is amazing to me "Do you have anyone here like a family?" she asks me I shook my head "No I don't."

She stop and felt bad at the voice I had when I answered "Do you know Kesha Skies?" she ask me changing the subject I nod "Yeah she's my roommate you know her?" I ask she nod "She's my step-sister." I stop and looked at Cat yeah Nashville roots but nothing of Latin or Shawnee descendant I tried to guess but nothing then "Cat! Holy shit!" I heard Kesha I look and see Kesha's long red long hair and green eye. Cat smiled "Kesha!" they ran to each other I watch them as they embrace each other crying and laughing at the same time my intuition told me to get out of there I don't belong here. My feet pick up as they was lock in each other I ran off keep my books close to my chest I stop and saw I was so far away I had tears. Stop crying! I told myself I took a deep breath and sat down I took my iPod out and played my unfinished music and closed my eyes.

Singing along the words god is there someone I can call that will understand me? Then my eyes snap open my grandmother from my father's side I can call her oh what time is it? I look at my watch it read in digital 8: 37 P.M is she up? I took my phone out and crossed my fingers I waited and then "Hello?" I sigh "Gran." I said "Cindy how are you dear?" she ask me "Good then not so good." I said "Oh baby what's wrong?" she ask me "I became a danfear. I have good friends and all but I can't get use to this. I miss Lucy, I miss my parents." I said through sobs "Baby take deep breaths. I'll talk to them for you okay?" I nod "Okay grand." I said "I'll even ask Wanda if I can stop by one day." my eyes widen "You know Wanda Alexander?" I ask "Yeah she's my young sister." I laugh and she laughs "Well like my sister I watch over her when her parent's died." she said roughly "But I'll talk to your family and ask Wanda okay?" I nod "Okay I love you." I said

"I love you too Cindy." I hung up

"I always seem to find you here." I jump back a little and see Noah I smiled "Hello Noah." he smiled "Hi Cindy." it became night and it was lovely "What are you doing out here this time?" he ask me "I couldn't stay around happiness too much." and that wasn't a lie much I love happiness but not when it's not with me. He nods "Cat came hu?" he asks me I nod "Yeah Kesha's step-sister." I said sourly he came to me "Well remember I can be a friend or brother." I smiled and since we both look alike it can be possible I smiled "Or even a lover." I grin at him he smiled back at me "Your smile is like a thousand stars and to me it's like I am seeing the earth once more by the weak eyes of human." he said to me "Thy name has a meaning does it now Noah?" I ask him he nods "My name means ocean I guess." I nod "Yeah roman god." he smiled I heard something "Cindy?" I heard I look back "Oh shit." I said I see my ex-boyfriend "Kenneth what the hell are you doing here?" I snap at him he came to me "I came to get you." he said I shook my head "You can't Kenneth I belong here!" I said he took my hand and I felt his pulse and see the blood run "Who's that?" he saw Noah "That's just a friend Kenneth go home." he shook his head "Not if you're coming."

I rolled my eyes "God Kenneth go!" I push him he staggered and a tree cut his hand "Shit." I smelled it, it smelled like a perfume the smell its good my eyes went black "Cindy." said Noah "I won't harm him." I can't tell if it was lie or the truth I went to him and took Kenneth hand looking at his hand "I'm getting Wanda." and he was gone I look at the blood gushing out of his hand Kenneth was quiet "I want…" I said Kenneth nod "Yes?" he said "I want it." I said he nod "Go ahead." he lifted his hand and I took it No Cindy don't! My head snap up Runaway Cindy while you still can! I heard it was a female voice I drop his hand "Cindy!" I heard I was growling "Go runaway Kenneth now!" he shook his head my eyes blazed at him "I order you to run away and not remember this!" he nod and his pupils covered his eyes then back to his almond color then he ran off as did I "Cindy!" I heard I ran fast and stop I put my hands on my knees I felt sick before I knew it I vomit whatever I ate today I wipe my mouth I started to breathe through my mouth.

I stood straight and I heard a howl Cindy! It was Albert "Albert!" I called I heard a wolf running Hold on I'm coming Cindy! I sat down and put my head between my knees I felt something next to me and I see Albert I smiled "Hi Albert." he whine a little "I'm okay Albert." he nod I took a deep breath "This can't be happing to me Albert." he just looked at me "But it is and I can't stop it not unless the change will reject from my body." I shook my head as to get the bad memory of it out. "Let’s just stay here boy okay." he nod and went on his haunches then laid down next to me I put one hand on his neck and scratch his neck. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep: 'Cindy.' I heard I look around and see I was in a night looking bell dress and my hair was done like a goddess 'Cindy.' I heard again then I heard singing I went for the sound I see a girl by a pond she was holding flowers and her legs was together and laid to the side 'Hello Cindy.' she said not looking at me. 'How do you know me?' I ask her she smiled 'I know all my children, now come.'

I went to her and sat down the way she was sitting 'I have marked you for a reason.' I just looked at her really lost 'I have given you the powers to stop what is happing at my school.' I look at the pond 'And what do you want me to do?' I ask 'Stop what's happing.' I looked at her well 'Your Keana.' she nod 'Yes child I am. Now I want you to wake up do not speak of what happen to anyone.' she put both hands on my face and kiss my forehead: I woke up with a gasp Albert woke up too and looked at me Cindy? I put my hand on my head and felt it sting I wince I got up "Come on Albert we got to go back." he got up and we ran stopping by the courtyard I see a lot a kids there "Act normal." he nod we walk in and the kids didn't bother stop and to look at me its only normal that they all have marks on their arm I was in my room and went in the bathroom I see the mark I got by Keana I gasp I put my hand on my head and covered it with my bangs which happens to cover my new mark well I smiled and went on my bed and read a book the door open I looked up and see Kesha she was laughing with Cat tagging along her "Hey Cindy." I smiled "Hi Kesha." she smiled I went back to reading my book the TV got turn on and it went to music videos.

The song came to be Paramore- CrushCrushCrush I put my iPod on to block that one and listen to it on my iPod (I like my iPod music better than the TV music) I put my book down, got up, put my iPod in my pants pocket, and went to the kitchen I got cherry Pepsi soda and a snack I open the door and left Albert followed me I grab my bag before leaving I see Meg she saw me and dance her way to me she's like a little fairy I took a headphone off and smiled at her "Hi Meg." she smiled "Hi Cindy." she said "Where you heading?" I shrug "Somewhere quiet." she nod "Well see ya." she nod again I put my headphone back on open my soda and started to drink it I sat down under my willow tree I look at the clouds in the sunrise and see how beautiful it is. I sigh Albert sat next to me and went to sleep he's been working hard before meeting me I took my book out and pen. I went to my writing mode I put my music loud and wrote it's more like a diary I keep.

I was done explaining about my day and closed my book after a ringing in my ears I stop my music and put my iPod away. I look at my right Albert was gone maybe to check his pack I thought to myself I only wish I can draw this setting right now is beautiful I smiled Sorry I heard I look and see Albert I smiled at him My pack was telling me something I should have told you I shook my head "You have a free will Albert I don't control where you go as long as I know your safe." he nod What were you doing? I smiled "Writing." he nod again "So what did your pack tell you?" I ask same old thing. They just tell me what's been going on. I nod not really understanding "Cindy." I heard I see Jack I smiled "Jack." I got up and he came to me I hug him "What's up?" I ask I kiss him "I haven't seen you all day yesterday." I said with a frown he laugh "Yeah well mom has me working hard she saw something but is keeping me out of it and I hate it when she does that." I nod "Oh she wants to see you by the way." I sigh "Figures." I let him go "Okay come on Albert." he got up "Uh alone she said." I looked at Jack "Alone?" I repeated he nod "Yeah and I hurry if I was you." I rolled my eyes and ran to Wanda's office I stop by her large doors and open them.

She saw me and smiled "Cindy dear sit please." I sat down on one of the tall chairs and she sat in her computer chair "You're a talented girl Cindy how would you like to join the Great Night." my eyes widen and be with Rayne the nasty bitch (I don't know if she is I just go with my guts) she looked at me lost "Are you not happy?" I shook my head "Yeah… I mean it's an honor and all but why?" I ask not letting her down "Well I spoke with your grandmother," so she did know Wanda "and she ask me to do what makes you happy so I want you to join and I'm sure this will make you happy." she finish I nod "Okay but I won't go back if I hate it." she nod.

I got up "Here," she handed me a red bell dress it's the same one from my dream "It's what the girls wear." I took it from her "Tonight will be special it's going to be an Eclipse I'm sure that Rayne will be happy to have you." she said with a smiled I got up and left "Yeah really happy that a new danfear is there." I said when I was gone I did all my class's and it was night I look at my dress that was on the bed I sigh and put it on I looked at myself and smiled I twirl and left but where shit! I see Meg "Meg!" I called she was in a red bell dress she came to me "Lost?" I nod she smiled "Come on I'll show you where the place is." she took my hand and we left when we was at a very big room she let my hand go when I saw Jack and Noah there I stop. I followed Meg they both saw me and smiled I press my lips together I'm dead I thought I took a deep breath my "friend" Noah and my boyfriend Jack it's like the movie Phantom Of The Opera two guys that love me but the only thing is that I don't know who to pick the poet? Or the fighter?

I see Rayne "Welcome everyone!" she said they all went in a circle I went next to Meg she smiled and maybe Blaze no he's and adult teenagers can't be in love with teachers well not humans but the rules apply for danfear don't they? "Tonight is the Eclipse and today is something special to celebrate!" everyone listen to her I looked at her and the dress was stunning I wasn't paying much attention to her. Can I really have three boyfriends well four Kenneth what am I going with him, do I tell Wanda? No she'll kill him. Rayne came to me with a goblet "Drink it." she said I was last in the circle I took the cup and drink what was in it I gave it to her she smiled and drank the rest of it. I looked at her she smiled at me and put the cup down on the table "Today our goddess, Keana has praise us with happiness and she has granted our wish but we shall not forget, Keana has made some wish's true and she can take them back. May this month be happy, may this night be magical, may all hopes and dreams be true." and with that it was done Meg came and bump my shoulder.

The taste in my mouth was still there it was sweat and delicious "So you like it?" she asks I nod "Yeah I liked it." I said "Good." I haven't notice it was Rayne she smiled at me "I hope you attend more of the ritual we do here." I smiled "Yeah I will." her lips curled "I'm glad." she closed her eyes and smiled at me she walk off I watch her what was in that drink it's so good that I want more. Some girl came to me blond with green eyes "So you like the blood?" she ask me I looked at her "Blood?" she nod "Yeah wasn't it good?" I didn't answer her I ran out of the big room I stop by the willow tree I sat down under the tree and pulled my knees to my chest I haven't realize I was crying until the tears hit my knee I wipe my face and look at the night sky this time it didn't calm me down like it should always do. I felt someone nudge me I jump and see Albert "She's horrible Al." I said he looked at me this time letting me speak "I want to kill her for not telling me that there was blood in it." I said "But I can't she's a danfear like me." but I want to kill her damn!

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