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Chapter 2: Powers

I sat there crying like a baby who didn't get her way "Here," I heard I looked up and see Blaze he handed me a napkin "Thanks." I took it and wipe my face he sat next to me "What has you so upset child?" he ask me "I went to the Eclipse ritual today it was fine until Rayne gave me the goblet with I guess wine and there was blood in it I didn't know until a girl said it was blood." I shivered he chuckled "Well as long as it was danfear blood then it's okay." I looked at him "Danfear blood? We drink them?" he nods "Only in rituals not all the times." I took a deep breath "I don't think it was danfear blood Blaze." he looked at me "It tasted sweet and delicious more like human blood." I said his brows winkled together "Human I'm going to have to talk to her." he said "My danfear shouldn't be doing this." I cock an eyebrow "I am her protector and mentor." I nod now understanding he got up "I will talk to her for you." I shook my head "NO!" I said almost yelled I calm down "I mean don't tell her it was me at least." I said "She scares you." it wasn't a question I nod "Kind of she's kind of wired." he chuckled "Rayne can be difficult at some points."

I nod "I have to go." he left me under my willow tree so if Blaze is Rayne's protector who is mine? I heard a car go by then CRASH! I got up and went to see what happen I see a golden BMW I see a girl trying to get out she was bleeding I went to her with inhuman speed. She looked at me "Please." she said "Help me. Please." I nod I took the car off of her and help her out "Come on." I threw her arm over my shoulder and drag her to the nearest hospital doctors saw us "Help she's been in a car crash!" maybe her car spun out of control I saw no other car they took her and put her on a gurney she looked at me and smiled "Thank you." I smiled "Your welcome." I felt weak. Get back to school Cindy Keana told me they all took her I looked side to side and ran back to the school. I was by the school I stop and went to my room I change and put on pajamas I went to bed morning came I got dress and went in the bathroom I splash water of my face I grab my bag "Albert." he got up and followed me I went to healing class having a headache I was walking to class its early I had a danfear blood that's all I can think of Are you okay Cindy? I nod "Yeah I'm okay Al don't worry." he nod I know I have to stop Rayne from what she is doing it's not right.

It's horrible I bump into someone I drop my bag "Watch it!" I know that voice I looked up and see Rayne her face was piss off "You told on me?" she hiss Albert's fur on his shoulder stood up and his muzzled pulled to show a warning "How'd you know it was me?" I ask she laugh she back me to a wall "Please, everyone knows that you almost had your super ex-boyfriends blood so I'm not surprise you told on me by Blaze." I push my hair back "Listen Rayne I'm just trying to fit in like you was when you came to this school." I told her she laugh again "Oh please, I fit in well you on the other hand cannot fit in this school at all freak." she said freak like it was venom "Yes I'm a freak and you know what?" I ask her I moved my bangs out of the way so she can see my new mark "I'm proud of it bitch!" I said through my teeth she back off and let me pass I could have rip her head off for you Cindy I laugh and shook my head "No Al I can handle myself okay?" he nod we reach the healing tower I put my bag down and see Noah he smiled at me I smiled back he saw my mark I shook my head and my eyes beg he nod I covered my mark with my bangs the teacher professor Aceso which long ago was a great healing goddess.

She was in a long beautiful white bell dress "Okay class get ready." we all put our hands over the training body "Focus think of something." she said "Go." I focus but on what I don't know what I closed my eyes and just breath my hands was hot I open my eyes and see that I wasn't in the class I gasp 'Cindy.' I heard I see Keana again I was in the dress so was she 'Keana.' I said I see flames, blood, dead danfear's and humans 'What's happing?' I ask 'A war.' I remember Jack saying something about that she looked at me 'Your mark is filled in my child.' I nod 'Yeah.' she smiled 'Remember these powers I have given you can be taken back.' I nod 'I will use my powers well Keana.' she smiled 'Good.' I nod 'Get back to your time Cindy go.' I gasp and open my eyes I put my hands down they was all doing there healing I grab my bag and slip away. I left the class and went to the willow tree it's like the place calls to me I was there for about two hours I see someone come I looked up and around I see a girl with blond almost gold looking hair and very dark gray eyes she smiled "Hello danfear." I smiled "Hello can I help you are you lost?" she shook her head "No I'm not Cindy." my eyes widen "How do you know my name?" I ask she smiled.

"Do I know you?" I ask she smiled again I got up "Who are you?" I ask for a reason it's like I know her but where? "You do know me Cindy." I cock an eyebrow "How do you know what I'm thinking?" I ask her "I have intuition." I nod "So it's kind of reading minds but only the important things." she nod "Take a minute and think about it Cindy." she told me I closed my eyes and tried remember who she was my eyes snap open "Aunt?" she smiled and nod I hug her "I didn't know you was a danfear." she smiled and laugh "I've been a danfear since I was your age." I laugh "How've you been? How's uncle?" she face faded from happy to sad "He's dead honey but I came to see you well get a job here." I nod "I'm your mentor and protector." I squealed and jump into her arms "How's your family?" I shrug "I don't know they tried to kill me." we walk she saw my wolf he growl "it’s okay Al she's my aunt." he calm down "A wolf spirit." I nod "Yeah I found him he was hurt." she nods "Where's Wanda?" I shrug "I think in her office." which is also her room kind of weird "Come on." we went to Wanda's office I see the big doors that have ancient designs.

Fiona open the door and we see Wanda she looked up "Fiona." she said Fiona smiled "Hello Wanda." they hug each other "Did you come because of what I said?" I was lost Fiona shook her head "No I came because my niece was here my mother told me." Wanda nod "Oh I see you're her mentor and protector." she nod Wanda looked at me and smiled "Surely you knew she was danfear." I shook my head "No I didn't Wanda." she smiled "Well at least you have a family here with you." I nod and smiled "Yeah I do." Fiona looked at Wanda "Wanda I want to get a job here to teach my danfear all about her powers…"

She has my powers to? Keana gifted her as well. I can't believe it that my family member was gifted by the goddess herself its amazing someone should just pinch me if I'm dreaming really Fiona was still talking to Wanda "Cindy." said Fiona I looked at her "Hu?" I said "I'm staying here okay?" I nod and smiled "Okay." I said with smile. "Okay Cindy go it's almost dinner." they finally fix it because some kids order dinner for breakfast so. I nod "Okay bye." I walk out Albert walk by my side I wrap my arms together and started to think how is my family? How's my grandfather? I want to see my grandmother.

I halted to a stop Albert stop two feet away from me he looked at me Cindy are you okay? He ask me I can't answer him now grandma and grandpa what am I going to do if they die how will I live on? Keep myself moving ahead? Albert whine and nudge me with his nose I rub his head "I'm okay boy." I assured him "Come on." we went to the dining hall and I took my seat with my friends "What's for dinner?" I ask Kesha "Same thing pick." she said I grab a plate and put food on my plate I got something for Albert a nice steak we took our seat I was eating but only so little "Cindy are you okay?" I haven't notice Meg there I nod "Yeah I'm okay." I said my hearing is good I heard Rayne and the girl that told me about the blood in the goblet after I had a sip "No way a full colored mark?" she said "Yeah and get this she thinks she special." said Rayne they both laugh "She's not special than you are Rayne please you'll crush her." said Antheia the other three talk with her and I can tell who they are and they pick goddess with A's so it's easy Arae, Arête, and last is Ananke "Come on Rayne she didn't threat you and call you a bitch?" said Arae I got up and bang my hands on the table they looked at me "Cindy?" they said "Oh look she hears us and is getting mad." they all laugh I spun my body to face them like a light turn on flames was in my hands their eyes widen they went outside I followed them having the flames go up and down my arms.

"Leave me alone!" I growled at them throwing a fire ball to them "Cindy!" I heard it was Fiona they all laugh when I was caught Fiona grab me and stop my power I let out a shriek everyone covered their ears I stop "Let me go!" I hiss at her not aware of what I was doing all I knew was my body calming down "Listen to me they aren't worth it Cindy stop it you know better your grandparents taught you better." when she said grandparents I stop my eyes went back to blue. Fiona turn me to go the other way "Come on you need to go to bed Cindy." she told me I rub my hair back and everyone saw my new mark Fiona gasp "Not now." she nod "Night-night baby." that did it I spun "Cindy no!" I had flames again and I went to Rayne she smiled and jump out of the way I was blind I cried "Let me see!" I cried "No Cindy!" I got stood up and taken to my room the door closed. I can see again I could have taken her off with or without sight and how the hell is Blaze's Rayne mentor? Now that I think of it god damn what the fuck! I took a deep breath.

The door crack open "Is it safe." I rolled my eyes "Come in Kesha and hurry before I go find Rayne and rip her head off." she came and closed the door fast she put her hands up "Not here to fight okay?" I nod "Yeah I know you're my roommate." she nods "So is Cat sleeping here tonight again?" I ask her when I moved from my spot and went to the kitchen to get a soda "Um no she has a roommate." I nod "Yeah who is it?" I ask "You remember Jami Sullivan?" I nod "Oh with her?" she nod "Yeah and they like each other not the friend type I mean the love type so cute." she smiled and held her cover "You going to bed?" I shrug "Got some stuff to do." she narrowed her eyes at me "If you go find Rayne I can see you in my dream Cindy remember." I nod and grab my bag "Yes I remember Kesha." I open the door and left Albert was tired I let him sleep on my bed I took my iPod out low battery when I'm done I started to listen to Ke$ha- Take it off it died when it started I put it away "Hey." I looked up and see Noah sitting on a branch Blaze he doesn't like me but I think Drew does.

I smiled "Hi Noah." he held to the branch and swung forward "I saw what happen today I thought no one could stop you." I shook my head "No one can!" I said he cock an eyebrow "Really your aunt sure did." he stop me and he laugh "You going to Drew's party tomorrow?" he nod "Yeah I am are you?" I nod "Yeah." I said sourly he laugh again "Okay so see ya." he nod it was the next day I was in good cloths I went to the courtyard I see Drew he jog to me "Cindy hey!" it was night I was in tight silky red dress I smiled "Come on!" he took my hand and ran to the party he stop and I see all the kids "So you're like the popular kid hu?" he nod "Yeah there are three me, Noah, and Jack." my breathing stop I went inside and see Jack and Noah talking I went to them I was between them. Jack gave me a drink I see my friends I waved my hands at them "See ya!" I said and went to my friends Cat and Jon lock together I smiled so was Adam and Abby, Jordan and Yasmine, but the only three without a man or woman is Kesha and Danny.

"Girl you look great!" said Cat I smiled "Thanks." she nod "Cindy can I talk to you?" I nod we went to a bathroom she looked at me "You have four boyfriends Cindy and they all like you what the hell are you going to do?" she ask me I shrug "I don't know I really didn't want Drew or my super ex-boyfriend Kenneth." she nod and folded her arms across her chest "Go on." she said I sigh "God all I want is Jack Kesha!" I said I narrowed my eyes at her and shook my head "God stay out of my business!" I snap I left the bathroom and into the big room where the kids was dancing I felt someone tap on my shoulder I looked back and see Noah smiling he took my hand "Come on!" he was trying to save me from a fight that was going to happen he ran outside and to the willow tree we stop and started to laugh I looked at him and he looked at me I smiled he put one hand on my face and one on my waist I put one on his face and arm and kiss him we was kissing for about twenty minutes Cindy stop! I suck in air and stop I push Noah away "Keana?"

Run child run! I looked for danger "Cindy?" said Noah I shrug and then see Jack "Jack!" I said he looked piss off he ran off "Jack!" I called to him I closed my eyes "You was with him?" Noah asks I nod "Yes." I said "I'm sorry." he said "Go away! Go!" I said he left me I put my hands on my face and started to cry great my boyfriend hates me and I might not get together with him ever again I went to the corridor and change I took a shower and went to bed.

I woke up at seven in the morning I see Albert laying on the floor I got up and put on pants and a shirt I tied my hair and grab my bag and left to fighting class I see Jack he looked at me I went to him "Jack please I want to talk." he looked at me his eyes blazed "What's to talk about Cindy?" he ask me "You like Noah end of deal just leave me alone." he walk off as it became to go the guild I stayed next to Jack I went to healing class Noah was smiling at me I didn't. It was lunch I sat alone I looked around to see Jack I saw him talking with my friends they looked at me I had tears "Oh look miss perfect doesn't have her friends anymore." said Rayne "Go away Rayne." I said "Aw what's the matter don't feel like fighting today?" she ask I looked at her "God you’re such an annoying bitch you know that?" I got up and she got in my face "At least I didn't lose my friends." I slap her everyone looked at us "Leave me the fuck alone freak." I said and I grab my bag and left the dining hall "Oh no you didn't." she said like a typical white girl I heard her come after me I drop my bag and Albert came he was growling I spun and looked at Rayne she had flames in her hands.

"You didn't just hit me." she hisses I rolled my eyes and my hands became claws "Let's dance bitch." I said "Why you know who's going to win." she's toying me "Everyone knows your parents didn't love you. You was a rich spoiled brat and you almost had your super ex-boyfriends blood and almost killed your sister." my hands was normal I had tears I grab my bag and ran off "Cindy!" called Kesha I stop by the willow tree I climb the tree and stop at the top Albert was at the bottom You know it's not fun when I can't climb Cindy he said "Just go Al I need to be alone okay." Call me if you're in danger I nod "Okay." he left I stayed up here until dark not going to any of my class's boy I'm going to get it from Fiona You're going to have to get down sooner or later Cindy I heard "Why? So people can call me a coward?" I said Cowards mean little what you did was strong you didn't start a fight with Rayne I closed my eyes and see her 'Yeah but that means little to high school kids Keana.' I said she sigh this time it was the pond when I first saw her 'Come here child.' I went to her 'You are special not a freak.' I looked at her with tears in my eyes her eyes have no color she must be blind to and her hair was like the night sky black that you can swear it has blue and purple she has flowers in her hair 'What you call special they call freak.'

She smiled and moved her hair to the side and I see the marks I have 'You are my child dear. If they call you freak then they ashamed the goddess they praise.' I smiled she moved my hair and see the marks her face it look like something I've never seen like confusion 'It can't be.' I looked at her 'What is goddess?' I ask her 'Your mark its filled in yes and added.' no wonder I felt a burn on my back of my left side 'You are the one and so much more.' she said 'I wish I can believe that goddess.' I said to her 'Here,' she held something in her hands a necklace 'I was saving this for a different time but you need it now.' it floated in the air 'It's going to help you keep you in contact with me and I can show you danger when I see it.' I nod and took it looking at the night looking necklace I put it on she kiss my forehead 'Go my child.' I open my eyes and almost fell I landed on my back nothing hurt I flip and was on my feet 'Go get some rest okay?' I nod and went to my corridor "Albert?" I called I heard running I ran to the corridor he was there I smiled.

I was in my corridor I stop and cried out in agony Cindy? said Albert I drop to my knees and wrap my arms around my stomach: My family dead, the house on fire, blood everywhere: my eyes shot open the kids was around me I drop my bag and ran to my house Cindy! Albert followed me I ran out of the school. I smelled smoke I was close I see my house on fire I stop by the house and gathered the clouds and made it rain hard on the house it stop and I see my family "Cindy!" they said they came to me and hug me their blood hit me hard "Are you staying here?" my mother ask me I shook my head and showed my marks "I can't I have to go back to Athegato." she nod I see Lucy "Lucy!" I said she hug me I held her tightly "We will come in a month to see you okay Cindy?" I nod 'Go back Cindy before their blood gets to you and before you get weak.' I nod and smiled "By guys I love you okay?" they nod "Cindy wait!" Lucy took something off her wrist and toss it to me I grab it and looked at her and smiled I ran back to school I stop and laugh.

Albert looked at me like I lost my mind "I didn't kill them. Albert I didn't kill them." he knew what I mean about that No you didn't but that doesn't mean that you didn't kill them you won't soon I stop laughing and nod "Right come on." we went to my corridor I grab my bag and went to bed after changing and taking a shower it became morning me and Kesha was talking about the homework we have for the sight seeking thing "So Keana really gave you that and you really speak to her?" I nod "Yeah sometimes when I dream or when she wants to talk to me." she nod "That's so cool the only danfear that could do that was well is Rayne." I looked at her "You're kidding right?" she shook her head "No Keana fancy's Rayne of her ability I really don't know what really." I didn't get it "Tell me more about the change." she sigh "I really don't like to talk about it after losing my twin sister to it." I look at my food "Sorry I didn't know." she shook her head and took a deep breath you can hear the sobs coming "The change is something we all fear. We don't worry about other things killing us only the rejection of the change healers like you and Wanda and everyone else can't save them at all." I looked at her "What did it look like?"

She put both of her hand on my ears blood coming out of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and breathing hard coughing hard she let her hands drop "That was my sister's death." I must have a sorry look because Kesha and I had to leave when she said lets go we went to sight seeking I was to the southwest I saw nothing it became lunch "Come on I'm starving." I laugh we grab our things and left to the dining hall I see Adam, Yasmine, Abby, Jordan, and Danny sitting already Danny looked at Kesha and smiled "I think Danny like's you Kesha." she smiled "He's just a good friend." I looked at her neck "He gave it to you." she nod "Last year for my birthday so…" she let her sentence trail I smirk and see Jack "How are you going to get Jack with you?" she ask me "I don't know." she nod we took our seats "Cindy can I talk to you?" I heard Jack say I got up and went to Jack I put my hands in my pockets "Yeah?" he grab my arm and took me outside "I'm sorry okay. I can't stay away from you anymore and I can't stay mad." I smiled "Is it because you realize you love me too much and your heart aches when you see my face or because-" he stops me with a kiss. I kiss him back he stop and had his forehead on mine "You can't shut up can you?"

I laugh and see Jack's hawk he was flying he stop on a tree near us "He looks somber about something." I examine he shook his head "He hates it when people are near me." I heard Albert snarling "Same here but my spirit likes the person fast." Jack nod "Albert this is Jack." he went on his haunches and howl Nice to meet you Jack he smiled "You too Albert." Jack said 'Cindy.' I heard 'Keana?' I said 'Hello child I think you and Jack should go to the willow tree now.' I nod and looked at Jack "Come on." I grab his hand and went to the willow tree we stop and I see her Keana. Jack gasp and went on his knees he bowed at her "Goddess." he said Keana and I laugh "Get up Jackson." he got up and held my hand "Hello my kids." we smiled at her "Hello Goddess." she smiled she was in a white bell dress "I know this is very confusing but I called Cindy to tell her something." I nod "What is it Keana?" she looked at me and it was like I saw everything in her eyes I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and open my eyes "Can I stop it?" she didn't look too sure "I don't know Cindy I really don't know." she said I sigh "What? Stop what?" Jack asks "It's best to not ask a goddess what she sees Jack. Trust me." he looked at me but I keep my eyes at Keana.

"I'll be seeing you soon I trust?"

She nods "Of course my child now I need to go back to my realm before I fade away." I nod and smiled she came to me and hug me and whispered in my ear "Keep your friends close but the ones you hate closer they can help you in time." she let me go I looked at her she smiled and left Jack looked at me "Come on." he tighten his grip on my hand and we went to my corridor we stop "See you at the guild." I smiled "Yeah. Jack." he looked at me "Yeah?" I flung to him and kiss him "Thank you for being my boyfriend again." he smiled and tap kiss me "Anytime baby." I hit him he laughs and I couldn't help but laugh with him "Go my love sleep." I let my hand slid out of his and went in the lobby I see Rayne she looked at me then my neck "I see the goddess fancy's you as well?" she ask eating a salad "Mind your business Rayne." I fix my bag "Oh I'm scared." she laughs "Freak." I stop by the stairs "If I'm a freak then you shamed the goddess because she has all powers I have. And you shame your mentor and protector Blaze." she stop and I heard the glass cup she held break "I hope you'll pick that up before someone cuts there foot." I smiled and went to my room 234 I open the door and see Kesha making out with Danny I slam the door close they both jump and looked at me "You're kidding right?" I ask Kesha she blushes "Danny get out of here before Wanda rips your head off." he got his things and left the room I took my bag to my bed.

"So I guess you and Jack didn't get together?" she ask "No we did." she saw the anger on my face "So what's wrong?" she ask tying her hair "It's what Keana showed me." I said "What did she sow you?" she asks "I don't want to say it. It deals with me." her eyes widen "You're not going to die are you?" she ask horrified I shook my head "No its nothing Kesha just take a shower I can smell the love you to had." she grab her things and took a shower I went to the washing room and wash my cloths "Got anything you want me to wash?" I called "Nah I got it." she called back I started the washing machine and went to the kitchen I got a soda and a glass cup I poured the soda in the cup and started to drink it I heard the water stop and heard a towel being used to dry her hair. "So Danny and I are mates." I nod "Yeah?" I said "Yeah we were in poetry and he passes me a poem I read it and I fell in love." she said I nod "That's good. I'm happy." she smiled I closed my eyes 'Be strong Cindy. Be strong.' said Keana Right be strong my sister is going to die how can I be strong? 'Try to!' she snap I sigh "What's wrong Cindy?" Kesha ask I shook my head "Hey did you do the biology homework?" I ask looking at her she shook her head "Come on." I grab my things and we started the biology homework we fell asleep when we done 'Cindy?" I heard I looked around I was in the forest I was in a black bell dress 'Cindy?' it was Lucy's voice that I heard 'Lucy!' I called 'Cindy don't go.' I see Jack I looked at him 'She's my sister I have to.'

He shook his head 'If you love me you won't go.' I looked back at the forest then at Jack 'Then I don't love you.' I ran in 'Cindy!' called Jack I see Lucy 'Lucy!' I called I see her fighting something off and it slice her 'Lucy!' I screamed I went to her she looked at me 'Cindy.' she smiled 'Hi Lucy.' I said 'I need to tell you something.' I nod 'What is it?' I ask 'Mom and pop aren't your real parents I am.' I looked at her 'Let me heal you Lucy please!' I beg she shook her head 'No it's my time. I should have told you when you were ten and I was twenty.' I had tears 'Please Lucy please don't die.' her eyes fluttered 'I love you Cindy always have always will.' she told me in a weak voice 'Lucy!' I screamed she died I woke up with a gasp I had tears on my cheeks. "Lucy." I said I got dress and went to find Fiona I see her walking with her hands pointing down like many years ago "Fiona!" I called she looked at me and smiled she let her hands fall when she saw my face I began to cry again.

I went to her and ran and grasp her she doesn't know what's wrong but she just held me I was crying and crying I didn't want to tell my mentor anything not even my friends it became fighting me and Adam fought she was very good "Your good at this." she kick I dodge "Eh I had seven brothers." I nod "None but I fight for the hell of it." she laugh I heard a kid cough and cough I looked at her she stop fighting we all did then I smelled it I dash to her and see her covered in blood the same way Kesha showed me and it was a friend I knew Ely "Get my mentor." and that would be the fighting teacher Vince "Vince!" he came to us "Ely!" he said he crouch besides us and took her "Follow me." I got up and he carried her body out of the gym "Get out!" the kids left Wanda was there she saw me "Cindy go." I shook my head "No." she gave me and ordering look "Go you cannot see this!" I stop "I can't believe Ely's body rejected the change." I shook my head "Horrible." I said to Adam "What will happen?" I ask "We move on." I looked at her "What?" she nods "In Athegato we learn to get past a death of a danfear." I snorted "That's fuck up." she nods "What about her family will they know of this?" I ask her "Yes. But her parents were abusive to her. I bet she's happy." we looked at her I smelled her blood I covered my nose "God." she nod.

"I hope I can keep my friends forever I don't want the change to get anyone I know and love." she nods. We went to lunch I sat with my friends "I can't believe she died." said Abby Adam grasp her shoulder "I won't let that happen to you honey I promise." Abby looked at Adam and smiled "Well we have to get past it." I gave meat to Albert he ate it "Something's up with Rayne and her lackeys." said Danny we all looked back "She might be sensing something." I looked at Abby "She's a tracker." I nod "A good tracker at the most." said Danny "So why is Blaze her mentor?" I ask "Because he's her uncle." I looked at Abby she nod "Yeah Blaze is that hag's uncle." she looked at Adam and gave her a grin Adam rolled her eyes "God I hate that hag." said Adam "Why?" I ask "She took some of my blood last time I was totally weak and shit." she shivered. "Cindy." I looked to my right and see Rayne there "Hi Rayne." she smiled at me "Today is the Meteor shower and I want you to come." I nod "Yeah I'll come today." she smiled "Great. Wanda has the dress for you, go." I nod and she left I looked at my friends they glared at me "Look Keana said to keep my friends close but the ones I hate closer because they might help I'm not going to go against my word." I got up and went to Wanda's office I stop when I heard someone fighting "I don't care if you are her mentor!" Blaze? "Yeah but Blaze think about what this would do to her?" Fiona? What the hell? "Stop Fiona you're not going to tell Cindy about who Rayne is!"

I see Blaze and Fiona. Fiona got in Blaze's face "She has a right to know that Rayne is Cindy's twin sister." my breathing stop so Lucy had me and Rayne how don't we look alike I mean we both hate each other "I don't care Fiona just drop it!" Blaze warns "Fine!" she hisses and left I ran to Wanda's office she smiled and took a black bell dress out "Is bell dress common here?" she nods "Yes they are." I nod "Okay." she smiled it became night I change into it and smiled Kesha did my hair and I left we was outside Rayne smiled "Listen I got to talk to you." I said she cock an eyebrow "What?" she ask when the meteor was done "I heard Blaze and Fiona fighting they was talking about us." she nod and folded her arms across her chest "Go on." she said "They said we are twin sister. And that my older sister is our mother." her eyes widen and she laugh "Oh your such a joker Cindy." she left and went to her friends "She's going to die today!" she stop and looked at me "We can still save her Rayne stop being a bitch and help me!" I snap at her "Look whatever you saw I'm not helping." then I heard her scream I ran to the forest and stop "Cindy!" I heard "Lucy!" I called "Don't go." I see Jack I looked at him "She's my sister I have to." I said.

He shook his head "If you love me you won't do it." he said I looked at the forest then Jack then the forest then my eyes stayed there "Then I guess I don't love you Jack." I ran in "Cindy!" Jack called "Lucy!" I called I see her fighting something off "Lucy!" I screamed the thing slice her "Lucy!" I screamed I went to her she smiled "Cindy." I smiled back "Hi Lucy." I said "I have to tell you something." she said "What?" I ask "Mom and pop aren't your real parents I am." she said "Let me heal you." she shook her head "No it’s my time. I should have told you when you were ten and I was twenty I'm sorry Cindy." I had tears "Please I don't want you to die!" her eyes fluttered "I love you Cindy always has always will." she open her eyes and put one bloody hand on my face "Light and dark and the most things this world has. You my little dove must find which one is right for you." she said she kiss her two fingers and put it on my lips "I love you." and with that she died "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy." I said I started to cry 'Go Cindy there's nothing for you to do.' said Keana.

"I didn't want this!" I screamed I don't know who, I don't know why, I just didn't want this. The smell of my real mother blood made me hurt in such a sick way "I won't leave her here." I got up and went to the meadow we ran to when we was little I buried her and made flowers around her grave and a pond around her I went on my knees "I love you too. Mom." I said I blew a kiss at her and hope she can get it and went to school not caring if my white bell dress is bloody and spotted with blood my real mother just died. A sister I thought I had, but, she was my mother so she must have gotten her period at ten and got pregnant at ten, the school sees me in my bloody dress I paid them no mind I went to Fiona and she saw me I looked at her and she knew what my face meant she was my aunt or was she my sister? Was Blaze my brother or uncle? Who is my father? Who is my real family? She came to me and that did it I snap and let out a shriek it was close to a cry they all stop Rayne stop and her face twisted in sorrow and agony that her eyes watered up and she came to me she crouch and looked at me. We was both on our knees Keep each other safe my daughters.

I nod in my head Rayne hug me I held her tightly keeping her with me. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you Cindy." she said to me "People make mistakes." she shook her head "I made a big one and not helping you save mom." she said to me "This change's everything between you and me Cindy." I looked at her "We have to keep each other safe no matter what." I nod I got up "You have to stop being mean to these kids Rayne." she nod "I have to change." she nod I went to my corridor I change into pants and a shirt I looked at myself I heard Wanda and the loud speaker "Will Cindy and Rayne come to my office." I ran out of my room and see Rayne in the lobby.

"What did we do?" she shrug we went to Wanda's office and stop and went inside together we see Fiona and Blaze I got suspicious "Yes?" said Rayne "We just want to talk." Wanda's eyes shifted to me my eyes narrowed "Talk about what?" I ask "About the meteor shower you went to last night." said Wanda "It was fine." I said she smiled they all did Erase their memory they mustn't remember this and who they are to each other.

Got it. They both said "Back off!" I growl I got in my fighting stance they looked at me "Cindy?" said Rayne "They're planning to erase our memories Rayne." I said to her she looked at Blaze "Uncle and aunt." I said to her, thinking if she's confused I looked at Wanda "Stay back, I'm warning you!" I hiss at her "What?" said Rayne "She's trying to find a way around me around us to erase the memory we have." I told her Rayne tug on my arm "Come on sis let’s get out of here." she tug my arm again until I got out of my stance "I'm warning all of you stay out of our minds." we left her office "You know they can't get into your mind Cindy." I nod "I know that but you they can." I said she sigh "So why do we look so different?" she ask me "Twins don't always have to be the same as long as they came from the same person." I explain she nod "I never understand twins sometimes." I looked at her "Well we're going to have to know each other Rayne. So how'd you become a danfear?" I ask she sigh "It was last year I was out in the meadow and a vampire was there and bit me I was out for three months and then the change happen." I nod 'You should have let them.' I ignored her "So how do you know the Goddess?" I ask she laugh "Well she favors my power really. A tracker you see when I first came I found all the danfear's and brought them here." I nod "And you?" I looked at her and she presses her lips together "Everything." she nod.

"Hey come to my room today okay?" I nod as all my classes was done I went to my corridor I heard someone whistle I see Drew "God Drew will you ever leave me alone?" I ask him I walk faster "Hey come on you know you love me doll." I stop "Doll?" I said looking he nod "Yeah don't think you don't the Drew knows when a girls likes me." I cock an eyebrow "Does the Drew knows when a girl is ignoring him and is totally not into the person?" I ask and walk off her grab my arm "No one says no to me!" he hisses at me he had a very tight grip on me "Let me go Drew!" I said "No not until you love me!" he said "I don't I love Jack." I said "Then I won't let you go." I got piss my arms burned he didn't even flinch it was like it didn't even phase him at all "Let me go!" I kick him and he let me go I ran fast and went to my corridor slamming the door and hoping to not see Drew ever again I took a deep breath and see Rayne she saw me "You okay?" I shook my head "Drew is acting like I love him and I don't." she rolled her eyes "He can be very demanding." I nod "Okay come on." we went to her room she closed her door "Can I see it?" she ask I looked at her "See what?" I ask "Your marks." I nod "Sure you're my sister do you have?"

She shook her head "No not really." she said I nod I took my jacket off and shirt she saw them "Amazing it's like a labyrinth. All knots, turns, and swirls its unique." she said "Thank you to bad I can't see it." I said "I'll take a picture and show you." I smiled "Okay." I see her getting her camera and see the flash I blink at the shock as it made me blind for a few "Wow." she laugh. I put my shirt back on "Okay ready?" she asks I nod "Yeah sure." I said I looked at her she gave me the camera and I see my own marks it doesn't even look like my back "Does it go to your legs?" I shook my head my legs haven't had a burning feeling to it.

"I want to see yours." I said she sigh and took her shirt off and turn so I can see her back her is kind of like mine but it's just swirls and curls "Mines isn't like yours." she put her shirt back on "I like it." she smiled "Thanks." I smiled she cock her head to the side "Shit you have to go." I looked at her "Why what is it?" I ask "Its Wanda and Blaze they're coming if they see you here they'll kill us both." and I can see in her eyes she means it "Hold on. Close your eyes." she closed her eyes and I dash off "Open them!" I called the door open and I held my breath "Hello Wanda and Blaze." I heard Rayne "Rayne." they both said "Is there something I can help you with?" she asks "Um no not really dear we are just looking for Cindy." I heard Rayne's breathing stop "Why is she in trouble?" she ask "We know you found out that you two are twins Ray so tell us where she is." said Blaze "I really don't know." said Rayne "Track her down and find her and bring her to us!" Blaze ordered "Yes Blaze." they door slam close I was snarling when I came out "They are going to pin me down and get into my head to erase my memory then do it to you." I broke half of a necklace I had "If they do we will always where this no matter what." she put it on I made a lace and then she put it on.

She hug me "Go jump out the window it won't hurt trust me and go to the willow tree you fancy so much." I smiled and jump out the window and ran to the willow tree I stop and climb the branch and sat there like a bird I smiled as the wind past Cindy my eyes shot open I jump down it was Albert he sounded far "Albert!" I called Cindy! It was pain I ran to find him It's a trap don't go I heard Lucy say I stop and almost fell but I gain balance. 'Why?' I ask I closed my eyes Fiona and Wanda is mimicking Albert's voice don't go I nod and went to my corridor and in my room I see Kesha on the bed reading one of my books I went on my computer I put in my earphone and listen to my music on Facebook and played games I took my book out and read it when I got bored of the games I heard the door open (Yes with the music loud I can hear the door open and close) I smelled three vampires and their scent isn't strange they thought they was quiet but they wasn't I looked at my computer screen and see them I smiled "You guys think I'm stupid." I got up and jump from the chair to the door I left and dash to find Rayne maybe they got her.

"Rayne!" I called I didn't see her "Ray!" I called then I felt a spasm of pain I fell to my knees and screamed I lock my jaws "Rayne!" I screamed I tried with so much effort to get up when I did I see Wanda and Fiona "What did you do?" I growl at them "Nothing now come." they grab my arms I struggle to get free "Rayne! Rayne!" I called "Scream all you want she won't come and remember who you are." I felt my arms burn and they hiss and let me go I ran to find her and to get her scent I found it and followed the scent "Rayne!" I called I see her at the stables I crouch in front of her "What do you want bitch?" I see the necklace I showed it to her "Remember? Remember who we are?" she got up "Get lost freak!" and walk away I grab her wrist and put both hands on her head I closed my eyes and she did Remember what had happen to us both the connection we have the link we are twins I said she open her eyes and shook her head then smiled "God that was scary as hell." I smiled at her and hug her "I'm glad you remember." she smiled.

"What did they do to you?" I ask she shook her head "They got me and erase my memory Wanda put her hand on my ears and said 'You will remember nothing.' and I did." I let her go "You remember that's all that matters right?" she nod and smiled "God its late come on." I shook my head "We can't go back Ray we can't." I said "Cindy where are we going to go?" she asks me "I don't know but we can't go back." I said she sigh "They've stop Cindy they stop trying to fight it off with us both now since they can't get into your mind at all." I nod "Okay come on." we went to our corridors and I see Kesha sleeping hearing her snores I change and went to bed I woke up and had breakfast. Clearly Wanda doesn't want us to know who we are for a reason but why? I had a bowl of Cap N Crunch and finish I heard Kesha wake up I smiled at her and she ate and we left to healing class Adam and Abby was at a new class its nothing special really it's just something that we can remember history of the great goddess and gods the teacher is a man his name is Zax not a god name but that's fine with me we even went through what happen without the gods and goddess.

Today was Titanic and he asking when it sank and he wanted to know what time along with it. No one knew it and as guilt as I am to know is what a total nerd I am along with it I raised my hand he looked at me "Ms. Worthington please." they all looked at me I took a deep breath "It happen April 15, 1912 it was." I stop to think "It was at 11:40 P.M was it not?" he smiled and nod "Yes it was Cindy, I'm very proud of you." Kesha bump my arm and mouthed "Nerd." I just smiled at her and stuck my tongue out at her she did the same "Okay class tomorrow we will do Romeo and Juliet!" I smiled someone knock on the door and I see Wanda "I'm so sorry Zax, but may I please have Cindy for a minute?" he bowed his head "Yes Wanda." I got up and went to her really piss off "Listen I know me, Blaze, and Fiona did wrong things but that doesn't mean you and Rayne have to keep your distance from us." I nod "Okay." I said "I also wanted to tell you that you can change your last name to whatever you want part of your free will." I cock an eyebrow "Does that also mean that you don't have to see what I'm doing as well?" her eyes blazed and I smiled "Hunter I want my last name to be Hunter." she nod "And I want my first name change." she looked at me.

"To what?" she ask since I know Rayne's not her name (My sister) I want my name change as well "Lavon." she nod "Lavon Hunter it is then." I smiled and she left the gong went off I went to lunch I see Rayne "Heard you change your whole name." I nod "Lavon Hunter." she smiled "It fits who you are." she joked I smiled "Yeah it does hu?" she nod we got something to eat "Hey next month is the-" I stop her "Full moon ritual? I'll come." she smiled "Okay. Same dress as last time." I smiled and nod next month is Christmas I sigh and as the day ended I went to my corridor and went to sleep.

I woke up today and felt like crap I got up and looked at myself and see my skin paler then usual I thought I was going to die because the change is rejecting my body, but I'm not coughing or throwing up I took a deep breath 'Don't worry it happens from time to time you're not dying.' I nod and smiled and got dress it was breakfast today the parents are coming in "So you guys coming right?" I ask then they all looked at me "The full moon thing?" I nod "I don't know Lavon I mean it's your place and all." I looked at Adam who was getting pale "We don't want to intrude or anything." said Yasmine I shook my head "You guys." I said slowly so they can get it "Are my family you never intrude me or whatever it is I am doing." they smiled "Sorry but I won't go." I looked at Adam "Oh please Adam for me?" I ask putting on my baby face she shook her head "No way Lavon." I frown "Okay." said Abby wrap under her arms "How about for me then love?"

Adam groan and kiss her "Fine I'll go." she smiled "Thank you." she said cheerfully Adam rolled her eyes I smiled and laugh I didn't see Jack anywhere "Where's Jack?" I ask they shrug their shoulders I got up and see Rayne talking to her friends who then became my friends everyone is becoming friends yeah! I went to Rayne "Ray have you see Jack?" she looked at me with her blue eyes "No I haven't why?" my eyes widen of fear "Can you track him?" she nod I ran off "Wait!" she called I stop "What?" I said "What's wrong Lavon you're not making any sense." she said "I think Jack is." she press her lips together "You'll feel it though mate are like that." I shook my head "I feel you when you're in pain or danger only." she shook her head "Trust me!" I shook her off "Track him!" I said as I ran off I focus on his scent I stop by a cave I've never seen this before "Jack?" I called my voice echoed off the walls I stop "Lavon?" I heard a response I had flames to see and I walk in the cave Lavon wait for me! I see Albert "Albert go back I don't need help." he shook his head I have a free will remember? I press my lips together "Fine come on." I said he nod we went inside together I really don't like the fact Albert is here with me in danger.

He can get hurt or killed I can't live with him being hurt or killed he walk with me "Jack?" I called again "Lavon go back it's not safe here!" he called "Not likely Jack." I said "Where are you?" then I saw him with blood all over him I went to him "Put the light out you can see in the dark." I put the light out "Albert." I'm okay Lavon I smiled I put one arm over Jack and help him up "Come on we need to get you out of here." he shook his head "I can't Lavon I can't." I nod "Yes you can Jack come on." I help him out the cave and to the sights of trees we both gasp at the bright lights that took us off guard "Come on let’s get you to the healing wing." I dash to the healing wing and laid him on a bed Wanda came not long after we did "Jackson!" she gasp she must be his mentor and protector what about Meg? Speaking of Meg…

"Jack!" she yelled she ran to him and threw her arms over his body hugging him close to her "I thought you died I saw you in the cave dead but I didn't see." she looked at me "I didn't see you at all." I looked at her lost "Didn't see me how?" I ask she shrug "Ether you or your spirit." she spit the words like acid "Sorry if my wolf is making you blind Meg." I said back and walk off "Lavon." said Jack but I was gone before he went on I went to my corridor me and Rayne was talking about Lucy (Mom) and about the man we needed to find (Dad) we don't know who he is at all or if he's even alive "Did she have a picture of a man with him at all?" she ask me I shook my head "Not that I've seen." she frown "But there is one of a man and her at her college celebration I can get it." she nod "Tonight our grandparents should be asleep." she smiled it became night I put on all black and dash to my old home I climb in from my window that never close's and went to my mother's room (Lucy) and see the picture I was talking about I took it and heard a paper slip out of it I took it and heard someone get up I dash to the wall and see the light turn on I stop breathing.

I smelled something rose's, oranges, and lily's grandma? I heard crying it is grandma I wanted her to see me dearly but she can't see me until my bloodlust is under control the light got turn off and I climb out and dash back I went to Rayne's room. I showed her the picture and began to cough "Water." she got me a glass of water and I took a sip I took the note out of my pocket it was from Lucy "Hey come on." we sat on her bed.

Dear Lavon and Rayne,

When you two read this I am already gone from this world. I guess I should have kept you two and told you I was your mother giving Rayne to her father's brother and letting my parents raise Lavon. Be whatever you think of me I still loved the both of you the man in the picture kissing my cheek is your father his name is RJ Hunter he is a nice man and I'm sure he'll remember you he will tell you the story of what happen when I was ten and he fifth teen trust me. I love you with all my heart my darling daughters and hope you love me as well.

Lucy. Worthington

We looked at each other Rayne was crying "So I was with uncle since I was a baby but which uncle? Blaze or a human?" she said I shrug "I don't know." I said "But we found a picture of him." I looked at her "Can you find humans?" I ask she shrug "I don't know I've never tried it before." I put one hand on her arm "No you can you have a picture of him you can find him." she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and put her hands on the photo I let my hand go I have no idea of tracking people at all maybe this is why Keana made Ray the tracker and me well everything in powers. "This may take a while Nessa go do something and I'll find you." I nod and left to my willow tree I put my iPod on and laid on the grass Albert laid besides me head on his paws I put my head on my hands one leg down and one in a 90 degree angle I closed my eyes and fell asleep with my music something I was never allowed to do because they said "You're going to pop and ear drum." I just didn't listen to them and now I'm doing it its funny: I was in the dream when I first saw Keana only Keana wasn't in it and I got scared I was in my dress 'Keana?' I called 'Here my child.' I heard I see her and sigh I went to her she was lying with her feet together and to the side.

'My child there is many things to tell you.' I sat the way she was 'Tell me.' she was playing with a flower 'I am dying.' I looked at her 'No don't say that great goddess.' she looked at me 'Do not cry my child it is only what life does.' she said 'Who will take over Keana?' I ask she smiled 'You will.' I shook my head 'When time comes you will take over my place and rule all danfears' watch over them as you do.' I was shaking my head she put one hand on my face and stop me I looked at her with tears in my eyes 'I don't want you to die Keana I don't.' she smiled at me. 'Oh my child if only I wish what you say is true but from daughter to daughter it has to happen.' I looked at her grabbing her hands 'What about Rayne?' she smiled 'The beauty of having twins is that they can both be in charge.' she said 'I must tell you this though.' she said 'Good isn't always light and Evil isn't always bad.' she said: I woke up with a gasp between a gasp and cry.

Albert didn't move or flinch I took a deep breath what did she mean? Good isn't always light and Evil isn't always bad? I took my book out and see the page I was on Light isn't always Good just as Bad isn't always evil "She must have known about the book." I said to myself really. No it can't be she never seen this book or has she? I put one hand on Albert's neck and rub his neck I heard his heart race and hear his snoring I smiled and smirk "Nessa." I heard I see Rayne she sat down and I see her face she was crying "He's dead?" she shook her head "No." I cock an eyebrow "Then what?" I ask her she took a deep breath "He's here." so this wasn't tears of sorrow its tears of joy "Where?" I ask she grab my hand and help me up we ran to an office then stop I see Mr. Hunter he was writing papers grading them "You sure Ray?" she nod I knock on the door he looked up and smiled the door open automatically we came in "Lavon, Rayne so good to see you two." we smiled "Mr. Hunter may we please talk to you? It's very important." he nod and stop writing.

"Sit girls sit." we sat down "What is it that needs to be spoken?" he ask I took the picture of our mother and the note "You know Lucy Worthington." he took the picture and note water gain in his eyes "My daughters was here with me all this time." he said he looked at us "Lavon and Rayne." we all smiled and hug each other "Your mother wants me to tell you the story of what happen didn't she?" I nod "Yes." he smiled we went to the willow tree and sat down Albert came to my side I put one arm over him I see two other spirits one a white tiger and the other one a lion RJ took a deep breath and began "Your mother and I meet each other at a concert in New York I was fifteen she was ten we fell in love," as he was telling the story I felt like I was in it seeing what they saw, "when your mother and I became in love we had love days after that I became a danfear she wanted to see me talk to me that it was important I couldn't say no to my mate we meet at the meadow she was sitting down with her feet in the pond in a dress 'Lucy.' she saw me and smiled 'RJ.' she got up and hug me 'What's wrong Lucy you wanted to tell me something?' she nod we sat down she took a deep breath she looked into my eyes 'You're going to be a father.'"

"I just looked at her she was crying 'I know you're a danfear RJ I know you're trying to find yourself in this new life and I can't be in it but I had to tell you.' I hug her 'I want you in my new life Lucy I love you.' she looked at me with her blue eyes and smiled 'I don't want you to stay out of my life at all Lucy. Never.' I smiled back at her and kiss her we looked at each other I heard her parents call her 'Lucy!' she looked at me and got up 'You have to go if they know RJ they'll kill you!' I put her behind my back I saw the flames from the troches 'RJ please!' she beg me I looked at her never in my life has my heart torn into two her eyes beg me 'Please.' she whispered I put both hands on her face and said 'I'm coming back for you here.' I gave her the address and my phone number so she can call me and write she smiled 'When I do we are going to be together forever.' she smiled and kiss me I took my bracelet off and gave it to her and left after five months she wrote to me telling me its twin girls and she's trying to figure out names for them.

"As four months past she called me 'Lucy?' it was during class I got up and left the room 'RJ come please I'm scared.' I nod 'I'm coming Lucy don't worry.' I hung up and dash to the hospital I went to her room she saw me and smiled 'RJ!' I smiled back at her 'I came back.' she nod a doctor came in 'You the father?' I nod at him he nod back 'Okay I'm going to have to talk to you.' I nod we walk in the hallway 'She has a half chance of living you do know that right?' I nod 'I'm surprise she didn't get hurt over the nine months.' I nod to agree 'Listen son I know you're a danfear did you have love before or after?' he ask 'Before.' he nod 'Listen I just want her to live doc.' he nod understanding 'I'll do what I can.' we went back inside the room Lucy grab my hand she was telling me that her parents and my older brother will take one twin each and I agree with her she had the both of you named you 'Lavon. Vanessa. Worthington. Hunter and Jade. Lulu. Worthington. Hunter.' her parents change the name to Cindy and Rayne's name was kept until she was change. I had to go back and we see each other each day each month until she became twenty you and Lucy was out in the meadow I was there looking like her age you kind of panic when you saw me she smiled and kiss me 'Cindy, this is RJ my boyfriend.' you smiled 'Hello RJ.' I looked at Lucy 'She looks like you.' she shook her head 'She has your heart and spirit. Did you see Jade at all?' I shook my head and we both feared the worst that you died then after my heart ache I knew

"She was dead." he stops and looked at us "That's our story of me and your mother." I got up and looked at the moon "You two got married?" I ask "Yes we did." I looked at my bracelet "Is this yours?" I toss it to him he caught it and nod "Yes it is." he looked at me "She gave it to you?" I nod and as we can all hear her she said Thank you my family I saw the spirit of her and clearly I wasn't alone they both got up and looked at her she was real to real she smiled in a white bell dress. "Hello my family." I had tears "Mom." I said she nod RJ looked at her "Lucy." she looked at him and smiled "RJ." she said he smiled "Are you alive mom?" I ask which was stupid when I saw her die and she died in my arms she shook her head "No I'm not dead Lavon." I looked at her "How I saw you die." she press her lips together and said "Come to the meadow." we went to the meadow and I have to admit I am lost when she died in my arms we see her over her grave her body was there "I am a white lighter I can't die." she said her spirit went in her body and she open her eyes and sat up it was like a robot she got up and smiled cleaning herself "It's kind of why I kept on talking to you two." she saw Rayne and smiled "Rayne." she looked at her "You know who I am?" she nod "I can never forget what my own daughter looks like." she said as she open her arms Rayne went to her and hug her "Mom!" she said she was crying I hug her to "My daughters are safe and loved." she said "That was one of the reasons the twins didn't hurt me because of what I am RJ." she said to RJ he smiled and nod "The reason I didn't die because the cuts healed." I step out of her arms "What about your heart? It stop." she shook her head "I made it stop." she said it made no sense 'Lavon Rayne.' I heard I looked at Rayne "You hear that?" she nod "Keana." I nod "Lavon? Rayne?" said mom I hush her she shut up I listen more.

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